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#27IMCLOUDSTRIFE, Posted: Feb 06 2009 at 5:52 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) eh just off the top of my head
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/ja "Berserk" <me>
/ws "Raging Rush" <Idiot Necroposter>
/s Sod off.
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Hello everyone.

The idea of new tank job.
This name is Rikishi.
Only the man can become it.

Ancient soldier transmitted from country of the far east.
It has the unique culture that is not influenced by another country and approved.
Only my body is the strongest arms and a protector for the Rikishi who has a lot of techniques polished to the history.

HP Equivalent: A
MP: 0


Gerat Katana:D
Evasion: C
Guard Skill:B
Parrying: D
Weapon Skill Restrictions: Cannot use
Armor Selections: Clothes,Leather,and a part of metallic armor

Moreover, it thinks. By the way, is not country of far east added?
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It is an addition.

A special technique can be used by using the salt. To the way of the art of Ninjyutu. The name Torikumi.As for the salt, the effect rises sequentially from among three in the under.

・Rock Salt
・Lufet Salt
・Shu'Meyo Salt

Ability and Trait

・Chikara-mizu(Abi) Recast Time: 2:00:00 Duration: 0:01:00
One minute Regain.It is stopped nobody.

Base Kimarite delay without this trait is set at 480.
The initial trait (Kimarite I) reduces this base delay to 400.
Each subsequent upgrade of this trait reduces delay by an
additional 20 points. LV16,31,46,61,75

・Shiko(Abi)     Recast Time: 0:15   Duration: 3:00
Enhances user's next attack.Same as Monk.

・Dohyo Circle(Abi) Recast Time: 10:00 Duration: 1:00
Torikumi can start by using.It becomes effective if I use the
   good salt.

Eat two meals at the same time. But it gets tired at meal in this
and the effect is low.

・Physical damage taken(Trait)
LV10,30,50,70 It is reduced every numerical value.
・Mie(Abi) Recast Time: 1:00   Stiffening: 0:05
The enemy's attention is drawn.

・Nekodamashi(Abi) Recast Time: 05:00
The hand might be beaten in the presence, Stan be done, and

・Gapuuri-yotu(Abi) Recast Time: 00:00:15   Duration: 0:30
Special ability of the target is stop.
・Resist Curse(Trait)
Increases resistance against Curse.

・Matta(Abi) Recast Time: 05:00
The target is put into bind.

Multiplies amount of gil dropped by enemies.
I get a lot it so that the area has many PC.

・Hasso-tobi(Abi) Recast Time: 00:01:00   Duration: 0:05
Anticipates the next attack.

・Sprinkle salt(Abi)Recast Time: 00:01:00
   Achieve Enmity feeling by using salt.

・Regain(Abi) Recast Time: 00:03:00   Duration: 0:45
Increases your TP over time.Only the match inside attanking.

It is possible to fight dominant at a combat couple one.
Killer Effect (Lv/enemy Lv-1) 2/* killer + 100+4 %
However, the range of the upper bound 25% of lower bound 4%.

At the time of full member, achieve a accuracy and attack.

・Oo-mie(Abi) Recast Time: 10:00   Stiffening: 0:15
The around enemy's attention is drawn.

Merit point

・Next attack is critical.
Recast Time: 00:15:00-00:03:00 Stage -1

・A Gunbai consumed, and victory is called in to the ally.
Effect is different depending on the Gunbai.
Gunbai of Gale wind:Haste+2%
Gunbai of Minute:accuracy+3%
Gunbai of Enraged fire:attack+4%
Gunbai of Firmness:Defense+5

・It purifies, Sprinkle salt effect is improved, and the effect of
the TP bonus is in party menber. TP+3 Above Stage TP+3

・The effect of shortening the winning technique movement time is
 chieved dohyo-Circle.
#31 Sep 07 2010 at 6:20 AM Rating: Decent
(don't focus too much on the names)

Specializes in the use of items to cure, buff, debuff and nuke.

Staff: B+
Club: D
(and I'd put the gun, but I'm probably the only one that sees a chemist using it...)

Some abilities that comes to mind:
Mix: Mixes 2(or more)items to create an instant effect depending on the items used. (remember Rikku in FFX?)
Items+: Doubles the potency of items for x amount of time.
Reverse: All the items will have the opposite effect for x amount of time.
Stock: Occasionally saves the items used(more tiers as level increases).
I know this would be some hell of expensive job, even more than cor XD

A thief like job with high AGI, DEX and evasion that wields daggers and throwing weapons.
Dagger: B+
Evasion: A+
Throwing: A
Parrying: C

Smile: Grants a party member one of your abilities. [Lv 25, Recast: 5 minutes, Duration: 1 minute]
Gil throwing: Throws gil to damage an enemy(DMG formula: gilx10/or x5 if you think x10 is too much). [Lv 10, Recast: 30 seconds]
Fire eater: Fire damage cone attack. (like a breath attack) [Lv 40, Recast: 2.30 minutes]
Mimic: Grants the ability to use one of the enemy's abilities. [Lv 60, Recast: 5 minutes, Duration: 1 minute]
Acrobatics: Doubles evasion and parrying skills. [Lv 1, Recast: 2 hours, Duration: 1 minute]
Return fire: Catches any ranged attack and throws it back to the enemy.

A job that could do almost anything in a party.

Base Skills:
H2H: C
Evasion: C
Guarding: C
Attributes will change depending on the form taken.

Mutation: Transforms you in a monster whose soul has been stolen. (follows the list of souls) [Lv 5, Recast: 5 minutes, Duration: 30 minutes, Can be canceled anytime]
Assimilation: Obtains an enemy's soul landing the final blow. [Lv 5]
Bestiality: Allows you to use the abilities of the monster you transformed into. [Lv 20, with tiers increasing allowing more powerful moves as level increases]

This is what I thought of, but there are even abilities that I'd add to existing jobs:

Nature call - [BLM/SCH Lv 50, Enhancing magic]: Grants you an elemental affinity.
Manipulation - [BLM Lv 70, enfeebling?]: Slightly change an enemy's elemental affinity(if it's supposed to be strong against an element, it becomes normal damage, if it's normal damage it becomes weakness...)
Monkey grip - [WAR lv 90, Job trait]: Allows you to wield 2handed weapons with one hand. (ok maybe it'd be too much xD)
Steal eva/atk/def/acc/TP/hell even exp! - [THF various levels, JAs]: Steals the named attribute. (I really don't know why thf doesn't have at least a couple of these! An half way JA between Aura Steal and Despoil)
Trap - [RNG Lv 65, JA]: Puts a magic trap on the ground that explodes when the enemy steps on it. Enfeebling potions can be added to the trap for an additional effect while reducing the trap's damage. (It'd be very useful to have a sleep/stun/bind trap in front of you when you pull too much hate) [Recast: 5 minutes, Duration: 15 minutes(too much?)]
Swap - [A mage job, probably WHM since it's the only one that can't recover mp]: Absorb the MP used by the enemy. [Recast: 10 minutes, Duration: 2 minutes]
Backfire - [BLM Lv 80, trait]: Occasionally casts back to the enemy a spell without spending MP.
Exorcism - [MNK LV ?, JA]: Deals heavy damage to undead. []
Duel - [RDM Lv 70, COR Lv 80, JA]: Prevents anyone from interact with you and the engaged mob(both other enemies and party members). [Recast: 10 minutes, Duration: 1 minute(I guess)]
Raid - [COR Lv 70, JA]: Prevents an enemy from using a random ability for x amount of time. [Recast: 5 minutes]
Level Down - [SCH Lv 90]: Lowers an enemy's level. [Add information that wouldn't make the ability too broken xD]
Rage - [DRK Lv 65, JA]: Increases attack with each additional hit taken. [Recast: 5 minutes, Duration: 1 minute]
Longarm(this name sucks badly) - [SAM Lv 60, JA]: Greatly increases weapon range. [Recast: 3 minutes, Duration: 1 minute]
Reaper - [DRK Lv ?, Trait]: When killing an enemy absorbs all of his remaining mp.
Dragon Heart - [DRG Lv 90, JA]: When the dragoon dies, the dragon sacrifices himself to raise him(actually a RR that sacrifices the dragon). [Recast: ]
Soul Burst - [BLU Lv 90, JA]: Transforms the user in a soulflayer for x amount of time, greatly increasing blue spells power. [Recast: 10 minutes, Duration: ]
Nageru - [NIN Lv 25, JA]: Allows you to throw anything from your inventory. [Recast: 30 seconds]
Kage: Ichi(possibly ni and san) - [NIN Lv 60(80, 99), Ninjutsu]: Creates a shadow image that deals damage to the enemy(much like the puk move that spawns clones with low hp that disappear soon).
Doublecast - [RDM Lv 80, JA]: You know what it is, a lot of people asked for this xD

And that's it, I hope you like at least some of these :3
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#32 Mar 11 2012 at 8:44 AM Rating: Decent
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Hi, I’ve just recently came back to FFXI after a long break. Really enjoyed what all they’ve done and figured if I did end up staying for awhile I would check around to see if there might’ve been any news on anything big on the horizon. That’s how I happened along this thread. At first I was just going to read over the ideas here for fun, but a few of em really jumped out at me. One of the biggest was Aristio’s Shadow Mage. I really liked the concept of it but it seemed too much like a mishmash of all the other pet classes. After thinking this, Gugalanthalas’s idea about advanced class jobs, needing to have multiple classes of the same category to max lvl in order to flag the quest, popped to mind and I could see the two fitting together perfectly.

So I took these two concepts and ran with it to come up with what I call Hero Classes. Jobs based off a particular skill set; pets, knights, support, melee, and mage. I tried to sort the jobs together as best as I could but some of the classifications don’t really go together. The melee and mage categories were basically just leftovers. After I had the categories set, it was time to come up with a Hero Class unique to each category. I took some ideas from responses above and tried to keep everything within the FF universe. If I left your name out where it should’ve been I’m sry, just post or send me a PM and I’ll add you in.

I decided to add my two cents to this list mainly just for ****s and giggles, and to give me something to do at work to pass the time lol. I think I need to explain myself a little before I post the actual classes though. First of all these are Hero Classes, not to be confused or compared to jobs. To make these classes stand out more than just any regular advanced jobs besides the actual quest/requirements to obtain, I figured they should be in their own little grouping. They can't use subjobs or be used as subjobs, but they do have subclasses. A neat way to add depth and individuality while staying familiar enough not to confuse people too much. Also keep the no subjob thing in mind while reviewing these classes as they may seem overpowered with so many traits/abilities. But without subjobs to flesh them out they need to stand out on their own. One last thing, any ability or trait marked as lvl 99 was just something I thought would be neat but prolly too OP or unbalanced, though one OP ability I left out that I thought about was giving them all a 1hr cooldown ability to switch your subclass while not in your mog house. Seemed a little pointless in the long run though so I left it out.

Edit: Forgot to add my job categories for each Hero Class:

Knight: Mystic Knight
Pld, Drk, Sam, War

Support: Green Mage
Brd, Rdm, Cor, Whm

Mage: Psychic
Sch, Dnc, Blm, Blu

Pet: Shadow Mage
Smn, Drg, Pup, Bst

Melee: Solider
Mnk, Rng, Thf, Nin

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Mystic Knight (Magical Swordsman, Spellblade, etc.)

Magical swordsman Hero Class that enhances their weapons with powerful augmentations. Mystic Knights have two subclasses, dual wielding powerhouses called Paragons and Templars who toss aside their extra blade for a shield and more defenses.

Main weapon:
Dual Swords/PAR
Sword and Shield/TMP
Armor type:
Plate, Mail, and Half-Mail

Lvl 5 Attack Bonus
Lvl 10 Dual Wield I PAR
Lvl 15 Magic Defense Bonus I
Lvl 20 Magical Blade I*
Lvl 25 Shield Mastery I TMP
Lvl 30 Dual Wield II
Lvl 35 Magic Defense Bonus II
Lvl 40 Fencer I TMP
Lvl 40 Split Focus** PAR
Lvl 45 Shield Mastery II
Lvl 50 Magical Blade II
Lvl 55 Magic Defense Bonus III
Lvl 60 Dual Wield III
Lvl 65 Fencer II
Lvl 70 Shield Mastery III
Lvl 75 Magic Defense Bonus IV
Lvl 80 Magical Blade III
Lvl 85 Dual Wield IV
Lvl 90 Shield Mastery IV
Lvl 95 Magic Defense Bonus V

* Occasionally deals double damage with En- spell effects
Proc chance = 10% with rank I, 20% with rank 2, and 30% with rank 3. Proc chance halves with each tier of En- spells.
** Grants the use of two separate En- spells at once, one for each weapon equipped.

Mystic Sword (lvl1) (Instant, 2 hours)
Creates magical copies of equipped weapons that fight alongside you for 30 secs.

Shout (lvl 10) (Instant, 30 secs) TMP
Adds a large amount of enmity towards targets within range of target.

Magic Sword (lvl 15) (Instant, 1 min)
Consume most recent En- spell applied and augments next attack.
Enfire = STR+ and Burn
Enwater = MND+ and Poison
Enstone = VIT+ and Slow
Enaero = AGI+ and Silence
Enlightning = DEX+ and Stun
Enblizzard = INT+ and Paralyze
Enlight = Regen and Flash
Endark = Endrain and Heavy darkness DoT
Endrain = Darkness Spikes*

* Deals darkness damage and has an Absorption effect. Absorption adds a 10% chance to use any random Absorb- line spell.

Vanguard (lvl 30) (3 min, 5 min) TMP
Increases defense and enmity gained while active.

Frontline (lvl 30) (3 min, 5 min) PAR
Increases attack power and decreases enmity gained while active.

Magic Shield (lvl 50) (Instant, 3 min) TMP
Consumes current En-spell and performs a magical shield bash which grants a powerful, elemental buff.
Enfire = Attack Bonus and Blaze Spikes
Enwater = Magic Defense Bonus and Aquaveil
Enstone = Defense Bonus and Stoneskin
Enaero = Evasion Bonus and Haste
Enlightning = Accuracy Bonus and Lightning Spikes
Enblizzard= Magic Attack Bonus and Ice Spikes
Enlight = Holy Spikes*

* Deals holy damage and directs damage to MP pool.

Magic Sword II (lvl 50) (Instant, 1 min) PAR
Consumes last En-spell applied and augments next attack.

Mystic Shield (lvl 85) (3 min, 5 min)
Augments Holy and Darkness Spikes.
Holy Spikes – Decreases damage by 33% and adds a chance to replenish health.
Darkness Spikes – Increases Absorption by 90% and increases attack power.

Lvl 5 Enthunder
Lvl 8 Enstone
Lvl 10 Cure TMP
Lvl 11 Enaero
Lvl 14 Enblizzard
Lvl 15 Drain
Lvl 17 Enfire
Lvl 20 Enwater
Lvl 20 Cure II TMP
Lvl 25 Enthunder II
Lvl 30 Aspir
Lvl 30 Enstone II
Lvl 35 Enaero II
Lvl 40 Cure III TMP
Lvl 40 Enblizzard II
Lvl 45 Absorb-MND PAR
Lvl 45 Enfire II
Lvl 50 Absorb-CHR PAR
Lvl 50 Enwater II
Lvl 55 Absorb-VIT PAR
Lvl 60 Enthunder III
Lvl 60 Absorb-AGI PAR
Lvl 65 Enstone III
Lvl 65 Absorb-INT PAR
Lvl 70 Enaero III
Lvl 70 Absorb-DEX PAR
Lvl 70 Cure IV TMP
Lvl 70 Endark PAR
Lvl 70 Enlight TMP
Lvl 75 Absorb-STR PAR
Lvl 75 Enblizzard III
Lvl 80 Drain II
Lvl 85 Enfire III
Lvl 90 Enwater III
Lvl 95 Aspir II

The Mystic Knight is one of my original and most favorite ideas, of a sort. I've been toying with the idea of this job class making an appearence in FFXI ever since before Aht Uraghan. My vision was basically trying to combine a PLD and a DRK with emphasis on En- spells as that's the guiding skill associated with the job in every iteration it's been in.

After looking up more information I found that they typically have higher magical defense and that's where the idea of the magical tank came from. With the addition of Abyseea, multiple battle targets and/or quick disposal of weaker mobs are popular leveling targets. Within those battle predicaments I figured an AoE tank would be a nice addition, and thus the Templar was born.

The next step was to balance the Paragon subclass so I decided to focus more on attack power and offensive abilities. Magic Sword was a given and at first it was just an attack that would calculate like a melee attack but deal magical damage in the form of whatever En- spell was currently applied. But the TMP needed more defensive skills and I didn't want to make two separate skills that did basically the same thing. So I changed it from just basic elemental damage to a light buff and debuff while also giving the Mystic Knight an extra attack, basically killing two birds with one stone.

The Split Focus trait may sound really over powering but instead of adding two En- spell processes with each swing it just adds a different En- spell effect to the off-hand weapon. I came up with this for two reasons, to give the PAR more offensive abilities to work with and to offset the Tier II effects of En- spells. I figured it could also add Tier II or III En- spells to offhand weapons but wasn't for sure how OP it would become.

To balance the Split Focus and Dual Wield traits, I gave TMP the Magic Shield ability. It's basically a more defensive version of Magic Sword and it opens up the TMP subclass to Holy Spikes when they learn Enlight. Holy Spikes is kind of the role defining skill for the TMP as it allows them to tank without taking direct damage.

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Green Mage

A dual-casting Hero Support Class embarking into the unknown territory of Green Magic. Green Mages have two subclasses, Shamans who embrace the dual nature of Green Magic allowing them to cast multiple spells at once and Sages who delve deeper into the mysterious enhancements of the Emerald Arts.

Main Weapon:

Lvl 10 Magic ACC Bonus I
Lvl 15 Dual-Casting*
Lvl 20 Emerald Eye I** SAG
Lvl 25 Repetition Mastery I*** SHM
Lvl 30 Max MP Up I SAG
Lvl 35 Dual-Casting II*4* SHM
Lvl 40 Magic ACC Bonus II SAG
Lvl 50 Consume MP*5*
Lvl 55 Dual-Casting III*6*
Lvl 60 Emerald Eye II*7*
Lvl 65 Max MP Up II
Lvl 70 Repetition Mastery II*8*
Lvl 75 Conserve MP
Lvl 80 Tri-Casting*9* SHM
Lvl 85 Dual-layered Magic*10*
Lvl 90 Max MP Up III
Lvl 95 Tactical Caster*11* SHM

* Allows casting of two separate class spells at the same time. Increases casting time slightly.
** Shortens casting time of green magic.
*** Spells lower than current highest tier spell of the same line consume half MP. Decreases enmity gained on secondary spell cast.
*4* Allows casting of the same class spells simultaneously. Decreases casting delay.
*5* Occasionally uses no mp to casts lower tier spells.
*6* Eliminates casting delay.
*7* Shortens casting time of green magic while increasing its potency.
*8* MP cost is cut to 1/4 of original cost if spell is two or more tiers lower than highest spell of the same line. Decreases enmity gained from spells further.
*9* Allows casting of three spells at once, limiting two spells of the same class at the same time. Increases casting time of third spell by 1/3.
*10* Adds two copies of every spell in the spell list, allowing for two recast timers for faster casting of the same spells. Does not affect Green Magic.
*11* Occasionally reduces recast timer when casting White or Black Magic.

Dual Image (lvl 1) (Instant, 2 hours)
Reduces casting time and MP usage by 50% and doubles potency of spells for 30 seconds.

Emerald Seal (lvl 10) (Instant, 10 min)
Makes next green magic spell an instant cast.

Double Cast (lvl 20) (Instant, 30 sec) SHM
Next spell cast with both casting bars free will cast two copies of the spell at the cost of one and a half.

Potency (lvl 20) (Instant, 5 min) SAG
Next Green Magic spell cast will be slightly stronger and last twice as long.

Proficiency (lvl 50) (Instant, 5 min)
Reduces casting time of all spells for 30 seconds.

Rapid Cast (lvl 75) (Instant, 3 min)
Reduces all magic recast timers by 75%.

Triple Cast (lvl 85) (Instant, 1 min) SHM
Next spell cast with all three casting bars free will cast three copies of the spell at the cost of two spells.

Green Magic:
Cannot dual- or tri-cast while casting green magic.

Poisonra (lvl 5) (1 secs, 5 sec) 8 MP
Removes poison from target while poisoning the battle target.

Paralyzra (lvl 6) (4 sec, 10 sec) 8 MP
Removes paralyze from the target while paralyzing the battle target.

Blindra (lvl 7) (3 sec, 10 sec) 8 MP
Removes blind from target while blinding the battle target.

Diara (lvl 15) (2 sec, 5 sec) 12 MP SAG
Casts Dia on target, damage dealt through Dia is restored to party members within range of target. Healing effect is stackable up to five times.

Silencra (lvl 17) (5 sec, 10 sec) 20 MP
Removes silence from target while silencing battle target.

Drainra (lvl 20) (5 sec, 30 sec) 25 MP
Drains HP from the target and heals amount drained to party members within range of target.

Bubble (lvl 25) (5 sec, 15 sec) 100 MP SAG
Increases HP and maximum HP by 1/3 for 30 secs then the buff begins to decay rapidly until back to normal health.

Poisonra II (lvl 26) (8 sec, 30 sec) 20 MP SAG
Poisons the target while removing poison from all party members within range of target.

Paralyzra II (lvl 27) (8 sec, 30 sec) 20 MP SAG
Paralyzes the target while removing paralyze from all party members within range of target.

Blindra II (lvl 28) (8 sec, 30 sec) 20 MP SAG
Blinds the target while removing blind from all party members within range of target.

Aspira (lvl 30) (5 sec, 30 sec) 10 MP
Drains MP from target and refreshes amount drained to party members within range of caster.

Biora (lvl 35) (2.25 sec, 2 min) 48 MP SAG
Cast Bio II on target. Damage dealt is converted to MP to party members within range of caster.

Diara II (lvl 35) (2.25 sec, 5 sec) 48 MP SAG
Casts Dia II on target. Damage dealt through Dia II is restored to party members within range of target. Healing effect is stackable up to five times.

Hastera (lvl 40) (5 sec, 30 sec) 50 MP
Casts Haste on target while slowing battle target.

Drainra II (lvl 45) (5.5 sec, 30 sec) 75 MP
Drains health from target and replenishes it to party members within range of target.

Biora II (lvl 50) (6 sec, 2 min) 60 MP SAG
Casts Bio III on target. Damage dealt is converted to MP to party members within range of caster.

Bubble II (lvl 50) (5 sec, 20 sec) 200 MP SAG
Increases HP and Max HP by 2/3s for 45 seconds and then the buff begins to decay rapidly until back to normal health.

Wall (lvl 60) (10 sec, 30 sec) 200 MP SAG
Grants a protection on party members within range. Effect similar to highest level Protect and Shell.

Quicken (lvl 75) (2 sec, 25 sec) 50 MP
Decreases casting time for target while increasing casting time of battle target.

Drainra III (lvl 80) (8 sec, 1 min) 200 MP
Drain health of target and replenishes it to alliance members within range.

Bubble III (lvl 90) (5 sec, 30 sec) 300 MP SAG
Doubles current and maximum HP for one minute and then the buff begins to decay rapidly until back to normal health.

Reflect (lvl 99) (6 sec, 15 sec) 50 MP SAG
Casts a protective barrier on target, barrier repels any magic back towards the caster.

White and Black Magic:
Lvl 6 Stone
Lvl 8 Cure
Lvl 10 Water
Lvl 12 Protect
Lvl 16 Aquaveil
Lvl 19 Aero
Lvl 20 Cure II
Lvl 21 Shell
Lvl 22 Fire
Lvl 28 Blink
Lvl 30 Cure III
Lvl 31 Blizzard
Lvl 32 Protect II
Lvl 35 Thunder
Lvl 40 Stoneskin
Lvl 43 Shell II
Lvl 45 Stone II
Lvl 48 Water II
Lvl 50 Cure IV
Lvl 53 Protect III
Lvl 55 Aero II
Lvl 58 Shell III
Lvl 60 Fire II
Lvl 65 Blizzard II
Lvl 68 Protect IV
Lvl 70 Stone III
Lvl 75 Shell IV
Lvl 75 Cure V
Lvl 76 Water III
Lvl 80 Aero III
Lvl 85 Fire III
Lvl 88 Raise
Lvl 90 Thunder III
Lvl 90 Protect V
Lvl 93 Shell V
Lvl 95 Stone IV
Lvl 96 Water IV
Lvl 97 Aero IV
Lvl 98 Fire IV
Lvl 99 Thunder IV

The Support Hero class was the hardest one to get started on. As much as I tried I could only come up with slightly different versions of a WHM, RDM, or DNC. Then one night while I was playing Skyrim I got to thinking about how cool it would be able to cast two spells at once like Doublecast but different spells. I had heard at one time that Kuja from FFIX had abilities like that, damaging foes while healing himself. It's been so long since I played FFIX that I couldn't say if it was true but it nonetheless provided the foundation of my Green Magic.

At first my idea for this class was just to give em a dual-cast ability and restrict it to casting White Magic with one spell and Black Magic with the other and have the choice up to the player. Then i tried to simplify this by making new spells that combined speific spells together. The Shaman subclass turned out to be like the former while the Sage I used more of the new spells for.

The SHM would take alot of balancing cause if they could use the highest tier spells of both WHM and BLM it would be too OP in that they could be like a normal BLM but with a powerful Regen/Cure with each attack. So instead I tried to focus on lower level spells casted faster, kind of like having an expensive yet powerful HoT or DoT. In a sense the SHM works like a RDM or SCH where they could be a decent healer or magical DD but not really excel at either.

To offset this with the Sage I figured they should be a purely support type class. So I concentrated on the new Green Magic buffs for them. I didn't want to put the WHM out anymore than they are already so while I did give them healing abilities I tried to make it so that they can keep a party alive but can't really get them out of a sticky situtation.

All in all, both the SHM and the SAG play basically the same. In a sense they're both manual batteries in that keep a near constant Regen and/or Refresh effect with many small spells. Where they differ is that SHM are a little more inclined to us more black magic whereas the SAG are more a buffer class.

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Light armored Hero Class that allows an adventure to use psychic energy to subdue their opponents. Psychics have two subclasses, Psi-Ops which use telekinetic powers to attack opponents at range and Saboteurs who forgo the telekinetic range for an up close and personal encounter with deadly enfeebling punches.

Main Weapon:
Knuckles and Cesti
Cloth and some Leather

Lvl 1 Psychic Arts*
Lvl 5 Sabotage I** SAB
Lvl 5 Astral Projection*** PSI
Lvl 10 Store TP SAB
Lvl 15 Sabotage II*4*
Lvl 20 Accuracy Bonus I
Lvl 25 Paranormal Activity*5* PSI
Lvl 30 Psychic Arts II
Lvl 35 Psychometry I*6* SAB
Lvl 40 Store TP PSI I, SAB II
Lvl 45 Subtle Blow
Lvl 50 Sabotage III*7*
Lvl 50 Psychic Arts III
Lvl 55 Magical Accuracy Bonus
Lvl 60 Accuracy Bonus II
Lvl 65 Paranormal Activity PSI II, SAB I
Lvl 70 Store TP SAB III
Lvl 75 Psychic Arts IV
Lvl 80 Psychometry II*8*
Lvl 85 Psychic Arts V
Lvl 90 Auto Regain
Lvl 90 Sabotage IV*9*
Lvl 95 Store TP SAB IV, PSI II

* Turns melee damage into non-elemental damage.
** 10% chance to inflict Attack Power Down, Defense Down, or Attack Speed Down with successful melee attacks.
*** Extends range of melee attacks to 20 yards.
*4* 15% chance to inflict Blind, Poison, Paralyze, or Sabotage I enfeeblements with successful melee attacks.
*5* Occasionally decreases the TP cost of abilities.
*6* Increases attack power with each additional enfeeblement on target.
*7* 20% chance to inflict Slow, Silence, Addle, or Sabotage II enfeeblements with successful melee attacks.
*8* Does not consume debuffs when using Clairvoyance Combustion.
*9* 25% chance to inflict Daze, Disable, Disorientate or Sabotage III enfeeblements with successful melee attacks.

Tenacity (lvl 1) (Instant, 2 hours)
Instantly fills and doubles maximum TP for 1 min.

Emasculate (lvl 25) (Instant, 5 min) SAB
Enhances the Sabotage trait for three minutes, increasing the process chance by 25%.

Empower (lvl 25) (Instant, 5 min) PSI
Doubles number of charges generated and increases maximum number of charges to ten for three minutes.

Psycho Bomb (lvl 35) (Instant, 1 min)
Non-elemental AoE attack.

Pain (lvl 50) (Instant, 5 min) SAB
Inflicts all Sabotage effects on target. Enfeeblement accuracy based on Sabotage process rate.

Flamestrike (lvl 50) (3 min, 3 min) PSI
Converts non-elemental damage into fire damage.

Froststrike (lvl 55) (3 min, 3 min) PSI
Converts non-elemental damage into ice damage.

Stonestrike (lvl 60) (3 min, 3 min) PSI
Converts non-elemental damage into earth damage.

Shockstrike (lvl 65) (3 min, 3 min) PSI
Converts non-elemental damage into lightning damage.

Galestrike (lvl 70) (3 min, 3 min) PSI
Converts non-elemental damage into wind damage.

Liquidstrike (lvl 75) (3 min, 3 min) PSI
Converts non-elemental damage into water damage.

Aura Reading (lvl 80) (Instant, 3 min) SAB
Enhances next Reversal Combustion or Clairvoyance Combustion. All lower charge-level buffs added when used.

Scrying (lvl 90) (Instant, 10 min)
Remote viewing of current zone.

Choastrike (lvl 99) (3 min, 3 min) PSI
Non-elemental damage has increased damage and accuracy against opponents weak against Light or Dark.

Telekinesis (lvl 20) 10% TP (instant, 15 secs)
Performs a psychic punch on target, causing non-elemental magical damage. Telekinesis is affected by Strike effects.

Psychokinesis (lvl 25) 10% TP (instant, 20 secs) SAB
Performs a psychic punch on target, causing random status effect.

Pyrokinesis** (lvl 25) 25% TP (5 secs, 1 min) PSI
Conjures flames to engulf target, causing fire damage over 10 seconds.

Cyrokinesis** (lvl 30) 25% TP (5 secs, 1 min) PSI
Conjures a mass of ice and drops it on target causing ice damage and freezes target in place for 10 seconds.

Geokenesis** (lvl 35) 25%TP (5 secs, 1 min) PSI
Conjures a mass of earth and drops it on the target causing earth damage and dazing the target. Dazed targets have lower defenses for 10 secs.

Ionokenesis** (lvl 40) 25%TP (5 secs, 1 min) PSI
Conjures a static discharge, causing lightning damage and disables the target for 10 seconds. Disabled targets cannot attack or perform any action.

Anemokenesis** (lvl 45) 25% TP (5 secs, 1 min) PSI
Conjures a wind shear, causing wind damage and disorientates the target for 10 seconds. Disorientated targets evade attacks less and take more critical damage.

Hydrokenesis** (lvl 50) 25% TP (5 secs, 1 min) PSI
Conjures a cyclone of water vapor, causing water damage and addles the target for 10 seconds.

Mind Blast (lvl 50) 25% TP (2 sec, 30 sec) SAB
Causes non-elemental damage to target. Damage dealt depends on number of enfeeblements currently on target.

Telekinesis II (lvl 60) 25% TP (Instant, 15 secs) PSI
Performs a psychic punch on target, causing non-elemental magical damage. Telekinesis is affected by Strike effects.

Divination (lvl 65) 20% TP (Instant, 30 secs) SAB
Randomly causes a flash blindness, a Dazed, a Disabled, a Disorientated, or an Addled effect for 5 secs on target.

Psychic Surgery (lvl 75) 20% TP (Instant, 5 min) SAB
Removes one random enfeeblement from every party member.

* Low expense, low damage skills used to build charges used in Combustions. Each Kinesis generates one charge.
** Shares timer.

Explosive Combustion (lvl 20) (instant, 1 min) PSI
Ignites all charges to perform a powerful non-elemental magic attack. Damage depends on number of charges used.

Reversal Combustion (lvl 20) (instant, 30 secs) SAB
Ignited charges convert one enfeeblement to one buff. Requires equal number of charges and enfeeblements.
1 – Attack Speed Boost
2 – Accuracy Boost
3 – Attack Boost
4 – Magic Attack Boost
5 – Regain

Invigorating Combustion (lvl 30) (instant, 30 secs)
Converts charges to TP.

Convection Combustion (lvl 50) (Instant, 1 min)
Psychic uses telekinetic power to propel themselves forward for a powerful attack. Uses at least one charge, max 2.

Burst Combustion (lvl 60) (Instant, 3 min) PSI
Consumes all charges to perform a Magic Burst. When used with 5 or less charges, creates a level 1 non-elemental burst. When used with 6 to 9 charges, creates a random level 2 burst. When used with 10 charges, creates a random lvl 3 burst. Burst Combustion is affected by Strike effects.

Clairvoyance Combustion (lvl 60) (Instant, 1 min) SAB
Ignited charges convert one enfeeblement to one buff. Requires equal number of charges and enfeeblements.
1 – Regain
2 – Kick Attacks
3 – Store TP
4 – Double Attack
5 – Sabotage +5%

* Powerful spells that consume charges to use.

Fear Tremor (lvl 50) (instant) (1TP/tick) PSI
Lowers non-elemental magic resistance.

Confusion Tremor (lvl 50) (instant)(1TP/tick) SAB
Increases Sabotage process rate by an additional 10%.

Terror Tremor (lvl 60) (Instant)(5TP/tick)
Reduces 10 TP on target every tick.

Meltdown Tremor (lvl 70) (Instant)(10TP/tick) SAB
Reduces targets defense. Rate reduced increases with duration.

Agony Tremor (lvl 70) (Instant)(10TP/tick) PSI
Causes non-elemental damage over time. Agony Tremor is affected by Strike effects.

Paranoria Tremor (lvl 80) (Instant)(15TP/tick) SAB
Sabotage effects gain strength and duration the longer Paranoria Tremor is in effect.

Erasing Tremor (lvl 99) (Instant)(10TP/tick) SAB
Has a chance to remove one buff from target every tick.

* Abilities that drain TP over time, occasionally generates a charge with each tick.

I got the idea for the Psychic from DSHenderson’s suggestion that Elenie’s Psychier melee attack from range using the power of their minds. I kind of took this idea and mashed it into Aristio’s idea of a Geomancer. I liked his direction to make a kind of doppelganger of a dancer, so then I made some tweaks so that the Psi-Ops subclass would play like a black mage/dancer/monk that attacks from range.

But then I didn’t know what to do with the second subclass. This was the mage hero class and mages in general are only really known for two things, support and DD. Well there’s already a support mage hero so the only thing I could really do was to make another type of DD, or so I thought. Then I started thinking about the Saboteur role in Final Fantasy XIII. Technically speaking the Saboteur would be considered a support role since it doesn’t rely on dealing damage but making it easier for everyone to take the mob down. But I figured this role would be good as the Saboteur only really buffs itself and makes it easier to do more damage. So I tried to make it kinda like a reverse Red Mage, focusing on damage and enfeeblements instead of healing and enhancements.

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Shadow Mage

Light armored Hero Pet Class whose companion is a Shadow Form of the caster. The Shadow Mage has two subclasses, the Yin whose Shadow Form abilities reflect those of a guardian warrior and Yang whose Shadow Form takes on the role of a protective healer.

Main Weapon:
Cloth and some Leather

Traits: Shadow Mage
Lvl 5 Shadow Weapons*
Lvl 10 Dark Touch I**
Lvl 15 Speedy Recovery I***
Lvl 20 Dark Arts I*4*
Lvl 25 Auto-Regen YIN
Lvl 25 Auto-Refresh YAN
Lvl 30 Dark Touch II*5*
Lvl 35 Speedy Recovery II
Lvl 40 Clear Mind I
Lvl 45 Max MP Up
Lvl 50 Dark Arts II
Lvl 55 Clear Mind II
Lvl 60 Speedy Recovery III
Lvl 65 Dark Touch III*6*
Lvl 70 Auto-Refresh II YAN
Lvl 70 Auto-Regen II YIN
Lvl 75 Clear Mind III
Lvl 80 Crowd Control Specialist*7*
Lvl 85 Max HP Up
Lvl 90 Dark Arts III
Lvl 95 Speedy Recovery IV
Lvl 99 Dark Touch IV*8*

* Absorbs equipped weapon's stats and redistributes it's strength between two magical sickles.
** Successful melee attacks absorb life energy replenishing either HP or MP. Not effective on undead.
*** Increases Health and Mana regeneration when healing while Shadow Form is active in battle.
*4* Increases amount restored to Shadow Form when sacrificing health or mana.
*5* Raises chance of absorbing attribute needed most. Also adds chance to absorb TP.
*6* Increases amount replenished.
*7* Increases duration of snares/crowd control magics.
*8* Adds Absorb- line spells to Dark Touch.

Traits: Shadow Guardian
Lvl 1 Shadow Link*
Lvl 5 Auto-Provoke I**
Lvl 10 Defense Bonus I
Lvl 15 Attack Bonus I
Lvl 20 Evasion Bonus I
Lvl 25 Max HP Up I
Lvl 30 Auto-Provoke II***
Lvl 35 Accuracy Bonus
Lvl 40 Shield Defense Bonus I
Lvl 45 Shield Mastery I
Lvl 50 Auto-Regen
Lvl 55 Defense Bonus II
Lvl 60 Max HP Up II
Lvl 65 Evasion Bonus II
Lvl 70 Attack Bonus II
Lvl 75 Enmity Bonus
Lvl 80 Defense Bonus III
Lvl 85 Shield Defense Bonus II
Lvl 90 Shield Mastery II
Lvl 95 Max HP Up III

* Absorbs 10% of health restored when using Shadow Regeneration.
** Shadow Guardian provokes any target that the Shadow Mage holds enmity with. Standard recast timer applies.
*** Shadow Guardian provokes target that currently holds the most enmity towards the Shadow Mage. Standard recast timer applies.

Traits: Shadow Protector
Lvl 1 Shadow Link*
Lvl 5 Auto-Cure I**
Lvl 5 Auto-Clean***
Lvl 10 Auto-Protect*4*
Lvl 15 Auto-Cure II*5*
Lvl 20 Cure Potency Bonus I
Lvl 25 Auto-Cure III*6*
Lvl 30 Auto-cast Regen*7*
Lvl 35 Tranquil Heart
Lvl 40 Shadow Magic I*8*
Lvl 45 Auto-Cure IV*9*
Lvl 50 Auto-Refresh
Lvl 55 Shadow Magic II
Lvl 60 Cure Potency Bonus II
Lvl 65 Dark Magic I*10*
Lvl 70 Resist Silence
Lvl 75 Divine Benison
Lvl 80 Shadow Magic III
Lvl 85 Dark Magic II
Lvl 90 Resist Addle
Lvl 95 Cure Potency Bonus III

* Absorbs 10% of mana restored when using Shadow Regeneration.
** Shadow Protector casts Cure I if party member is under 90% health.
*** Shadow Protector cleans wounds by removing status aliments when not casting any other magic.
*4* Shadow Protector casts Protectra whenever party members need extra protection not casting cure.
*5* Cure II = HP<75%, Cure I = HP<90%
*6* Cure III = HP<50%, Cure II = HP<75%, Cure I = HP<90%
*7* Casts Regen on target with highest enmity.
*8* Occasionally uses Shadow Mage's MP pool instead of own.
*9* Cure IV = HP<50%, Cure III = HP<75%, Cure II = HP<90%
*10* Occasionally uses HP to cast magic instead of MP.

Shadow Regeneration (lvl 1) (Instant, 2 hours)
Casts a powerful Regen and Refresh on caster. Lasts 30 seconds.

Dark Diffusion (lvl 10) (Instant, 1 min) YIN
Sacrifices 10% of current HP and transfers it to Shadow Guardian.

Dark Infusion (lvl10) (Instant, 1min) YAN
Sacrifices 10% of current MP and transfer it to the Shadow Protector.

Health Siphon (lvl 15) (Instant, 1 min) YIN
Drains 25% of Max HP over time and transfers it to Shadow Form. Lasts 30 seconds and is cancelable.

Pet Command: Cleanse (lvl 15) (Instant, 30 sec) 5% max MP YAN
Commands the Shadow Protector to remove a status aliment with next spell.

Mana Siphon (lvl 20) (Instant, 1 min) YAN
Drains 25% of Max MP over time and transfers it to Shadow Form. Lasts 30 seconds and is cancelable.

Shadow Rage (lvl 25) (Instant, 1 min) YIN
Sacrifice 5% Max HP to command Shadow Guardian to perform a powerful attack on target and concentrate attacks on target.

Pet Command: Shout (lvl 30) (Instant, 45 sec) Max HP 10% YIN
Commands Shadow Guardian to shout, adding enmity to all targets within range of target.

Focused Healing (lvl 45) (Instant, 1 min) 20% MP YAN
Commands Shadow Protector to concentrate healing on target for 30 seconds.

Convergence (lvl 50) (Instant, 5 min) YIN
Drains MP and replenishes HP slowly for three mins.

Divergence (lvl 50) (Instant, 5 min) YAN
Drains HP and replenishes MP slowly for three mins.

Reverse Siphon (lvl 75) (Instant, 5 min)
Steals HP and MP from Shadow Form for 30 seconds.

Shadow Spells:
Summon Shadow Guardian (lvl 5) (1 min, 20 min) 50 MP YIN
Summons a Shadow Form to protect the Shadow Mage by distracting their opponents.

Summon Shadow Protector (lvl 5) (1 min, 20 min) 50 MP YAN
Summons a Shadow Form to protect the Shadow Mage by using white magic.

Devour (lvl 25) (3 sec, 1 min) 30 MP
Consumes life energy of target, replenishing HP to Guardian or MP to Protector. Not effective against undead.

Confuse (lvl 30) (5 sec, 1 min) 50 MP
Causes target to randomly attack NPCs.

Confusaga (lvl 45) (10 sec, 1.5 min) 75 MP
Causes all targets within range to randomly attack NPCs.

Darkness (lvl 50) (3 sec, 1 min) 100 MP
Light DoT that also blinds the target.

Confounded (lvl 60) (3 sec, 1 min) 100 MP
Light DoT that also slows target.

Restriction (lvl 70) (3 sec, 1 min) 100 MP
Light DoT that also paralyzes target.

Void (lvl 80) (3 sec, 1 min) 250 MP
Consumes all current DoT effects on target and produces one Heavy DoT. Duration and strength depend on number of DoTs before Void was cast.

Summon Shadow Copy (lvl 99) (1 min, 20 min) 100 MP
Summons a weak secondary Shadow Form to attack target for 30 seconds.

Black Magic Spells:
Lvl 7 Poison
Lvl 10 Bind
Lvl 15 Bio
Lvl 18 Drain
Lvl 20 Sleep
Lvl 25 Gravity
Lvl 25 Poisonaga
Lvl 30 Aspir
Lvl 33 Absorb-MND
Lvl 35 Sleepga
Lvl 35 Poison II
Lvl 36 Absorb-CHR
Lvl 39 Absorb-VIT
Lvl 40 Bio II
Lvl 42 Absorb-AGI
Lvl 45 Stun
Lvl 45 Absorb-INT
Lvl 45 Sleep II
Lvl 48 Absorb-DEX
Lvl 51 Absorb-STR
Lvl 54 Absorb-TP
Lvl 65 Absorb-ACC
Lvl 80 Bio III
Lvl 83 Aspir II
Lvl 85 Break
Lvl 95 Breakga
Lvl 95 Absorb-Attri

I'll be the first to say if any of these Hero Classes are over powered, then the Shadow Mage is the worst. I designed it as a self sufficient job and easily soloable class. Never really considered it much in a party situation for some reason. I got the idea from Aristio, and the Yin subclass is more or less an exact copy of their idea.

One of the biggest ideas I think that would unbalance the game might be the trait Shadow Weapons. The real equipped weapon would stay on the players back like normal, and while running around town or otherwise disengaged from battle they would appear like anyone else wearing a scythe. But when they start to fight they would go through an animation similar to unsheathing dual weapons and two black handheld scythes would appear in their hands.

I didn't really know what weapon class to give em, as they were originally a Mage type class in my head but ended up being more of a melee attacker. I ended up deciding that scythes would be best as they are already suited to DRK style of play and the Shadow Mage seemed to play similarly on paper. But I wanted to give them a higher chance for the Dark Touch trait to process. I figured making the Shadow Weapons trait accomplish this. It wouldn't really increase their accuracy or even boost their overall attack power but instead give them more chances to connect with their swings. Kind of like giving them a Double Attack trait with half the power and TP gain per swing but it would process on every attack.

The Shadow Forms are pretty self-explainatory, one a tank and one a healer. The Shadow Mage itself would play similar in both roles though. Kind of like a DRK like I said earlier, but concentrating on crowd control and DoTs. In this sense I guess it's very much a FFXI equivalent of WoW's Warlock class though that was not my intention.

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Leather armored Hero Class who specializes in techniques that overpower their enemies. Soldiers have two subclasses, Knights take up the great sword and jump into the thick of things while Gunners rely on their speedy marksmanship to take down their targets quickly from range.

Main Weapon:
Great Sword KNT
Guns GNR
Leather and Mail mostly, some plate

Lvl 10 Attack Bonus I
Lvl 10 Auto-Range Attack GNR
Lvl 15 Concentration I* GNR
Lvl 20 Glancing Blows I** KNT
Lvl 25 Rapid Shot
Lvl 30 Stiff Grip I***
Lvl 35 Concentration II
Lvl 40 Range Speed Bonus I
Lvl 45 Attack Bonus II
Lvl 50 Stiff Grip II
Lvl 55 Conserve Ammo
Lvl 60 Beastmen Killer
Lvl 65 Glancing Blows II
Lvl 70 Concentration III
Lvl 75 Range Speed Bonus II
Lvl 80 Blood Lust*4*
Lvl 85 Stiff Grip III
Lvl 90 Attack Bonus III
Lvl 95 Range Speed Bonus III
Lvl 99 Monkey Grip*5*

* Increases Range Attack Speed and Range Accuracy while decreasing Range Attack Power.
** Decreases amount of TP gained by additional targets when using Wild Aim.
*** Increases damage done to additional targets when using Wild Aim.
*4* Occasionally attacks 2-3 times, affects melee and range attacks.
*5* Grants ability to grasp a Great Sword in each hand.

Battle Cry (lvl 1) (Instant, 2 hours)
Causes all enemies to run away in fear for 15 secs. Causes after-effect status on targets to prevent linking for 30 secs.

Wild Aim (lvl 10) (3 min, 3min) KNT
Standard melee attacks gain the fan attack effect, hitting any enemy in front of the Solider, but lose attack power. Amount lost depends on number of enemies hit.

Rapid Fire (lvl 15) (3 min, 5 min) GNR
Increases range attack speed while decreasing range attack power.

Armor Break (lvl 20) (Instant, 5 min) KNT
Strong melee attack that lowers defense of targets within range.

Unlimited Shot (lvl 25) (2 min, 5 min) GNR
Range attacks cost no ammo while under the Unlimited Shot effect.

Aim: Legs (lvl 30) (Instant, 5 min) GNR
Range shot that targets opponent's legs, causing a Gravity effect.

Power Break (lvl 40) (Instant, 5 min) KNT
Strong melee attack that lowers attack power of targets within range.

Aim: Arms (lvl 50) (Instant, 5 min) GNR
Range shot that targets opponents arms, paralyzing the target.

Frenzy (lvl 60) (3 min, 5 min)
Increases attack speed but lowers defense for three minutes. Affects both melee and range speed.

Last Word (lvl 75) (Instant, 5 min)
Deals critical strikes for 30 seconds if targets are under 95% health.

Overpower (lvl 85) (Instant, 10 min) KNT
Next attack ignores targets defense.

Preemptive Strike (lvl 99) (Instant, 3 min)
Deals double critical damage on next attack if it's the first attack. Cannot use if target holds any enmity towards you.

I kinda lost steam by the time I got to the Soldier. I got the idea from Cloudcronos, mainly cause it seemed like a nice standard melee class. The only two things I could think of for a physical DD was the standard melee and range, so I just tried to stick with those and not try anything too fancy.

For the Knight class I was thinking along the same lines as the Mystic Knight, where their main targets would be mass number of opponents or quick sessions of weak enemies. After realizing this I figured an AoE melee was something new and built the foundation around that.

The Gunner was a bit harder. I originally thought about doing a Berserker class but decided against it as the Knight was already an up close melee and there's plenty of other jobs that fill that role. So that left range and how could I come up with something that wasn't just a ranger clone. I thought about the Hunter from WoW but seeing as that was a pet class it wasn't appropriate to put it anywhere but the pet class hero. So in the end I just focused on fast shooting, low spike, high DPS Ranger. That's basically all I could do with it.

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