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#1 Sep 03 2012 at 4:29 AM Rating: Default
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have you ever felt annoyed by the fact that there are so many equipment choices and no absolute perfect combo to use? i have been a player since the release of the chains expansion. while i realy love this game and the friends i have been able to make during my time, i find myself overwelmed by the overaboundance of equipment that needs to be carried for a one time use of a JA/spell macro. so without turning this into a complaint or debate session on gear swapping, i'd just like to say i want to be able to outfit my guy and go do stuff not worry about all the micromanaging of equipment. so to that end i would like to see an end all beat all ultimate set of equipment. here is my suggestion on how to do it:

starting once you reach lvl 75, seach out a specific npc (maybe in the new upcoming expansion area) for a quest. this quest will require you to purchase a template of one equipment slot (feet or legs or back, etc.) for the 75+ job you are when you talk to the npc for say 50,000 gil each. he will then ask you to trade him a copy, for this same gear slot, of the begining race gear for your characters race, this is to create the base for the ultimate gear. once done he will ask you to gather other equipment wearable by the job in question, and he will magic the stats onto the base gear for a fee of 1000 gil per item. upon magicing of the stats the template will change to be the same lvl of the gear traded the highest stat will replace the lower stat while any stat not present will be adopted to the template.
for example if your tamplate has level 60 def 45 mnd 6 and you trade equipment A with level 70 and def 55 mnd 3 cure potency + 3%, the template will change to level 70 def 55 mnd 6 cure potency + 3%.


1. the gear must be equal to the level of the template gear or higher to trade it without penalty. if it is lower the trade will cost 5,000 gil, then the template gear will drop to the level of the new traded gear and any stat gains from previous higher lvl gear will be lost. so trading all lower lvl gear you want stats from while the template is of that lvl would be best.
2. all normal, +1, +2, Artifact (+1 only) , Relic (+2 only), and Empyrean (+2 only) gear are tradable. any future gear can be added later.
3. template gear is wearable at anytime after the original trade of the begining race gear.

i'm almost certain that this will not be something that they actually do, but here it is all the same.
thanks for reading.
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Sounds sort of like what they tried to do with evoliths, but that didn't work out so well.

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