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Venting about setup after 3 years gone.Follow

#1 Sep 03 2012 at 1:12 PM Rating: Decent
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This is a vent and there is sarcasm within.

To whom it may or may not concern,

Let me start off by saying i have always loved playing(key word) Final Fantasy XI. When I retired my character Trantic back in 2009 I had around 300 days of playtime. The game was a trend setter and back then the interface for logging on and updating etc. was acceptable and just something you had to deal with. Never gave it much thought because it wasn't a concern. Since then I have played other games. I played WoW for all of about a month but it was too easy and you could get by without tactics on a lot of things as long as you were equipped. Then I played (and still do) EvE. I like EvE because like FF it is a technical game. You have to learn and know what your role is. What I liked about both of them is the lack of issues when installing and updating.

You guys on the other hand should be embarrassed. I understand that updates can be large due to content, that a secure login is a priority and that there are crossplatform issues to consider also. These are not small issues but seriously. It took me 15 minutes to install, then 5 hours to setup and get the accounts right. The fields dont even match correctly so when one asks for one thing it might be the other. The whole system is archaic, unwieldy, and bloated. Not to mention when something is so complicated, the risk of vulnerabilities being exploited goes up. I had a connection error which I traced back to putting one of the passwords in the wrong field. It actually let me log in like that then gave a connection error.

I have spent hours on forums searching, unistalling, reinstalling, playing tag with Steam and SE. I borrowed from a friend to install on C:(because Steam installs it on my E: dirve in My Documents.) After I got that all squared away I still wasn't done. Update time: 12hrs. Fine, I went to bed. Woke up this morning to find a connection error message on my screen. Restarted and now it says 6hrs.

My point is this. In the past 9 years since I started FF Xi alot has changed in the computer world. The game has expanded greatly in terms of content, now take a break, smoke a cigarette, and fix the front end. It is absolute crap. Just got another connection error after 2 hrs of downloading. It is sad when you can go to google, type in pol, space and a number, then a list of FF XI error codes appears for you to choose. For crying out loud. Make the patches available for download at least. Nothing else else on my computer has a connection problem, games included.

Like I said earlier, this was a vent but I feel there are valid points. I bought the Ultimate Collection Abyssea Edition on Saturday and I am still waiting to play. First thing I'll do when(I am being optimistic) I finally get on is copy my entire FF program folder...........
#2 Sep 04 2012 at 7:58 PM Rating: Good
I want POL to be gone. Just let me log right into the game. I think this would fix a lot of issue people, including myself, get with this game. I can't even log in because I am getting POL-1363 atm. Guess what? Nothing is wrong on my end, I just can't get screens to load right without popping in and out of menus. Now I'm on the one that is suppose to show PLAY, but alas, nothing.
WoW only pops up their pre-game window when I have to patch/update game, FFXI needs to be the same on PC.
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