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#1 Nov 30 2012 at 11:31 PM Rating: Good
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I log into a game I've not played in quite some time, to see a place very different than one I once remembered. Many of the things that once made me a king are now dumpster fodder in alleyways throughout Vana Diel. The camaraderie of exp parties, the accomplishment of getting a full set of artifact- or better yet, relic armor. So many things have changed and as a veteran so many things I miss. I've been playing since early 2004, going on 10 years now and when I come back after a year's time I feel like all those years meant nothing. I'm not here to complain though, I'm sure Square Enix has heard it all a million times already. While I do miss the true Vana Diel of olden days and simpler more majestic time, I just want one thing...

Something to show who I am, where I was and what I've done.

Even if it holds no states, something I can wear proudly to show others what over 1,800 days of playtime and almost 10 years of dedication to a game means.

I thought up the perfect thing as well... A cape.

Perhaps it would change color depending on how long ago you began playing? 5+ years? Blue. 7+ years? Red. 9+ years...? Black.

Maybe there could be a npc that would let you etch certain symbols onto the cape depending on feats you accomplished and when you accomplished them.

Kill all 3 Kings before the level cap increase? A specific crest could be implanted on the cape. Conquer Chains of Promathia before any changes to make it easier were implemented? Another crest could be implanted.

I think it would be a nice way to pay respect to people who've been around the block for a long time, just something to show "Hey, I was there and did that!"
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#2 Dec 01 2012 at 11:18 AM Rating: Good
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I'll add onto this that XIV folks are supposed to get the "Mark of Dalamud" if they had a character transferred from 1.0 to 2.0 - having some sort of marker for when a character rolls over to 1000 days of playtime in FFXI is perfectly reasonable. Or, maybe when a character has remained active for 60 billing cycles, which is five years.

A cape would be difficult to implement, though. It would require a new model for all eight body types, with its own physics to avoid too much clipping with existing armor. Paladin's Empyrean set has a mini cape - I think that would be a bit easier to implement, since the model skeleton already exists and could just be added without the rest of the armor.

Or - add it in as an emote. Like we have the job specific emotes, have a "Vana'diel Veteran" emote that is unlockable after that long term time frame. That way, you can incorporate a long cape with a single animation, eliminating the need to adjust the cloth physics for thousands of other animations.
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#3 Dec 01 2012 at 2:17 PM Rating: Decent
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I'm sure they could do it perfectly easy. People have worried about issues like that before but Square Enix has added all kinds of new models of stuff, they even added those blinking effect pieces. I'm sure they could do it without much trouble. But I do like the emote idea as well. Maybe a different emote depending on how long you've been part of the game? They should honestly add several things, maybe have a NPC that gives you simple to do little quests or something and sells/modifies these items if you qualify. I can see it now, he could have some shpeel about being the grandest and oldest adventurer in Vana Diel and give a neat cut scene about the old days. I can see a whole little mini thing out of this.

Furthermore! This such thing would give players incentive to stay. The long you're with the game the better items you can collect. 1+ years, 2+ years, 3+ years, etc. And things like accomplishing tasks back in the old days. Anyone can kill so many things now that were once so incredibly tough, it'd be nice to show for what you did? One thing I don't like is items for consecutive billing cycles, for the simple reason that a lot of people, maybe even you at some point have taken a break, but we come back and have been with the game for a long time so we want to show that even though we took a 3 month break we've played for 9 years. Y'know?

Good ideas though :)
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#4 Dec 01 2012 at 3:51 PM Rating: Excellent
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It was easy to tell the difference between a new player and an old one after Abyssea came out, the new players would gear up in those lv 78 gears and the older players would use their 75 endgame gear. Old players know what I'm talking about when I say CoP 6-4 was hard but a new player wouldn't understand.
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