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Abyssea: Returning Player Needs HelpFollow

#1 Apr 28 2013 at 12:40 AM Rating: Good
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Hi there,

I started back up about a month ago. I started at NA release but quit about three years ago. Anyway, things have changed quite a bit. While I've managed to handle most things pretty well, there's one thing I can't seem to get any help with: Abyssea.

I have read all the Wikipedia articles, searched all the sites, shouted for help, and reached out to people. Unfortunately, it's all still confusing and I haven't found any great help in-game regarding Abyssea. There's only so much reading Wiki articles can do. I haven't really found a definitive answer of how I can start playing there. I'm under the impression that to start really fighting there I need Cruor, keys, and Atma... but all of these things you get through partying there! Quite the Catch-22!

Basically, I'm looking to start fighting in Abyssea, but I can't even figure out how to start. I'm looking for anyone who would be willing to maybe help me in-game to figure out Abyssea. I'm a level 60 Dancer, although my alternate character is a 75 White Mage. This post is a bit whiny, I suppose, but I figure here might be a good way to find someone who could help a returning noob out.

My character is Mumford. If anyone could reply or message me with any advice, I'd really appreciate it! Thank you!
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Its actually not hard to play there. And the Wiki's offer up more than enough info. Firstly, if you can not get a worm party then go to Bos Ob in Ronfare and level up to 75+, otherwise you really wont be much good in Aby anyway. No you dont need atma to be useful but having atma makes you a tick more BA. Its really not rocket science. Just go jump in a worm party and get as many jobs to 99 as you can.
#3 Apr 30 2013 at 3:58 PM Rating: Decent
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Sent you a message read it and get back to me if you like.

Try /yelling in Jueno asking for help understanding Abyssea. You will get people tell you to read wiki or just jump in and go. Someone will however get you in or suggest how to get started. Obviously have stones building. With no cruor your best chances are to get, imo, level 80. Without atma or the starter Aby gear, get with cruor, you will be able to hit the mobs and cruor will start rolling in.

When you have cruor, buy the KI (key items) from Aby vendors. Save up 100k cruor and go to Aby Attohwa and buy the Lunar Abyssite. Worms are easiest, in Aby La Theine. I prefer dolls but starting the worms will give you an idea. If you are looking for something more specific as an answer ask. Best thing is getting a LS, one that will take you out and help you learn.
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Do get to level 80 or so, but after that just go into La Thiene and join a worms party to get some cruor etc started up. ALSO. I find it useful to go to where megabosses pop and ask politely to get the win. If you get 1 win you get a free lunar abyssite, which allows you to equip atma. If you are lucky you might even get an atma drop from one of them.

Other than that you are going to have to watch for shout groups, or find a linkshell or start your own shout for atma (not really advisable unless you are at least a war or a nin with red procs, cause without atma you aren't going to be very useful). A lot of LSes have members who are pretty constantly killing some of the harder boss mobs. They don't necessarily drop the best atma, but any atma is generally better than none.

In the meantime though the best thing you can do other than getting an LS, is take yourself to boss pops and try joining people doing mobs. Cause you will need to do that regardless and it can help you meet people and progress through the content.

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All you really need is a good NIN, Healer, and a WAR with the complete set of weaponskills.

After that it's just triggering the NM and getting the Atma.

Unless something has changed in Abyssea that I don't know about anymore. But I believe this is all you need for most low level Atma.

Higher level Atma's from megabosses may require additional support depending on their skill level. But a NIN, WHM, and WAR should be able to get 75% of them easily enough...
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