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#1 Jan 02 2014 at 5:29 PM Rating: Decent
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Next time you quit FFXI, don't uninstall it, you WILL come back !

So, for the 5th ? time, i'm returning to Vanadiel, been away for almost 9 months this time i think. Been playing since the Beta on several different servers but the last world i inhabited was Asura, so i will see you all soon for jolly co-operation !

Just as soon as this ten hour long game update gets finished. >.<

Anyone remember me ? Incisor ? The RDM who just won't quit meleeing "trying to melee" everything from Voidwatch NMs to Meeble Burrows ? Remember that time i tanked the giant golden bug to victory when the PLD died ? Or led you through the bowels of the desert tunnels to kill that WSNM for you ? Who Sneak/Viz'd hordes of noobs all the way through the Rank 5 magicite missions ? Used to camp and outclaim the dirty gilsellers on the Okote turkey for weeks on end ? The guy you always used to see waving while sprinting for the zone with 12 Velociraptors chasing him because he got overconfident again ? That guy who soloed RDM from Lv1 to 99, OMFG Cape Terrrigan was a hard final stretch ! The quiet dude who used to always be hanging around with that hopelessly aggravating and wonderfully hostile guy HitManInCamo who broke up more good parties than i can remember with his amusing trash talk and ignorance ?

Ah the good old days.

But of course you don't remember, because all the old people are either gone or have lost their memories, and you new people are all too busy whiffing on EP in naked alliances in this newfangled GOV thing or gorging yourselves on worms in the incomprehensible world of Abyssea !

At least that's what i observed last time i came back. In fact last time the massive changes to the game were more than i could handle and contributed to me leaving again. No more six man parties, no more dedicated grind for exp, no more long team efforts to make friendships in, no more skill to nurturing a party, tactically replacing members for hours on end in dangerous camps. CoP/RoZ soloable !!! Gods, a joke ! The world felt too safe and easy and too empty, even untalented and antisocial people were able to easily boost to 99 in a few hours and pimp themselves out without even having to look at Sky or 24hour NMs. I couldn't adapt. I felt like an old man with kids on rollerskates speeding past him in all directions.

So why am i coming back ? Who cares.

The simple truth is that no other RPG, hack n slash, adventure game of any kind has managed to produce the perfection of survivability and solo exploration, that is RDM in the framework of FFXI. I miss playing it. So see you all soon Asura.

PS: Someone send me a EUish LS and a few million gil please, i think i gave away all my stuff when i quit, again .. /facepalm.
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#2 Aug 20 2014 at 10:15 AM Rating: Decent

You've said everything that I am feeling right now. The player to player experience is DEAD with no hope of revival. The only difference is that I've been gone for seven years instead of 9 months. I'd love to hit you up ingame if you don't mind. I'm starting from scratch and I've got plenty of questions and need assistance w/ quests 'n such. I won't turn away help nor a fellow "old person" to reminisce on the past! Character is Tajekowa. /tell me sometime!
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