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#1 May 28 2013 at 11:24 AM Rating: Decent
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I am looking for help for my linkshell; We are all returning players, and most of us are playing while Waiting for XIV to come back. Unfortunately, I am the only person in the LS with anything 99, and while I have many jobs leveled, I am only one person. Many of them are interested in Abyssea content, but our main problem lies with Atmas. I have all of the important ones, and can solo a lot of things, however I would like to be able to get them the important ones, MM, VV, RR, GH etc. I do not think I can do it solo and proc red. I am not asking for a handout, I can farm most of the KIs, or am willing to put in the time to help farm KIs. I have cruor to brew if need be.

Is anyone out there willing to help us out so we can get on our feet? If you are willing, you can reply here or send me a tell in game, I'm Cailae.

Thank you in advance ^^.
#2 May 30 2013 at 3:28 PM Rating: Decent
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I would be willing to help if not for one thing:
RyogaWanderer wrote:
most of us are playing while Waiting for XIV to come back.

You say you are not looking for a hand-out, but that is pretty much what you're asking for. You are not planning to stay, you want what you want now.

You say you are willing to brew NMs, farm the pops, et cetera. So you do that. Any melee can tank long enough to proc unless you are up against some truly nasty NMs (Grauberg's boss comes to mind), your LS only needs a WAR and a NIN at 75 to proc with the appropriate elemental skills, and you need healing support, obviously. But then depending on how many you have, you can find that too. VV might be a pain due to charm, and honestly RR will be a pain just because Iron Giants are generally a pain, but it's not impossible.

Try this: Shout. Just /yell for Red proc and offer up the drops to get it. Because honestly if your LS does not have a bunch of 99's right now, then it's pointless to even get Atma for them. Levels > Atma.

If you can't convince your LS to level the proper jobs for seal hunting and Atma proccing, and you all are just going to bail the second XIV drops, I'd just get to 99, skip Aby, and go @#%^ about in Aldoulin for a while and just gear them in that set. Maybe even go as far to do Wildekeepers and Skirmishes. Sure, it will be harder without Aby gear, but then you need less time investment and can use a wider variety of levels/jobs to do reives to get your imprinteurs and Bayld for gear. And once you are geared and leveled, you can gear better gear faster via Skirmish than you will teaching them Abyssea and upgrade-item hunting in Aby.

See, my biggest issue, aside from your desire to just "get on [your] feet" is that all those Atmas were done before. By LS's. You have an LS. I don't know how big, but realistically unless you have less than a party's worth of people, you can just climb the ladder together if you are really adamant about doing it, and it will give you some great memories of the game before you wind up taking off.


And hell, if you want to gear them up, and don't want to run the gambit of Abyssea, hit up Dynamis. With a decently geared THF and a bunch of /DNC, you will get currency for cash and armor drops for days. Farm different zones for your +2 upgrade items. And if you want to lessen the amount of Forgotten items you need, do Limbus and upgrade to +1 first. Don't have Dyn access? Literally either set is easily done in a few day's time. I know you can get rank 6 in a few hours, and for the -1's and accessories, yea CoP will take longer but not but tons. +2 Relic is nothing to sneer at.

Or hell, there's Salvage II and NNI! Not sure on your gear requirements there, but you sort of start Salvage naked and from what I hear tell, it is low man friendly, so an army of lesser geared players should smash it.

Or Meebles! You can nick some gear from there to patch up your gang.

There's a ridiculous amount of options to at least toss something on better than Pink/Teal/Perle if you are willing to work as a team.

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#3 Jul 12 2013 at 1:14 PM Rating: Decent
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In the end we took care of it ourselves.
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i can help you ,you can just PM me!Smiley: grin
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