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#102 Nov 01 2004 at 6:54 AM Rating: Decent
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Well, decided to start posting more!^^ Here's all the cool guys and gals I've stumbled across...

My THF's Static: Malacath(WHM), Seranox(RNG), Amroth(RDM), Evangellos(DRK), and Iamjack(PLD). GREAT group of people!!! Thanks for putting up with me, and thanks for dropping your jaws with Viper Bite broke 700 =P

Nicknack: This dude is awesome! Happens to be my boss at work now... lol He's the one who got me playing FFXI again and passed me into Levi^^ Funny how he was 20 when I started and I have now gapped his THF by 15 lvls... lol

Mortikie: It's a sad day to see you leave man... </cry> Great guy to know! Met him while he was PLing my pt in the dunes as his DRK/RDM.... Taught me about SA and TA and some of the things that made me the THF I am today... You will be missed.

Akimbo: One of my RL buddys. Great guy with an awesome sense of humor. Oh yeah... Thanks for helping with the Hornetneedle man.... Even though I DID pass on it the 1st time >.<

Ruiko: Japanese taru... Nicknack introduced me to her, and I have to say she is one of the BEST mages I have ever seen play.

Skildor/Skilly: SKILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!^^ Cool as hell chick!

Army Of Death LS: Great group of people, and some of the friendliest and wierdest people I've met in this game...

I know some more people belong on this list.... But after lvling my RNG all night my memory is a little blury. I'll keep the names coming as they pop into my noggin^^

<Increadably Tough> <Thief> Q(^.^Q)
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#103 Nov 01 2004 at 2:57 PM Rating: Decent
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Sorry Pneumatic, I was bound to forget someone. Thanks for helping a huge chunk of our ls with rank 5. That was an epic adventure. We later did a repeat of that performance with me trying to do what you did (that feat being the one that went off and solo'd the Headhunter while everone else worked on the other NM in Davoi). Didn't exactly work like that, but the thought was there ^^. Congrats on 75 BTW.

#104 Nov 01 2004 at 4:52 PM Rating: Good
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You know I don't think I could ever make a list long enough to include all of the wonderful people that I have met in this game. I saw a quote in a post not that long ago that really struck home for me. It was something like these people in the game are not my IN-GAME friends... they are my friends. I wish people in real life were as nice as many of you are.

In any event... I'm going to give this a shot (and likely edit it 100 times for all the people I have forgetten.)

Raiine - well ok I didn't meet him in this game. Raiine is my real life husband... and this game wouldn't be the same if I couldn't share it with you.

Dtok - my first in game friend. (I am mounting quite a collection of red roses b/c of you.) He answered so many stupid questions my first day in this game as I am wandering around Bastok and S. Gust. completely dazed and confused.

Angelin - I've known you since my first trip through the Konschat Highlands. You are truly one of the most caring and wonderful people anyone could know. As my static WHM you keep all of us safe everytime we venture out. As my friend, you picked Raiine and I up when our LS had disbanded and welcomed us as members of FallenAngels.

Sidanoir - heh... I'm sorry can I bug you just one more time with one more little cooking question. ;)

Ryntutyu - so glad to see you are back. When I wasn't asking Sid questions about cooking, I was bugging you.

Chance - I'm so sorry to have seen you go. You made such an impression on me as a newbie in the Dunes. I learned so much from you, Kuroneko, Cataran, and others in that party. You continued to be there for me to answer every dumb question I had. You were always there for me when I was frustrated and just needed to vent. I miss you my RDM AF twin!

Grievear - thanks for always letting me pick on you. :)

Sonyablade - You, me, Raiine, Red, and G and our adventure to Altepa that first time. Those levels of static party with you guys will never be forgotten.

Darksyn - you are missed.. I hope you and Stryder are having fun on Remora... though I wish you had said goodbye :(.

Others that more than deserve mentioning even though some of you are gone ;( Some of you have helped me along my journey and probably don't even remember doing it...

Redmusketeer, Lioneve, Bloodqueen, Darth, Thanopstru, Cypherroth, Romasan, Ordi, Rosuko, Ramzues, Nikerrasu, Deceptivespire, Circe, Spiro, Atomsk, Darus, Siendro, Stryke, Radeera, Chadness, Arctyk, Summonerdio, Henunu, Mooki, Deadinsixty, Cryton, Xavien, Pneumatic, Vic, Itadakimasu, Pittbull, Leland, Tgrlily, Xeetra, Zmoot, Dmuse, Alkaar, and I'm sure so many more.

My LS FallenAngels... (both past, present, and part-time members). I would have quit this game long ago if not for you. These are the kind of people that will spend ten hours killing Yagudo for 1 stupid key in Castle Oztroja. Or will drop whatever it is that they are doing when you've suddenly gotten yourself in over your head on a nameless NM Antican and come save your ***. Or show up in the Temple of Uglypeople without you asking because they have treasure hunter and want you to have an easy time getting your Bee Larvae.


I know that I am forgetting people. There are some new people to our LS or old people that have returned that I am still getting to know... welcome (or welcome back) to our family.

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#105 Nov 01 2004 at 10:53 PM Rating: Decent
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I gotta say the people I play this game for are Deadinsixty (I'mma kick your *** in a BLM duel, then you will /kneel to the Taru BLM!! HP (You can have this.) (Do you have it?) INT, MP SUCKA!!!!), Raevenx Raiine Angelin Belledeath and teh rest of Fallen Angels (One of the most... friendly... LS I've ever been in. If only Rae and Ang could SHUT UP during XP parties! >_< Oh, and bellebaby is just awesome :-D), Joesnow Reiyudo Antonioklaus and the rest of Sochin (Another awesome LS, I have so many. I'm truely blessed to have all these great friends and LS people, even if we never do get around to ZM4-6), Sange Divian Sedna Humility and SilentAssassins (HNMLS Eventual, yeah sure lol. That'll happen eventually, and it's great hanging out with you guys, even if Humility is just an eavesdropper :P), Random BLMs who **** me off by being idiots, I also play for you. Because, well, you make us look bad, fools. :-\
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#106 Nov 02 2004 at 3:40 AM Rating: Good
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Haha, thanks Whitter... sorry to see you go ;_;

Game really only starts at Lv60. Come back! >.>
#107 Nov 02 2004 at 10:31 AM Rating: Decent
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Uhmmm {Excuse me..} If I could shut up during xp parties?

I think not my friend... you are the chatterbox not me. :P I swear did you shut up for more than 3 seconds the whole way through DRG and WHM AF3... No? Didn't think so.

/em hugs.

75 rdm/75 war/50 blm/38 whm/37 drk/37 nin/37 thf/37 pld/24 rng/18 sam
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#108 Nov 02 2004 at 9:39 PM Rating: Decent
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*Takes a big deep breath*

Belledeath & Anarchy
I have known you both since well the beginning (almost) and what can I say other than a hell of a lot. You have both always been there to help me out not only in the world of Vana'diel but also outside of it. True it is very sad that Anar has been unable to play as much as he would like, as we would all like him to but certainly gives me more time to stalk the Kitty
*winks at Belledeath*
I swear I'm not hitting on her Anar.

What can I say Dy....It's all your fault. ^.^ Hehe, I can always count on you to be there to get us all killed, Thank you. Seriously I knew you before FFXI always able to chat about anything and your kind giving nature in Vana'diel will always assure you a friend here.

Though you may be the smallest Taru your heart is the size of the world. Never saying "no" to anyone in need no matter what it may be. Loving the adventure with the company of good close friends which is something I think most in Vana'diel have forgotten. Don't ever change.

I met you back during our first treks through Dunes, just a small party of 3 killing Lizzy's. I invited you to join a small LS, certainly never imagining the friendship that would develop. Through good times and bad you have been there, helping when you can and never being afraid to speak your mind. I can always count on you.

Raevenx & Raiine
I must be honest my mind is fuzzy on our first meeting Raev in Highlands, but I do know when I met you again I had a familiarity with your name and in a good way. Raiine, I of course met you through Raev and now your are one of the few people who I find myself talking to about "stuff". You're both good people and good players and I'm very happy to know you both.

Though you may now be on Remora and will probably never see this I still want to say something to you. I know things may have gotten a little rough around the edges sometimes and I think we both know towards the end before you shifted worlds you were a little distant, but I will always remember the early times when we had first met occasionally running into each other waving or helping one another with whatever it may have been.

*takes another big breath*

Tass, Fyre, Wolffe
Trusted friends, and helpful players. To be adventurous and never afraid of what may be around the corner. Or to be a leader when one is needed. Or to just be yourself and put a smile on the faces of those around you. My time in Vana'diel would not have been as enjoyable as it has been if I had not known you all.

Bombadil, Staringbounce, Forsaken
Nothing but a smile on my face when I see you all. Countless times I have seen you in party or alliance helping with whatever the task may be. From AF's to NM's you all are often there and can be counted on to give it your best. Thank you for being in the little corner of Vana'diel that I call Leviathan.

Pelican, Telden, Isa
Taru's Taru's Taru's, sometimes I think there should be some kind of law to protect us from their cuteness. Pelican, you are certainly one of the most loyal players I know and for that you will always have my friendship and respect. Telden, I knew you even before you knew me, kind of hard to explain but let's say another little Taru told me of your kind deeds as well as you helping me and a small group to get rank 3 many months ago. Isa, even though I may not have known you for months upon months I'm very glad to know you now and I hope to know you better in the time ahead.

*breaths heavily*
*passes out*
-To be continued-


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#109 Nov 02 2004 at 10:20 PM Rating: Decent
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A few more people:

Arenon- Way too funny and reportedly his humor reminds people of me. o. O
Khull- Because. >o<
Lildizz- Awesome, friendly, willing to help, and must confess his undying love to Dragonzeero. :)
Zaphod- Quiet though he may be he really is nice and very helpful when it comes to advising about cooking. ^^
Dzaal- Hehe, Dzaal was in a pt with me one day and decided to use his level 30 blm to help me get a skull for my subjob. Unfortunately the Mauthe dogs took a liking to him. e.e;
Daechyck- You scare me. o_ O But you're helpful. You scary woman.


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#110 Nov 02 2004 at 10:30 PM Rating: Decent
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Easier to break it up (I think)

Simbel, Dragoth, Vissarion
All good players and people and all MIA in one way or another. Simbel what can I say, you will be missed and I certainly will always have a hope to see you again as I do with all who quit. Dragoth I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to say goodbye I always had fun with you around. Vissarion, where are you?!? You certainly kept the xp party's lively. Hope to see you soon.

Ixquic, Emphuein, Raaven
Ix, I've know you since you started which is probably why I find myself not knowing you as well as I should lv differences kept us apart mostly. Though now that you find yourself in a lv where you can start to help out in some way you certainly jump on the chance. Empy you distracting little Taru LS would be a much quieter place without you, don't ever leave. Raav I haven't gotten a chance to do much with your company but from what I have done you are certainly a very pleasant person to have in a party.

Tetsuo, Grievear, Kailin
Though I may not know you all as well as I would like, we have all had at least one adventure together. Be it in a party or helping a friend, even if one of you has a habbit to fall asleep on their keyboard your all ok in my books.

Griffithsu, Bigd, Elec
Griff, I have only gotten a chance to party with you on occasion but each time left me looking for you. The next when I was in need of a RDM in Dunes you were the one I was looking for. Bigd even though your still new and learning and very very quiet I don't mind going out of my way to help you out of a tight spot. Elec I'm still getting to know you but I can say this your not afraid to standup for yourself.

Zifnab, Bloodbane, Shadowkat
Even though I haven't seen any of you in some time I still have good things to say. Zif you certainly know how to nuke a mob. Blood not sure what job you are now but I'm sure your giving it your best. Kat, you have helped me when it was needed and we have certainly had some interesting conversations.

Kurokaze, Elora, Catullus
Cheers to you Kuro on your AF, I know you will put it to good use. If you ever see me sitting down in the middle of Jeuno's streets I'm probably having a conversation with Elora certainly one of the sweetest Taru's you can get a tele from. Similar to Viss, Cat where are you?!?! I need to give you tips before your wedding.

So a shout out to all of FA as Raev said past, present and part-time members. As to all my friends past, present and future.

I'm going to have to make another post in this thread soon.
I think I need more tea now. ^_^
#111 Nov 04 2004 at 5:40 PM Rating: Decent
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I am Gaiden.
My whitelist is. . .
and that's it. . .
#112 Nov 05 2004 at 2:22 AM Rating: Decent
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w00t, I feel loved, but as for me I have a few people to add myself

Neojin- Helped me get my AF helm recently, very awesome.

Shellkey- Must I say more?

Aurareon- Errr, I think I spelled that right, also helped with my AF helm.

Ellin- Awesome guy, very helpful in both info, and action.

Knitefall- A younger version of Ellin I swear.

Drenai- Funny, funny guy.

Darkkace- Ive known him since day 1 of this game.

Nightmarz- An odd fellow indeed. Had the pleasre of partying with him many times.

The entirety of MysticalMayham LS. To many people to list. YOu know who you are, hugs all around.

The entirety of EbilOnes LS. Again, too many people to list, but hugs for you all too.

And finally, the entirety of OurWondrousSouls LS.
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#113 Nov 05 2004 at 4:39 AM Rating: Decent
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Ok,my turn ^_^ please forgive me as this may be long.

amberly: great drg :D
Arislan: Very helpfull whm
Corlon: cant say enough about him,great friend
Hadesspawn: cool dude

Kobito: crazy taru :D
Kuroneko: cool friend
Ordinai: crazy sam
Renwok: funny guy
Sange: hm what too say :) very very good sam and a good friend
Weedjedi: words cannot describe what he has done for myself as well as our LS.

Celestra: my RL wife and best whm ever.. she is the most important thing in my life.

Chadness: awesome rdm,goes well out of his way too help.
Clystal: one of my japanese friends,has done a ton.... for me awesome Taru.
Cruia: wow this guy is great,goes out of his way many times too help ppl.grats again on 75 cruia.

Darts: one hella cool brd
Dmuse: very good friend,but no longer plays.
Dogun: one cool blm
Emphuein: omfg lmao..... crazy *** taru :D
Flpj: good friend
Fschen: good friend,havent seen him in a while.
Gilgema: LoL,our Ls's crazy mnk. ^_^
Hatibei: Think,i speak for most when i say this guy is amazing,he's done so much.

Kaiba: good friend
Leeluu: ^_^ very good friend,say hi more often u silly mithra.
Manoto: Another great Taru.
Neosephiros: nice friend.
Neximus:Wish,he didnt quit,very cool dude.

Orlandina: has helped me a ton,another great friend,i dont care what anyone in Lionharts ls has too say,Orlandina is still awesome.
Rumult: Me and him started the same day lol,both lvl 3 trying too xp rofl,this guy is one of the greatest rdm's u can come across,he's done alot.glad too have him as a friend.
Ryddia: ^_^ one of the best THF's ive ever seen. great friend.

Seraphita: another awesome friend.
Sedna: Best..... Pld...... ever.....
Trrrisha: awesome whm :D
Vantes: good friend,funny too.
Vurik: lol who the hell is Vurik? ^_^
Yemin: one way cool Mithra,goes outta his way too help,ppl he doenst know.. awesome just awesome.

Yositune: another one of my japanese friends,done a crap load for me when i first started ^_^

LS Outcast.

Alianna: one cool chick ^_^ yes Aishla you too..
Bervin: another good guy.
Darin: very helpful guy,thanks for all ur help Darin.
Delphis: another great guy.

Fungwan: O.o funnyguy
Haibane: one cool RDM ^_^
Khalib: lol... one loco drk.
Melodii:Very knowledgeable person,very helpfull,yet slightly too picky at times,ok ill shut up now. ^_^
Rionn: Here is great guy,even made a website for our LS,doing an awesome job Rionn.
Spaed: known this guy forever,very good friend.

Thervius: ^_^ this guy is hella cool,will help a ton.thanks for everything Therv.

and all my friends in Silent Assains,and the Forsaken.

Again,sorry for the spam ^_^

For those curious,my main char was clouud,trying to remove the confusion,for those who dont know me by this character.

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#114 Nov 26 2004 at 12:37 PM Rating: Decent
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Some of my good RL friends:

Some other good folks:
Come on Bill, let's go home
#115 Nov 26 2004 at 2:20 PM Rating: Decent
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I think this is a post we should keep updated so it doesn't get lost, and we should slowly forget about that stupid blacklist cause that one is just so depressing.
Anyway, i want to add to my old post. I gots lots of thank all stored up.

Arctyk- for ALWAYS being there for anyone who needs it. I've asked him numerous times for help with stuff for my friends and he has never turned me down, not to mention he is just a great person to talk to.

DarkValor-though he was only in my LS for a short period of time, he did so much to help me, like my teleport-vahzl scroll... him and Ansia spent hours helping me with that. He also fixes my broken rods during Pirate hunting trips. (not to mention killing the Horror 5 times in the row beats out anything else for excitement)

Mendiil- for getting that great huge limit break 2 alliance going and inviting Mene, palm and me. wow.. i want to thank everyone in that alliance but i forgot almost all of those names, cept Detritus who has been on my friends list for so long now, so thanks to himm too.

Onikai- i know i have mentioned him before but he's the bestest friend ever.

and everyone in my LS PirateSyndicate. you make logging on every day worth it. I really wish i could list all their names but this would go on forever. the shell is getting kinda big.

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#116 Nov 26 2004 at 3:13 PM Rating: Decent
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Gotta post my small LS Friends/perma. ( they got me on this game and I met/know them through Socom/Socom2)

LS: NGInc (Naked Gamers Incorporated)


Nothing but great people and a blast to talk to during anything.

Just about everything I have gotten help with has been from them.

I'm sure the list will grow, and Just from the posts I see that many on this server forum can be on this list.

I just hope I get to talk/help/meet most of you in game.

until you see me /wave Take care
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Server: Leviathan
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#117 Nov 26 2004 at 3:29 PM Rating: Decent
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Luckstar - Patient help teleporting me around the world for my dragoon quest. Even offered to lend me money for a chocobo! (I had plenny already)

Fatalfantasy - Very helpful and almost always willing to teleport members of her LS around. Sometimes a bit touchy :P

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#118 Nov 27 2004 at 10:13 PM Rating: Decent
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I wanna add sum too :)

Wolfleader- great friend and my sis's bf in RL. Great guy helped me out when i waz a noob and still helps me out whenever i ask him.

Eano- coolest guy ull ever meet. When i a week into the game i got lost in bastok and his was in Windy. He traveled all the way out there to bring me back on foot. thx man

Saharry- girl with sum issues at times but i am always there for her. Great whm and over extremely nice person. Goodluck in you new marriage *Sarry+Kyuubi* Soon to be married on Dec. 3

Kimikosama- for all the help, gil, and advice you have given me since i started playing.

Laylow- for the kindness to help to help me and others when they are in need.

Sekhmet- great friend thats always there for ya when you need a hand. :P thx Sek
I wanna thank all my friends on LS Tribe of Windurst. Thx everyone.

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#119 Nov 29 2004 at 1:53 AM Rating: Good
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I have to add a few more people on here

Hiroshu-- Hella nice, got a lotta respect for ya, hope I can either catch up to you, or level another low level job, cause that was a great party

Nakaruru-- Very nice WHM, watched after my party in the Citadel, and you didn't even have to. This WHM deserves lotsa random acts of kindness(for those of you who like to send random gil, She also has Meat Mithkabobs on her for Melee)

Ccbccb-- Another nice Japanese player I met in my travels, knows her job very well, very good back up tank.

Have to put Sholah and Amberly on here(again) for being such awesome people that they are. Always friendly and helping people.

Arigiris-- It's been great having you in the LS. From what I've seen, you help without reason. That's a good quality that many people lack.

Once again PrideofBastok and Swordsofhonour. We're still sorting things out, but I know when everything is organized in SOH we'll be a force to be reckoned with. The Sword will never die!!
Anjin of Leviathan server
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#120 Nov 29 2004 at 4:39 PM Rating: Good
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I would like to add to my budy, Papajay's, list.

Papajay - Although he hasn't directly helped me, he has helped several people learn the game and has great patience for teaching and he has helped people alot in his veteran days.

Kloud - Has helped numerous fellow LS members and non-members.

Malak - Has used his newly high leveled theif already for lots of people needing item drops. Is a very pleasant person to talk to also.

Lordtsix - helps everyone who asks anyway he can. Poor guys hasn't leveled in so long cause of the help he gives. Did I mention he is The Swords of Honour LS leader?

Imagyne - New to SoH LS but used to have a high levevl account on another server. Has helped serveral people in and out of the LS with knowledge, guidence and plain old physical help where his now lvl 22 character can.

Kye - We miss ya! Has helped peeps with keys and such.

Munky - Yes, I said Munky! He has helped serveral people in our LS, including me. You might get help too, if you knew how much he is not what most people are saying and just treated him abit nicer. Go ahead, I dare you. (Patience is a virtue, Munky)

Scott & Menemeneo - 2 Mithra's that know how to have fun in the game. Stop it! I'm not talking about that! Went to have an exp party, exp sucked and was slow, so they came up with idea to go to Quicksand Caves and just run thru killing everything. Not only did we do just that, but the exp rolled in quick (adds up u know with no down time) and we even attained a key or two for people who weren't even out looking for them yet. It was some of the greatest fun I have had yet.

Abauge - Though he has not helped me personaly in a while, he is a great person period. he helped me and my bro out a lot with missions and quests back in the noob days when PC version first released. he is still joy to have a conversation with and the first thing he said to me after helping was: "Just promise me you will help others." To this day I remember that and help all that I can without letting people give me rewards or asking for them.

Isa - Everyone on Leviathan will miss her. She was an all loving cute Taru BLM that helped everyone. She recently had to leave the game for personal reasons. Good Luck, Isa. We love you.

Chokintiger & Ironlungmunk - A tag team. Helpful and funny. These two are a riot together.

Generallubu - Nice kind-hearted person who just is shy. But if you ask him for help, he will. Has lots of patience and likes to boost your ego.

I'm sure I missed alot of people here, but I'm doing this at work and I need to end this to go help someone here at work. Imagine that.

Long live Swords of Honour and the Pride of Bastok LS's!!!

#121 Dec 01 2004 at 6:34 PM Rating: Decent
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I have to say a few name that I haven't seen on here before

Dedeine - Awesome elf. ^.^ Helped me with missions, tons of other stuff and an awesome person in general.

Keldran - Helped with getting my carb's ruby. Which was deeply appreciated. Also helped alot of other people I know.

Petra - Kinda lost contact with her. But she helped me with getting Khazam keys and saved my butt in Palbourough Mines.

Ellura - Always helped when I had questions. PS (She's been mentioned before ^.^)

It's always good to give credit where credit is due. And these players deserved it


#122 Dec 04 2004 at 9:01 AM Rating: Decent
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Shellkey needs to be on here more ..no joke ..I dont know 1 person she hasnt helped at some point.. and if she hasnt helped you yet ...she will!..

Goodspeed was also a huge help to my LS for AF3's that MNK is one powerhouse and a helpfull guy..

and everyone who helped me take down the Bomb Queen maney times over o.O

to name a few:

the list goes on ... FF is full of helpfull people and if I sat here I could think of hunderds who lend there time to help people out. There are a few who are always "busy" untill they need help.. but the good list far exceeds the bad !

ps. thers so maney I missed.. but dont worry I wont forget your help .. msg me if you need any :)

#123 Dec 04 2004 at 9:10 AM Rating: Decent
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Off the top of my head, Safire, Kaizer, and Gniksiger always seem to be willing to help out with key hunts and other grinding tasks. And I still don't have my key ; ;
#124 Dec 04 2004 at 3:47 PM Rating: Decent
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Littleronin - Altana bless him, he gave me 25k today just because he felt bad that he sold his Ochiudo's Kote on the AH for 100k more than he meant to. I'll definitely put it to good use, and hopefully in a few more days, I'll have my prized kote...

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Aleksandr - in thanks for helping me get my very first piece of RSE today and making something I was dreading into something that went very smoothly. I had my key and we found the chest within minutes. We got a key for him but sadly got lost in the Maze and couldn't find a chest before I started getting aggro like crazy. Thank you Aleksandr! I hope you got your gloves!

Kamon - I don't know if this player is JP or anything about him, but he pointed out the Treasure Chest to me and let me take it even though there were several people around. There are nice people out there!
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Cant remember if I've put her on the white list or not yet but every time I run into her, I end up smiling. She's helped me get my woodworking skilled up and I always work up a woord trade with her whenever I end up logging in the same area. She's been playing a little longer than me (three months I think?) and.. well, she blows my mind and she's nice to me despite being almost a total stranger ^_^
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