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#127 Dec 09 2004 at 8:45 AM Rating: Good
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Lets see... Im gonna add my friends (Seeing as most arnt on the list but need to be because they are great people.)

Aeronekochan We all love Aero. We meet in the Dunes, she helped me pet leeches when the party started dieing. She owns our LS and shes always giving helpful information!

CittyKat and Peebs(aka PaintballParrot) /glomp! Peebs and Citty are those insane people you see mauling random strangers (namely me) throwing coconuts, sharks, or what not. I loves them both and they never stop making me laugh.

MoonlightMage and Ami Gotta love them both. Moon is one of the niceset, most boy crazy people I know, Ami too. Hah. These twins pretty much swaped places, I meet Ami first, but now I hardly see him (not that I dont love moon) Let your brother on moon!! =O

LegunaYour an evil Rng elf that has me all confused! /pet pet. I should have you high on the list but the others came to mind first. Leggy has helped me get my RSE, and so much more. o.O Evil taking me higher level places, spell bind (or what ever) then let me think im gonna die before you kill it. >.> Mean elf.

All of MSG I love you all (short on time) Just too many of you to notice you all.

Also <3 to Sage, Aleric, Rev, Valenor, and many many others!!
#128 Dec 09 2004 at 10:12 AM Rating: Decent
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Oh yeah. All 30+ crafters posting on the crafting thread :p
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#129 Dec 09 2004 at 4:45 PM Rating: Decent
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im bound to miss someone out so i apologise in advance :P

one of the 1st people i met in the game, we started around the same time and he has always been willing to help with anything, he's way past me in leveling terms now but still offering his help with everything, the person i most enjoy leveling with and on of the people i have the best laugh with, also got me into the nightsbane LS :P, the game just wouldnt be the same without this dude

we dont talk as much anymore, but another person thats always willing to help, a great laugh and good taste in music ;)

my favourite person in game along with wolfy, always makes me laugh and always great fun to talk to, manages to insult me about 50 times a day, even when shes being nice, always willing to help and give advice, someone else the game wouldnt be the same without

the very 1st person i met, we spent our 1st day being clueless together, as with everyone i seem to befriend, a great laugh, hasnt been on in weeks though, noone knows why

a great person, a great laugh, always there when you need help, even if she doesnt know you in some cases, we have our differences but she is someone i have a lot of time for

havent known eachother for aslong as i have known the others, but we met in the wakingthefallen LS and soon realised we lived 15 mins from eachother IRL, very strange, a fellow miner and a very funny dude

and a special mention has to go to bokchoy, we have never had a proper conversation, but was the 1st person in the game to help me out, saved me in west ronfaure, and could always be relied upon for random /pokes/wave/slap everytime he ran past after that, also for replying to my newbie thread on my 2nd day in the game :P

the whole of nightsbane, the 1st LS that iv felt really at home in, chops, samuraicloud, necropotence, and everyone else (would take to long to list everyone :/)

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#130 Dec 09 2004 at 6:19 PM Rating: Good
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hehe, here's mine:

Valenor: My favorite person in-game ^^ Just /check us for our bazaar messages ^^ <Mithra really do own all, admit it :p >

AeronekochanMaki is just so much fun to be around, and she got me to google Gackt :o~ Someone who I relate too almost completely ^^

Revion Beetle Subligar +1, and being the only sensible person who uses that n00b speak-y thing. I SO owe you for your help, and with my Dragon fight ^^

Meyu and Birdy<Paintballparrot> completely random people..... I HAVE A GROUP TO IDENTIFY WITH!!!!!!!!! ^^

Amiguro My twin bro, how can I -not- love him? ^^ and watching him with Holden..... *quick snapshot* He really should play more ;_; but only if we get a second PS2... or a good PC ;>.> I'll have to get Holden playing too...

Superwalmart One of my friends from my newb days ^^ Can't remember who, but I think I helped get us both /blisted by this "Fish-something" guy on a boat cause I got my sword and shaved his beard ;>.>

Bokchoy Hehe, funny way how I ended up befriending him... But anyways, he's a great.... Bard? that's the only job I got to play with him as ;_; But really fun to talk with ^^ and I -still- need to get him something -good- for that thing with Val...

Az....somthing I honestly cannot spell your name >< But your the first guy that I can watch marry a good friend of mine ^^

Nakaruru getting off your choco just to raise me <damn that Gobby Smithy on my way to Jeuno> being such a fun person to be around, and joining MGS ^^

MithrraGearSolid everyone but a few are on my friends list ^^ Other than helping me with a ton of stuff, <2-3, for one> giving me info on stuff in my future, <like how SATA works> meeting my in-game slave....er.... Boyfriend ^^;;; and, of course, BEING AN LS THAT ACTUALLY TALKS!!!!

All honerable mentions.... I'll have to get your names ;>.>

/poke all those on the list and those I can't remember ^^;
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#131 Dec 09 2004 at 7:11 PM Rating: Good
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That's great that more LS friends are showing up on here. ^^

This thread is growing well and active, I can't believe I almost forgot I made it too... I'll update my list later, because I especially have to add you Luna, and Meyu, and everyone who makes mithrraGearSolid what it is now.

or I could sum everything up.

I love EVERY member of MGS. Seriously... you've all become my family. I'd almost even say this is the perfect LS, too. Throw all the names of LS members at me you want, there's not one of you I can say I dislike.Actually, there was one: Fearthis, but we ALL hated him and now he's gone. ;p But again, I love you all so much... I always wanted to be in charge of a group like an LS of some sort, honestly.I wanted to be looked at as a truly good person who's strong and fair(That damn fortune cookie read my mind. XD). I wanted to have a closely knit community grow and make it through something(In this case, this game) hand in hand, always glad to see eachother. Not my... but -our- LS, has become EXACTLY this. I don't care weather or not we become a huge HNM LS or anything like that, I'm just glad that I can be looked up to as usefull by the members. I'm glad I could say the same to my other members.

You all made a great wish true. I'm sorry if I sound like I'm trying to cover a desire for power or anything... I'm not. That's really how I feel, and you guys make it shine as true with the things we do and say. You also fulfill Svetlana's wish of the LS that was origionally her's to become cheerful and successful.

Again, that peice goes to EVERY MGS member.

I'll try to make a real list later... but for now I have tons of work to finish >< I shouldn't even be taking this time off to post. >.>;
#132 Dec 15 2004 at 12:16 AM Rating: Decent
i wanna thank some one for helping me get my rse armer piece
an rank item

moonlightknight take bow ^0^


an ther are all soo many others ive been away to long to remember most ther names on my bud list so sorry >_<
im comeing back to laviathan any day this month soon im so happy ^-^

#133 Dec 15 2004 at 1:05 AM Rating: Excellent
Props to: Elysa.

Last time saw her was while I was levelling up SMN in the dunes. She's an excellent tactician, very aware of her environment, familiar with all the finer technical points, and very good about helping manage parties.

She hasn't been on in a couple weeks - I think she's doing RL stuff. But if you get a chance to be in a PT with her, take it.

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#134 Dec 15 2004 at 2:40 AM Rating: Decent
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Of course I have to thank my LS OniKage, for knowing how to have fun with the game (because we all remembered its a game).

But I gotta give a HUGE thanks to the gals especially

You two are awesome and helped me n' the gang out so much thanks!

And I'll give a big thanks for Gutz to his big buddy Fernando!

And Johanne if you're out there, its been awhile but thanks for all the help in the past!
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#135 Dec 16 2004 at 6:36 AM Rating: Decent
Ok, this is my first post anywhere so please excuse any faults. I just want to let you all know the 4 people I most highly respect in this wacky game. Daechyck, who I've known since I was level 10 and was always there to help me. Keiying who is the best WHM in my LS (MysticMayhem) who is always willing to help me and others. Darkkaze who is a great DRG and person who has helped me many times on my adventures. and Azraiel, who I consider the best player in the game (I dont care who or what anyone else says). the amount of help he has given me when I was a beginner is unmeasureable. I owe most of what i know to him and my first LS which he was the owner of (WhiteVanadiel) which included Aeronekochan, Irclal and many others who I owe a great deal to. Just like to finish off by saying I would gladly de-level many times over for these people if it would help them and I just wanted to give them their due in this thread

P.S. how do i put my character name and lvl info on bottom of post?

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#136 Dec 16 2004 at 3:28 PM Rating: Decent
i think they can jus click yer name on the top left corner of yer post an they see it from ther butto anser yer question u go to yer charicter page an ther should be a link ther that leads to your name link shell armer wepons an all that just copy the link an past it on yer post i hope i said this all right ^^

ps i wanna thank nightfall for giveing me one of her many crafted items rapter jerkin been useing it ever since thanks night^0^ an all the times shes saved me from aggro an stuff^-^
#137 Dec 16 2004 at 3:45 PM Rating: Decent
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daflopalapagus wrote:
Keiying who is the best WHM in my LS (MysticMayhem) who is always willing to help me and others.

Keiying is awesome! He/She was in the jungles the other day, and was taking care of the obligitory gob trains.

Smiley: bowdown to Keiying
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#138 Dec 17 2004 at 7:42 PM Rating: Decent
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Keiying is awesome! He/She was in the jungles the other day, and was taking care of the obligitory gob trains.

Kei is a he. ^^ He's getting married to Daechyck in game. :]
@.@ I'm here again. Whee.
#139 Dec 20 2004 at 1:51 AM Rating: Decent
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um i guess for my whitelist i'd have to put-
Dabis: one who got me playing
Metallicfist:one of my first LS buddys
Silverfist:another first in the game
Chronisia: great help especially when i was gone for 2 months
Fyekhui: Long time friend on the game and always ready to party
Moonlightmage:funny person to play with

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#140 Dec 21 2004 at 12:30 PM Rating: Good
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I have a few that can have the honour of being on a white list:

Papajay: We been friends since the start pretty much, we been all over vana'diel and did many quest/missions together. You were always there as I was always there for you. To bad we haven't gone adverturing like we use to. You are a good friend PJ

Archer: we have also been friends since the start and have done many things together (papajay, archer and myself) we were a great team and I always felt invincible when we were together and you, like pj, are a great friend. I'm glad I ran into you and pj.

Airly: The first japanese player that really helped me. I owe so much to her... She has ran clear across the world just to raise me when i was lving in the dunes with my drk. She helped me get my skull when i was going for my sub-job. She's gotten her 70+ japanese ls to help me get all my AF armor and many other quest/missions. She's given me tips, taught me a little japanese as well... You are truely a great person and thank you very much.
I'm sorry for all the times you have died for me,,, i know it must be a pain dying at lv75.

Arigiris: I haven't known him all that long but he is very cool. He's helped out Swords of Honour so much. w/o him SoH wouldn't be what it is today. Thanks a ton for the server ^^

Malak: One of the coolest thf's I know... I miss your pld days.

Lucky: We've done a lot of missions/quest together and partied many times. You are a great whm

Shill: A great pld, good friend. We helped each other a lot and you were always asking to help more! To bad you had to del your account. I wish the best for you, take care bro.

And of course every single person in SwordsofHonour. Every one of you are great and fun to be around with. No matter how bad my day is, I get on and i feel right at home. I am very honoured to have you all a part of my ls and hope that you all will stay together till the day the FFXI servers go down. Thank you.

#141 Dec 31 2004 at 8:53 PM Rating: Decent
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#142 Dec 31 2004 at 10:35 PM Rating: Decent
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My list is short and I know I'm going to leave a few people off... but that's what edit is for.

Tryton : My best friend on the game and first person to really help me out. If you read this thanks for dragging me around Sandy until I got ALL those freaking quests done.

Elona : A good friend for a long time... Always patient and willing to help me with whatever.

Camaris : A hold out from the floundering days of my Linkshell. A tried and true friend.


Krystal : A foul mouthed mirtha with a heart of gold.

Tomace : Pure evil, but in a good away...

Agonistes : Great guy always there to answer my stupid questions.

Kaolla : You're never around anymore but you got me playing this damn game... get your comp back online soon!!
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#143 Jan 01 2005 at 3:05 AM Rating: Decent
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I'm gonna add a few more people, because I forgot a few, and I have more to add, so I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone. (That is a pretty morbid idiom... I wonder who thought of that? o_o)

In absolutely no particular order:

Anexer - Dunno what happened to this guy, but he invited me to his LS when I was trying to do my RSE in Gusgen. (Baidos was there too, but I'll get to him in a second) I don't think I'd ever be able to leave that place if it weren't for their help that day, and not to mention how they basically picked me up from the dirt when I left an LS long before, due to some sort of arguement. Just wanted to say thanks for helping me go through this game without having to be so... competitive. I regret not staying in the LS exactly from when I got the pearl to now. But at least I somehow feel happy to be in the LS anyway. Thanks guys. ^^;

Baidos - Welp, there y'go, here he is. XD; Cool person, and a little bit tricky with his THF skills... (I know, I was watching you trying to TA off me in Castle Oztroja, so I ran a marathon around the yag. XDD;) Yeah, he's helped me a lot during the noob BRD days, and still does now. Thank you very much for the scrolls, btw. XD My mog safe is full of 'em, and I love it. ^^;

Laylow - Ahh, y'know, I don't think I ever got to PT with you, or Baidos. But y'know, he's cool, and he helps practically everyone that shouts in Jeuno, because everytime I check the LS list, he's always out in some oddball place, like Castle Oztroja, or Fei'yin. XD;

Marathon - Mmhmm, the naked Galka that cooks. Cook faster, you Galka! =_=;

Gavo - Eh, I PT'd with you a couple times. Sorta found it fun too actually PT with a MNK in such later levels, because you practically never see one anymore, so no one knows what they can do anymore. Just like BRD. We're basically stuck in the same position, eh? XD;

Okay, fine, I'll sum it up: Everyone in Wizardz, for being welcoming, and being sociable, sometimes about practically nothing, like cooking bacon without clothes on, or Galkas in Satin panties and a Santa hat, singing "Santa Baby"... (No, not Marathon, it has happened though. XD; Sorry, that's just the first thing that striked up my mind).

Katsade - Uhh, I don't think she remembers me anymore, because the last time I was talking to her, she gave me a "....?" ; ; But that's okay, at least I know she helped me a lot during my first few levels (When I say first, I mean like, level 4, no sub job) and took me to do mission 1, because I died entering there. XD; And the random encounters, and the evergoing support you've given me. Thank yah.

Hattoria - Okay, I haven't seen her in a while, but I met her the same time I met Katsade. I PT'd with her a few times along the way. She's cool... XD;

Shellkey - Ahh, you should know. She helps with basically everything, because half of the events I manage to participate in, have her in the alliance as well. XD

There's probably a tonne more, but it's 3am, and I'm tired. Plus, I think I wrote enough essays to say that this is just about enough... XD

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#144 Jan 03 2005 at 3:56 PM Rating: Decent
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Okay in reply to being chosen for this, thank you Hsiahou, i have a few peeps i think rock on this game also. If i leave you out sorry, this server has some really cool ppl on it

Vicktoria - Best White Mage ever, and the coolest girl to ever play this game.

Hsiahou - Great Dark Knight, Best friend on the game, LS leader and person.

Nobutada - A true friend, and a great person to play the game with. Always brings humor to this game.

THE ENTIRE "WHISKEY GUILD LINKSHELL"[/ - Great group of people, awesome players, most helpful peeps ive met, and a great buch to hang out with.

- Great friend, got me started when i was an even bigger noob hehe. Always helps me out, and not to mention she's helped kill more dragons than the game has hehe.

Kalvin - A cool dude, very helpful, and a great person to make you wanna get that next level.

Clangeddin - Awesome Red Mage, so much fun to play with, and a really cool sense of humor.

If i forgot you im sorry, ill post another one later hehe. Have fun leviathan... SORRY THAT THE SHOUT OUT TO WHISKEY GUILD WAS SO BIG, BUT I LOVE THEM ALL HEHE!
#145 Jan 07 2005 at 4:09 AM Rating: Decent
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Aww, man, I totally have to do this now.

I'm still relatively low-level, so I can't comment too much, but I'm surprised at how many names I recognized.

First, a big shout-out to EiswolfeBevormunden and those who continue to take an interest in it. We're small and we level slowly, but we kick tail and have fun doing it. ^^

Special thank-yous to Rheywolf and Lucidric for listening to my ravings about the game, agreeing to start playing, and for helping me build the foundation for what is now EiswolfeBevormunden. You guys rock, and every time I wish I were higher level, I give thanks for having great friends like you to play with.

Mammothman, the first JP player I ever got to be friends with. He gave me a few items to start out with and offered me a Plvl because I was raising Windy fame with him.

Amoden, for letting me play so much on Midge and letting me rip 9k from your account. That starting money helped me so much, and I got a lot of great mage experience from my time as that little taru.

Nyanoko and Linsivi for helping out with some of the harder things in the game. Cory, if you're reading this, I still intend to take you up on that offer for the Moldavite. Mike, you just plain rule.

Rosencrants and all your friends who came along with me on that disastrous BLM AF1 attempt. I really owe you guys a lot for sticking your necks out for me like that.

Ollorin and the rest of you who saved our tails during that disastrous AF1 attempt. The Casting Wand in my inventory will always be a testament to all of you.

Natsuko, Mordecai, Gojiran, and Brakoto, for putting up with a bored kitty and listening to me babble on endlessly about everything. Natsuko, thanks for all the help and advice way back in the day. Still sad we never got that Mist Silk Cape. Mordecai, thanks for putting up with our weird levelling tactics. Gojiran, thanks for backing me up and helping make that CN party awesome. Good luck with your static! Brakoto, thanks for letting me randomly poke you. I still wanna try that dual AM idea.

Chryseis for helping out with the DRG flag quest.

All the rest of you who helped me with job flag quests. My SAM and BST especially thank you!

All those of you who didn't call GMs on me when I stole your mobs or -ga'ed your trains. Sometimes accidents happen...and sometimes they don't. It's a competition, but it's a friendly one at that, and I want to thank you all for remembering that. But *please* don't train-farm if it's crowded. Messes up the spawn time for everyone else, and I really do feel bad when I obliterate the work you put into training with a well-placed Blizzaga. Honest, I do. >>

All the rest of you who made partying a joy and put up with my melee'ing, Banishing WHM tactics, didn't razz me for being a Mithra BLM, let me cut loose with RNG, let me pull as a NIN/WAR, and let me call the shots despite not being a Rank 10 with Astrals and a Peacock Charm. I'm flattered by your trust and respect.

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#146 Jan 09 2005 at 1:45 PM Rating: Decent
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Hehe, I've met loads of nice people and here are just a few of them. ^^

Cole/Yuber (/grin, he's my fiance now :P)
Deuteu/Diak (mah best pal ^^)
Eon (disappeared for ages though...)
Jikku (friend of Cole's and really cool ^^)
Lennie (helped me so much with AF and Genkai items T.T)
Endymant (same ^^)
Arusephan (for being a great BRD..better than me :P)
Celani (I met her in my new LS, really cool lady^^)
Quinsisdos (same as above, except not a lady :P)
Belledeath (best DRG ever! I miss partying with you ; ;)
Jonel, Kha, Detora, Leland, Dzaal (can't rely on anyone else for BCNM^^)
Emphuein (Sorry for not adding you... glad I can call you a friend :3)
Sandrah (I haven't spoken to you much but you're a cool person^^ Hope to speak more soon after your trip to Japan)

That's all I can think of at the moment. >< Sorry if I missed anyone. ; ;

Edit: Spelling. >.>
Edit #2: Added a couple people~

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#147 Jan 11 2005 at 1:23 PM Rating: Decent
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Dyluck - Regardless of the fact that it's ALWAYS Dyluck's fault, he's still always willing to help out his friends. He got me into FFXI originaly, and he's always been willing to help me out when I needed a quest or mission done. I don't care what they say about you Dy, you're a good guy. I also have you to thank for my Ochiudo's Kote as well.

Ixquic - Dispite being a MANtra, Ix's love of danger leads him to help out alot. The greater the chance of death the more he wants to come along. He's also one of the most knowledgable people about FFXI in general that I know.

Nakaruru - There should be an even whiter White List just for her. Nakaruru is the nicest person I've ever met on FFXI, and I've met alot of really nice people. She will never ever hesitate to help anyone she sees needs it. She will dismount from her Chocobo just to heal someone fighting a tough monster by themselves. She'll go across the world to raise someone. And she'll sacrifice herself for her party's sake without hesitation. All of these things I have whitnessed her do first hand. This server is so lucky to have her here... And so am I.
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#148 Jan 11 2005 at 9:03 PM Rating: Decent
32 posts
Ok here is my list tons of ppl, sorry if I dont remember you all much love though...

Staringbounce- too many reasons to list them all. Greatest PLD ever to play the game.

Griffithsu- A man among men

Ghalleonx- Makes the dang best parties, if you get a chance join up.

The Fallen Angels/ Forgotten Angels/ Mostly Harmless/ SamuraiSpirit/ Lords of Havoc LSs they all rule, past present future.

Nakaruru & Kyoudai- had to list them together cause they make the cutest couple is sickening at times, lol jk.

Dyluck- Remember ppl it always Dy's Fault, lol.

Kattank/Tankwhoddi- Much love for the man I started playing with.

Kalvin- Day 1 man to be with, best of luck friend I never see you on anymore.

Zifnab- My BLM buddy, COME BACK!!

Ipxic (think I spelled it right)- Static man, great knowledge of the game...keep it up friend.

Thats all I can remember at this time, again sorry if I missed you much love.

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#149 Jan 11 2005 at 9:14 PM Rating: Decent
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Ryuogo: I've pt'ed with him several times and we've quested together one of the kindest most genuine players.

Kanzo: An all around nice guy. He'd help you out even if you don't know him.

Decklin: Another nice guy. He's also our designated PL in my ls.

DJFantc: Probably one of the best rangers I've come accross. He helped me even though he did not know me.

Ganondorf: Cool Paladin. He's on a lot. Good guy. Helped me get my AF1.
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#150 Jan 12 2005 at 5:56 PM Rating: Decent
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I want to add 2 people that have kept me from going insane in this game at times. Calixtus and Lokee not only are they good friends and Linkshell mates but also are willing to help people out if they can. Thanks guys for making me feel at home.
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#151 Jan 12 2005 at 8:43 PM Rating: Decent
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My Mushai buddies:

Muzino - On my white list not just because he's my boyfriend in real life, but also because he's among the nicest people I've met in this game. I've seen him pass time so many nights just helping out people he saw that asking for it or looking lost. Even ran new armor out to someone who was still in the field. *chuckles*

Ganondorf - An absolute sweetheart who always tries his hardest to do his best. He's helped Muz and I on so many occasions. Namely the missions from 2-3 to Rank 5 *^.^* As well as various quests and the leveling of our static, even if the static probably is dead now ;.;

Eval - I get such a kick out of him. Almost always entertaining ^.^

Catullus - Very knowledgeable. This man has answered so many questions I've had about fishing as well as computers, lol. Thanks again for the tip on (relatively) quick and painless pain in Windurst ^.~

Uberfunk - Brought into our LS recently by Gan. It's rare that I meet someone I get along with so well so quickly, heh. Super nice and really helpful ^.^

Ski - Likes to shout in towns a lot, but he's an absolute kick. A sweetheart and always welcome member of our LS. Thanks again for helping us beat the dragon for 2-3, and for the random PL help in the dunes with my blm, lol ^.^

Panth - Don't see him as often as I'd like, but it's always fun when he's around.

Uiruru - I love talking to level-headed people, and he's just about the levelest (okay, it's not a word, but y'know what I mean I hope. >.>) one I've met in quite some time. Rare that it's not a pleasure to see his name roll across my chat window, heh. Thanks again for the help with mission 3-3. ^.^

Tensai - Another good person. Things haven't been quite the same since Muz and I were finally able to get on again after moving cross-country, but he's nice and helpful as well. One of these days I'm going to be online in time to return the favor >.<

Other people I appreciate for various reasons: ^^;;

Keir, Griffithsu, EvilRikku, Thesixth, Mirake, Zecks

...*brain dies* There's more, I know there are, but I can't remember names right now for the life of me >.< But I do appreciate anyone who's ever helped me ^.^;;

Thanks again for the tip on (relatively) quick and painless pain in Windurst

o.<; Yea, a week or two -later- I catch this mistake. -.-;; That's supposed to be relatively quick and painless fame not pain... Oops, lol ^^;;;

edited again -.- too used to html tags using the < > signs...
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Edited, Wed Jan 26 14:24:21 2005 by ZashaAlyoa
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