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#152 Jan 13 2005 at 10:41 AM Rating: Decent
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I've come across many helpful people, good players etc., but the 3 I'd like to mention stand out to me above the rest for the following reason:

In our world of |english| |party| |no, thanks|, |english| X,
these 3 high level Japanese players have always been friendly and more than willing to help me(mid level NA)without any compensation.

Shellkey (mentioned quite a few times in this thread, and yes she is super nice, and seems to enjoy helping people a lot.)
Shermie (also very nice and helpful, whether by her high level leathercraft or using one of her level 75 jobs to kill stuff for you)
Muscle (galka with many level 75 jobs. Don't see him around too much anymore, but he helped me get AF, helped my brother get genkai II, and always treated my NA friends with respect in Ballista tournaments.)

#153 Jan 13 2005 at 1:02 PM Rating: Decent
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Hey i'd like to mention a couple of people here who have changed my life and without them i will not be where i am today.

Rafikki: without this guy i wont be here. He helped me the day i came back from caitsith and decided to stay on leviathan he will always be my best freind and with my new power im at his side whenever he needs it.
Florent: my wife to be. since day 1 she was at my side even when we werent together. ever since the dunes she was in my life and it will stay that way i hope ^_^
Gniksiger: This is my galka brother. He helped me alot as well and without him i wont know as much stuff as i know today. Even though he is scared to face a little tarutaru BLM in balista 1 on 1.. i will still love him =P.
Safire: She is my female counterpart in the BLM business. Together were a unstapable force. She was also the only one besides my wife to stand up for me during my controversial times in the game. So safire i thank you for that.
Sparetime: My BLM rival and new found freind. me and him always BLM duo in a party and own everything in our way. I hope your anger and love towards me drives me to be the best BLM ;)
Wonton: This guy always taught me some ways of the BLM when we semi staticed for like 5 lvls. He was always nice to me so i thank him for that too.
Pittbull: HAHA my hume counterpart. Really good BLM to team up with and a great freind since day one.
Peneus: My in game dad =) ( i dont know if thats a good thing or bad thing ;) ) Hes been cool to me for a while now and i consider him one of my best freinds..( hes scared of me too =P)
Emmelyh: GREAT rdm and a very helpful person. Im glad to have met her and hope to meet more like her soon.( shes the lever ho in sky ;) )
Lightningdragon: this guy is disturbing...but im a great way lol hes one of my best taru buddies sucks he quit whm though ;;.

AND i;d like to give a final special thx to all those people who helped me get sky after 5 months of trying you guys made a dream come true for me. they are gniksiger morathi visan seraphian ( i forgot the whms name im so sorry >_<;;).
Thx so much for making this game what is for me..sorry if i missed anyone if i remember more people ill post it here. THX!
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#154 Jan 13 2005 at 11:57 PM Rating: Decent
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To all the people that helped Redhawk and myself get our surcoat.


There were so many more that have slipped my mind if I forgot you let me know, I will add them as they come to mind.
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#155 Jan 14 2005 at 2:33 AM Rating: Decent
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{hmmm.} I might as well contribute.

Hiroshu - The static Samurai and leader on LS Twilight. He gives "badass" a new definition, especially when he offers a hand. I can't wait to get these two statics started.

Drakir - The Static Paladin, also on Twilight. In fact, one of the best Paladins I have ever seen in battle. I've been able to really relate to him when we talk, and a hilarious guy to boot. XD

Sikozu - Static Ranger and Drakir's girlfriend! She knows how to put a smile on my face every day when I have Twilight equipped. ^^

Marathon - I've never seen such a great Galka Dark Knight until Marathon was invited into Twilight. He cracks me up also, and he will surely make a really good DD in the Linkshell's second static party.

Sythiel - Dude! I didn't know we partied in the dunes as newbies until you sent me that screenshot! O_O

Kamon - I've been pals with him ever since I began the game and met him in the first Linkshell I was invited to (which eventually fell apart). Another friendly fellow, too. RED MAGE PRIDE!!

Tsienna - She's been a great friend to talk to when I need to let something out, and I'm always able to give her help when she can't find any (i.e. Utsusemi Scroll Quest and a whole bunch of others). I'm glad I met her on TheAvengers. ^_^

Kitkit - In-game fiancee and such a sweetheart. I need to visit TheAvengers, whenever I get the chance, to talk to her more often. ^^;

Evanescence - Taught me the essence of mining when I was still dirt poor, and a really good white mage to boot. Can't forget the good times and bad times on Immortal.

Fuma - I couldn't have gotten that Ninja quest done had he not helped me get that Coral. Man, I wish Sagara hadn't quit.

Chasesama - Inspired me to become a RDM/NIN when we partied for the first time in Yhoator Jungle. He's currently leveling other jobs such as Samurai, however. a great fellow to hang with when I run into him. :D

If I forgot anyone else, I'd like to say that you all rule and won't be forgotten! ^_^
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#156 Jan 14 2005 at 11:30 AM Rating: Decent
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Quetz! /highfive

Quetzacoatl - The man who dares to do the RDM/NIN. Respect alone for that. He's "the kid" of the static, and we've had a lot of laughs. Always up for slaughtering too weak mobs in cool places like Delkfutt's Tower especially for reasons like celebrating level 50. ^^
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#157 Jan 16 2005 at 1:35 AM Rating: Decent
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Thanks Quetz ^^ Okay, my peoples:

Hiroshu: Quite possibly the coolest dude I've ever met here. Met him way back in the day where he tanked as Monk for us in dunes...he held hate through me as a samurai, 2 blms nuking, a rdm nuking, and a whm healing. Never lost it once. Leader of my LS, Twilight, and definatley has my hard-earned respect.

Quetzacoatl: Very nice guy, a little hard on himself at times, but he looks out for his friends a lot, and is definatley a fun guy to talk to.

Drakir: Funny. As. Hell. Cracks me up on a regular basis. Not to mention a damn good paladin.

Sikozu: Very interesting person, she always encourages my vulgar behavior too ^^ Anyone who can put up with my sick sense of humor and add to it is in my book.

Marathon: Another of the "funny as hell" types, always adding in some disturbing comment or another when Drakir and I are on a "gross everyone out" spree.

Atoh: Very badass Dark Knight. Has helped me countless times, as well as many others. Always good to talk to, too, about anything. Ahh, long AIM conversations into the night... Very easy to get along with, but definatley not someone to get on the bad side of.

Oryx: One of the best white mages I know, and very, very easy to get along with. She's always willing to help with damn near anything, and has helped me a lot as well, even though it's hard to believe I once helped her starting out.

Anius: Ory's slave. ^^ Need I say more? Great guy though, nice as hell, and a great red mage.

Meodato/Duco: Also an extremely nice dude, and very funny to boot. About to be married to Fluxx, with me as chaperone. Good stuff. We've had a lot of good times together, going as far back as newbs in the dunes.

Amiee: Another good white mage, VERY nice, and talketive...perhaps TOO nice, at times, buuut that's just me. Good person though, she's great to talk to.

Balkian: A lot of people really hate Balk. Sadly, I don't blame them a lot of the time. But, he's helped me out a lot, and if you take the time to get to know him, which is an effort in itself, he's not that bad, and pretty funny to boot. If nothing else, he knows his ****, and you can be sure he'll get the job done in-game.

Liuuhke: Another good white mage, and probably my equal in starting disturbing, gut-wrenching conversations. Very fun dude.

Lloydaurion: A bit dramatic at times, but he's a very good dark knight, as well as red mage. He knows his job and does it well, without any question.

Greyblade/Alexisblade: Two of my very good friends, ranger and summoner...Extremely fun to be around, both of them. Grey likes to talk...a LOT. But he's fun to listen to if you have the time, and very knowledgable. Alexis is always fun to talk to for humor, as well.

Evolone/Sugarbaby: You guys are awesome, all there is to it. Evo's a great paladin, and sugar as a great white mage. They're just great all-around people, and fun to watch in lover's spats. ^^

Oriaji: Haven't seen him in awhile, but, an AWESOME paladin. Not to mention funny as hell, and always willing to start **** with other people...which makes him very disliked sometimes, but I find it amusing. Good guy.

And...that's all for now. Twilight, represent. ^^

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#158 Jan 18 2005 at 12:25 AM Rating: Decent
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Quetz is on my friends list man i got to talk to him i think he is my stalker. Darn ninja!!
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#159 Jan 26 2005 at 12:29 PM Rating: Decent
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Bokchoy: For making me have fun in this game again Smiley: bowdown

Niobe/debo: Awesome nin/war that knows what she is doing.

Neksu: I <3 Hastega so I <3 Neksu by proxy Smiley: laugh Great Smn

Emorej (i think) : A great bard willing to out up with my needyness as a thf

Everyone else that I had pted with in the past two days, whos names I forgot:

Thanks to everyone I listed here for restoring my passion for exping.
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#160 Jan 26 2005 at 1:43 PM Rating: Good
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It's been awhile, but I should really add Deadkennedys to this list. Probably a month ago now I was in Ordelle's hunting for a treasure chest when I came upon a Stroper Chyme. I was a 43 RDM at the time and I honestly didn't know if I'd be able to solo it, seeing as how I didn't have any of my buffs loaded prior to the encounter, and I knew I wouldn't get time before someone swooped in to take it. So I hesitated a second, then thought "What the hell" and drew my sword. Just then Deadkennedys vokes the chyme and claims it and I figure "Oh well, it was for the best anyway, I'm sure." But as I start to leave, he sends me a tell saying he's so sorry and this was my claim and he invites me to join his PT so I can fight it.

I join, then tell him it would probably kill me, so why don't we fight together. He agrees, and we kill the chyme and get no drop (as usual), but I was truly moved by his reaction. Even afterwards he kept his eyes open for the chest I needed while continuing his hunt. So I want to give him a big /nod for his truly gentlemanly behaviour in a part of the game that is far too often dog-eat-dog.
#161 Jan 26 2005 at 5:16 PM Rating: Decent
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I'm going to add Hiroshu to the white list, and Xenoshi (The hyper little whm) for pulling me into their static to burn to lvl 50 before I quit. They both knew I wasnt going to stay around but while everyone just said 'wow, good luck with that'. they actually DID something about it :)

Thanks guys.
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#162 Jan 31 2005 at 10:06 AM Rating: Decent
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Would like to nominate Dtok and Fluxx for helping us out of a rough spot in Bibiki Bay last night! We didn't quite have the pattern for pulling mandragoras down yet, got an accidental link, and my Sleeps failed. {/cry} Five party members died (our Ninja managed to run/kite long enough that he somehow lost aggro of both mandragoras -- a miracle of coding, I think).

As we're laying there waiting for it to be safe for Reraise, Dtok and Fluxx just happen to come along and stare at the devestation. I didn't check Dtok but Fluxx was a RDM who raised the remaining four members in short order. We would have been down a lot longer if they hadn't come around, and probably kicking ourselves for even longer than that, but somehow these two helped us keep our chins up. We got back in the mandragora-saddle and all managed to level in the next 90 minutes.

Thanks to these two very helpful people for being nice to us at the right place and right time.
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#163 Feb 01 2005 at 6:03 PM Rating: Decent
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Ok i have more to add to my White list...simply cause ppl rule!

Staringbounce: I will list you everytime, lol

Lodushimoso: Kick butt whm taru, go bro go!

Queso & Darkkaze: Two ppl same reason. I needed my AF hat as a BLM and these two were more than happy to help and refused the (reward) I offered repeatedly. Thank you guys I really needed your help

Raevenx: The final key in my AF hat party, ty for helping out you did more then you know. Always appreciated.

SamuraiSpirit Linkshell: I hate you guys, lol. *hugs his linkshell*

Ixquic: Just because I butchered your name the last time, lol sorry about that.

Griffithsu: Lmao see post below! j/k killer mana battery! lol

I dont think I am forgetting anyone...but I am (slow) so sorry if I did, lol.

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#164 Feb 02 2005 at 9:12 AM Rating: Decent
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You forgot me Short Round /cry!
Edit: Oh I see my name before, but it never hurts to mention my awesome-ness more than once.

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#165 Feb 02 2005 at 5:16 PM Rating: Decent
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Well this Is My First Post Ever so Here goes,

The Person who Started this Thread Makiensy I think this is a wonderful idea because it helps to even out the negative crap on the server and Show thoes closest to us How we actually feel about them.

I would like to Start off with my wife Mythrilas: Your Beautiful baby and probably one of the best Whms ive seen play this game.
Eventually we will beable to Play togethor but i have alot of fun watching you Keep the Party going even in places like Garliage Cititdel and Crawlers nest ::shudders::

My Next choice are my fellow Ls Leaders for GooniesOnline:

Tokki And Ziggy: My two Bodygaurds and have helpped me immensley
With anything ive needed in this game .Congratulations on Getting Married <out of game> Get back soon we all miss you.

ScottKu: Probably one of the most down to earth guys ive ever Met Also has helpped me with alot of Skill ups not to mention our little romp with Jolly green.

Wolfteeth:Funny as hell, Perverted as hell,Awsome to Party with.
As well as Generouse,I gave him tons of stacks of Wind Crystals he gave me tons of furniture

Stinkypuppy: Helpped Me Get Rank Four and Five,Answers Questions left and right about a multitutde of In Game Issues.Great Guy to Have around.

TheDarknesss and Wakkakka: Another Great Couple in the Ls Great to party with Dark is one of the best Paladins ive ever seen Wakkakka Can Make some Mean Food With her Cooking Skills.

The Whole Gooniesonline LS: Just an Excellent Variety of players,Crafters and All Around People Myth and I love you guys man.

People not on the LS that are also Awsome:
Darkmere: She is an awsome Whm She Hung with me for over 8 hours going through a ******* of Down time in Altepa Desert. Shes also funny and sweet.

Percival and Peewee: Two Awsome Brothers always sending me tells to shoot the breeze. Great to party with.

Tomahome And Exodus: Let me tell you if you can get into a party with Either of these guys get ready to have fun and gain a ton of exp.

Blacktalon: just a cool chick to talk to period.

Cant forget my Norweigen Buddys: Greestune,Whitediablo,Mornedlorian,Solonuke,Stratsky,Diinah.
Great Group of guys Fun to talk to and Party with you guys Rawk.

Im sure ill have More Later Hope to See you all on FFXI.
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#166 Feb 02 2005 at 7:13 PM Rating: Decent
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Yay thanks stealth for the comment. I am gonna put some people on here and boost up this thread to get rid of the gaiden ones.

Indigomoon: one of the best whm's around and My dearest soon to be wifey (in game)

Meovee: Holy crap we have been down since day one too bad you super sped past me in lvls. You know your my homegirl

wintersnight: I if there is one person to joke around with is this girl man she is hilarious and witty

abbaddon: Awesome guy and one of the best drg's I have seen

spookiness: my little thf buddy :)

To all the thiefs in the server: wooot thief for life

To the intire yellowstar ls: You guys are my family and have keep me playing the game

THF offically retired from leveling...
Warrior all the way grwwwaaaarrr!!!
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#167 Feb 04 2005 at 10:28 AM Rating: Decent
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wanna make sure some people i know get their well deserved props ^.^

Ronnan- without this guy id probably still be in the dunes gettin ate up by lizards and crabs. WE did 3 ranks together and invited me into his LS X-Shell consider this guy my ingame brother!

Braden helped me with my AF1 and 2 thanks alot boss <.< having a lvl 70 paladin thats always willing to help your ls out helps alot! /salute

Saren 60+samurai <.< i dont know this person that well but during my AF2 hunt with the birdy in she happened to be in the area XPing with her static when she saw the goblins start to respawn on my PT she owned all of them ^.^ while we killed the bird thanks alot /bow

Draconnis60+ whm in my ls helped me in kuftal with my coffer key -.- sorry u died boss <.< but soon after he died i got my gloves thanks alot

just to name a few ^.^
well i know theres alot more people i owe mad props too and belive me im allways willing 2 loose EXP for those people

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#168 Feb 04 2005 at 2:12 PM Rating: Decent
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Heh, figured I'd go ahead and transfer the other thread to here. ^^;

Hassani, Sarmoung, Magnuss, Starrz, Stamos, Aure, Uiruru, Ineedmoney, and Gannondorf

These guys are great. I've only known Stamos, Aure, Ineedmoney, Uiruru, and Gannondorf for a short while, but these guys are some of the best and most patient players I've had the fortune of meeting.

As for Hassani, Sarmoung, Magnuss, and Starrz...
Props to you guys for making my experience on FFXI great. ^^
You've been with me for as long as i can remember in game, and it's because of you guys that this game has been fun for me, even through the so-boring-or-horrid-I'm-gonna-rip-my-hair-out parts.

Edit: >.< I forgot to mention Trayus and Caerul, two of the best and smartest players I've met. Too bad you quit playing guys... ; ; it was fun. ^^

Edited, Fri Feb 4 14:14:57 2005 by Malfus
#169 Feb 04 2005 at 3:20 PM Rating: Decent
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hey mal ty yes sarmoung and ineedmoney and u cant forget the famous ARMO!!! too :) blair and there are so many more i meet great ppl everyday just want to say CONGRATS mag rank 10 and level 70 pld yahoo
if u need my help just ask i love to help ppl and talk just send a tell :) Starrz Redmage67 blackmage 51 whitemage 38 the rest iam working on see you in game:) loves to have friends
#170 Feb 04 2005 at 9:22 PM Rating: Decent
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WOW! thats my linkshell malfus. YO mal if you read this can you tell the linkshell that my games a ****** and it kicked me off and i havent been able to get on since. tell hassani I AM SOOO SORRY! it kicked me off in the middle of him helping me get my coffer key in CN. of COURSE my game cuts off right in the spot of the rumblers spawn...so if i ever do get to sign back on im a dead one lol! and another side note....Trayus and Caerul actually went and quit?????? yeah but i have to aggree with you in that they have to be the smartest people in the game though. I mean i know lvl 75 people know alot and have been around for a bit but those two just had it down. trayus was frickin smart and caerul i looked up to as the best bard ever. /sigh i didnt even get to say bye. yeah but tell hassani that im sorry for the time wasted and i hope he got his rdm af hat ^^. yeah but i have to aggree with Malfus with everyone he said. Those people are the best people i have meet in game. Starrz is always willing to help anyone....such nice people.
#171 Feb 04 2005 at 10:57 PM Rating: Decent
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Hey mcdonalds ty ^^ sorry to hear bad luck for you :( but you know we will help no matter what
>> if i may add a few more ppl as well that are cool
Heam>> funny man he is great to hang around
Uiruru>> Wonderful pld
Runninfu> also a pld that will die for you
seraphian>> always there when i need him
Stamos>> still again always make me laugh
Mcdonalds>> as well we go back some come back soon ok
if u need my help just ask i love to help ppl and talk just send a tell :) Starrz Redmage67 blackmage 51 whitemage 38 the rest iam working on see you in game:) loves to have friends
#172 Feb 05 2005 at 5:28 AM Rating: Good
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Well, there's always my immediate friends.
Papajay - The dude with the hero complex.
Noelie - My fellow Red mage that always reminds me to do better.
Sholah - Sholah has given me bruises from her poking! I always enjoy our conversations.
Amberly - The best DRG I've ever seen. Simply put she puts her heart into everything she does.
Eloria - My first RDM friend. I was so relieved when you came back. Means we can run in Buburimu lvl 14 scared out of our wits again!
Vahn - *******.^^
Arick - Man, we'll miss ya. Good luck on whatever you do!
Aitrus - Always good to talk to him.
Raji - The Bard that saves us all.
Veche - The only perrrson on the serrrver I know that RRREALLY rrrole plays ALL THE TIME! ^^
Janessa - My newest friend, who never stops to simply say hello.
Defmunky - The dude I'm never gonna out run. Every time I turn around in a party I see this dude.
Lodushimoso - Probably the most (im)patient SMN to Refresh (^^ jk)
Furrytoes - You made leveling my RDM in Valkurm dunes such a treat. Glad you were there.
Earlint - You convinced me RDM/BLM is a stronger combo then I would even hope to imagine. You helped make Bewoulf what he is today.
That's all I can think of at the moment. I'll come back if I can think of anymore. Which is gauranteed. I'm pleased at how many good people are on this online game.

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#173 Feb 06 2005 at 7:26 AM Rating: Decent
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There are a lot of people who've helped me along the way, but I don't want to try making a long list because I know I'll leave someone out. :{ So here's a shout-out to everyone in DakrestDay, you're all wonderful helpful people. However, I'd like to mention someone who's already been on this list numerous times, and for damn good reason.

allkingsfall - He let me join his linkshell when I was a level 24 RDM noob. He helped me do quests, get my RSE, with rank missions, extra job quests, with AF, the list goes on. He always /slapped me when I did something stupid to make sure I learned my lesson. He's always been willing to help people even if it means he gets less time to get exp or do quests himself because he really enjoys the game and not just the grind to raise a bunch of numbers. I've noticed his attitudes about helping out have made other people who know him more willing to do the same, including myself. So {Thank You.}, {Incredibly tough} {White Mage} (and all those other jobs he has)
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#174 Feb 09 2005 at 11:21 AM Rating: Decent
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Hi all first post ^^

and as is stated in my Bazaar message talk to me im a good guy ^^

Ok these are the people i would nominate for The While List all of them ive come across on my travels and noticed that they were a notch above your average nice players patron saints of leviathan if you will.

Tokki She is an extremely nice person who has on countless occasions gone out of her way to help people. A summoner without peer in my opinion ^^

Ziggypiggy The man is a very funny dude, an Excellent Pld and cool friend. Tokki, Ziggy and my first mission together was the dragon of sandoria and it was really really cool so much so that i took up slaying dragons for the fun of it to help people who needed it.

Stealth Stealth is an excellent guy fun to hang out with we have done so much together lol including a run in with Mr. olly green lol that was very funny lol wander across him in Pashow and both of us are like "think we can take it" "I dont know" "oh well" "Arrggg" oh man and if you dont think thats funny you had to be there lol.

Mythrilas Myth is so cool a very good whm and its just been a treat playing with her. Very nice very fun Protector of the weak and all that if myth is helping you be very thankful cause youll get a nice person helping you and some fun conversations as with any Gooniesonline member ^^

Wolfteeth I am so happy and almost proud like when what a teacher feels when a student surpasses them and man he just plain kicked my butt lol. From synthing to farming this man learned all I had to teach and is now teaching me a great Guy to be around ^^ a master of all jobs join his parties youll have fun.

Wakaka or Wakkakka She is so awesome along with her husband Thedarkness have helped so many people including myself going out of there way to do it. A great Chef and Whm and just all around sweet person

Thedarkness Man is a kick butt tank nice guy have lots of fun with this guy I do ^^

Vencit My Dark RDM brother (Rdm/Blm) lol cool guy fun to play with is the Crawlers nest at the time of this post party with him its fun

Darrian my Light Rdm bro (Rdm/Whm) and memer of my Dragon slayer duo ^^ this guy rocks and slays bunnies lol always helping people who need it

Stinkypuppy THE MAN just out right lol has helped out so many people LS and total strangers cause thats the kind of guy he is

ok lol im at work so im just gonna list names of cool people now so the boss dosnt find me typing ^^ if you see these people they rock and help out alot sorry guys about having to just toss you on the end lol i had prepared to type out an exlenation for everyone but lol i got nothing left in the room to work on lol and there gonna find me doing this ^^;;

Pathos,Gusho,Solonuke,Whitediablo,Glevan,Kyrene,Aeal,Tael,Kurasai(my soon to not be so little Rdm bro lol),Peewee,Sanuretzu (god i hope i spelled that right),Leonarud,danceswitwolves,Mystfyre,
Quezacotl,Moonrock, and so many that you all have been sick of me for ever ill just end it these people rock theres alot more but yet again at work bad me ill try and post stuff this one was my first so very long typos and spell errors all up ons lol
your friend
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Toni,Blix,Koibito,Ryudragon,Rza,Shuryudurakon,the guy who gave me the my old LS pearl and then was never seen again Mistachronic,Daelon,Bradlen,Hitsu,Deutu sorry lol great people too ^^
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<3 Scottku and Stealth for adding Zig and I~!!

I dont think Im gonna be naming off everyone so forgive in advance. [Note: The order in which people appear isnt from most to least favorite; just who pops in the ol' noggin first.]

To my darling baby bunker bumper-roo, Ziggypiggy: I love you so very much with all of my heart. Youre an amazing person to have won me over considering the fact.. well, you know. Youre such a dork and I love you for that. Everyday with you is a new adventure and I look forward to our golden anniversary.. well 50 years from now (whee!). And not to forget.. Bunny and Geoffry love you too~!!

Mthrilas and Stealth: Do I even have to say why? Myth, youre my shoulder I can come whine on everytime I get a boo-boo or something goes wrong and you always know what to say to bandage it up. Stealth, my fave party monkey. Youre such a goof and always know how to make everyone laugh even at the most depressing of times. I love you guys bunches~!!

Scottku: Whoa nelly~!! Ive never met such a wonderful and gentle soul in all my life. Youre so serene and comforting and you always make everyone feel good about themselves. Youre so awesome~!!

Thedarknesss and Wakaka: Such an awesome couple! I can never thank you two enough for the help youve given to me. Especially with my hobo robe. Wakaka's cooking is unmatched (thanks for the yagudo drinks :P) as well as Dark's macros (kicking mobs in the nuts, hah!!) You guys kick so much butt~!!

Dantheman/Danielson: Now this guy is so cool! His name says it all. Dan, you are the man~!! Always willing to help at the cost of his own.

Stinkypuppy: Ive never seen an individual help so many people at one time. Youre so very awesome and quite wise about the game. You help others and ask for nothing in return (one day.. one day darn you, I will find a way to repay you for all that you have contributed to the LS as well as myself). If you ever see Stinkypuppy around, give this guy a /praise as it is well deserved.

Darrian: My sweet southern boy. Youre so very kind and have the best values in and out of game. You kick butt as a rdm and its fun racing to Port Jeuno with you (minus your cheating flee boots, hahaha!).

Michimuni: Even though he is no longer on the server Id still like to add him. Such a funny guy and knows how to rustle tail feathers. You know exactly what buttons to push and how to get everyone's goat but I know deep down inside you love us :P

To everyone at GooniesOnline: I love you guys very much. You guys are a grand-a-riffic addition to my extended family. Im sorry I cant label each and everyone of you but you are no less in my eyes.
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