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#1 Nov 23 2015 at 12:03 PM Rating: Good
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I'm about nine episodes in, because I don't want to binge and as much time as I might have, I do have other things to do than sit in front of a monitor for thirteen hours. That being said, I'll go ahead and give the show about a six out of ten overall. Maybe a seven simply because of how different it is from the general MCU movie and television stuff. They're really going to lengths to differentiate themselves from Agents of SHIELD and Avengers, which I can appreciate, but thus far it's just been kind of slow moving.

Krysten Ritter makes a great traumatized and messed up ball of drama, and I'm especially liking Rachael Taylor as Patty Trisha Walker aka Hellcat, if only because they incorporated her backstory and modernized it quite well, especially the Clarissa Explains It All kid's show. I think Mike Colter is a good actor and really liked him, but here I'm suffering from a "not muh Luke" mentality. Even if he utters "Sweet Christmas" under is breath a couple of times just didn't convince me. In that same vein I will say I did particularly enjoy how Wil Traval is the spitting image of Chris Evans. Simpson is Nuke, who is the Vietnam era attempt at recreating the Super Soldier Serum that created Captain America. So you can see how that could be an amusing reference. Carrie-Anne Moss as Jeri Hogarth is decent as well, she really has that self-centered business first personality down. Her character is a Rule 63 of a Jeryn Hogarth, who is the Rand family's lawyer. Rand, as in Iron Fist. So we may see more of her. I liked Eka Darville as Malcolm, too, if only because it's fun to imagine he became Malcolm not because of Killgrave but because his stint as a Power Ranger drove him to it. Everyone was good but really, it is Tennant as Killgrave that carries the show.

What really suffers is, at least thus far, is the fight choreography. As in there's barely any choreography to it. After Daredevil, and Winter Soldier, there's kind of a set bar and this just decides to walk under it without trying too hard. I mean, I guess when you're durable and/or indestructible there isn't going to be much finesse but it's just not very visually appealing.

Like I said, Tennant pretty much carries the show. One minute he's completely emotionally detached from his actions and the next he's overwhelmed, and he covers the pains Killgrave goes to to try to control his own powers ... you know, the few times he wants to.

The show is pretty slow, too. Not very action oriented, more noir if anything. Which I enjoy, don't get me wrong. It takes five or six episodes before it really starts going places, more interested in setting up the narrative than action sequences. If anything though, the show does quite well with discussing trauma openly. Pretty much everyone is messed up in some way and most of them aren't dealing very well. And, you know, the upstairs twincest is really something else. Poor Reuben. The books only hint at Killgrave raping Jessica, but here they flat out say it so bravo on that. (So far) I think the Hogarth backstory is a bit of wasted air time, it just feels tacked on to add more messed up people and isn't really adding much.

So good to exceptional characters, slow but decent to okay story, and mediocre at best action ... at least for the first eight episodes.

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#2 Nov 23 2015 at 1:49 PM Rating: Good
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I'm only four episodes in but I'm really enjoying it so far. The casting is great (especially Tennant who is freaking amazing) and while the show is slow paced, it works.

I also really love how it's staying mostly true to the comics and not trying to be a superhero show. Most of the power usage (so far anyway) is casual everyday stuff. It's not a production every time she roughs someone up or jumps up to a balcony or rips a lock off a door or anything.
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#3 Nov 23 2015 at 3:59 PM Rating: Good
Fallout has precluded me from catching up on many of the shows I'm already watching (Behind on Dr. Who, Southpark, Arrow, Flash, & the Leftovers at the moment) but I'm looking forward to some Tennant. (He was AMAZING in Broadchurch, and decent in the American version Gracepoint - only decent because his American accent is a bit lacking).
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