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CoP, ZM, ToAU, WotG: Do You Need It?Follow

#1 Feb 18 2013 at 11:57 AM Rating: Good
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Alright so... having come back a few weeks ago and learned a lot of the new content in the game, I realize that I would like to finish up the older content, not simply for the stories, but because I also need my CoP ring and DM earring. I have been working on CoP and ZM a little bit recently and believe that, as a 99 BST with Faithful Falcor jugs I can probably solo MOST of the story lines, but the problem is motivation and the occasional situation where a helping hand would make things easier. Doing it all solo makes it easy to quit on a mission and go join a shout to do something else or keep leveling new jobs. This game was meant to be enjoyed WITH people.

So, I'm currently on CoP 4-1 and ZM4. I haven't started the ToAU missions at all; I only just got my whitegate boat pass. I haven't begun WotG at all yet either.

I would really like to link up with some others who have recently returned or just never finished this content. If you're ahead of me in one of the storylines and would like to assist me in catching up I would be most appreciative and if you're behind me, I am absolutely available to help get you caught up as well so that we can work together. This includes helping new players reach rank 6 so that they can access ZMs if they have not yet done so. As long as you have a job that's high level enough to not constantly grab aggro and deal some damage or assist in some way, I have no problem doing most of the work (only because I've been led to believe BST can handle most of this content) but I would really like some companions to keep me motivated and make the experience less boring. You don't have to be interested or in need of all of the content; if you just want to do ZMs or Promys that's fine.

Likewise, if you're just an old timer who misses the content and wouldn't mind reliving it, I would not turn down a helping hand in expediting my voyage through any of the story lines. I am also looking for a good LS; nothing specific but something where the members are fairly active and there's a lot of potential to join in or help out with random content rather than just an extra online chat room in the game. I play mostly after 7pm EST and weekends and with a full time job and a fiance, don't have an abundance of free time so I like to be proactive and get things done when I log on, even if it's just joining LS mates on their own quests and adventures. I hate sitting in Jeuno wondering what to do with myself and, even though I've been trying to make some headway with the missions I mention in this post, it gets boring slogging through old content in empty zones by yourself.

So, if you need to tackle any of this stuff, want help getting yourself ready to start tackling it, want to help me out in tackling it, have a friendly, active LS you wouldn't mind a new recruit in or just want to link up and get stuff done in game, give me a tell. Name is Jacan in game.

EDIT: I'm also very keen on getting the 4 main city wins for Dynamis done. I rarely see shouts for the starter cities, but if anyone else needs to get the wins or has a group that does these areas from time to time, please let me know!

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#2 Feb 18 2013 at 12:47 PM Rating: Decent
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I think you are in the same boat as me, although i was a little further along in the missions when i took a hiatus from the game. The story missions are what I enjoyed the most out of this game, I can't even count the number of times I've helped with rank 5-2 missions or the first 3 promys, and I would really like to finish some of them off. So far my highest job is only lvl 74 for the most part that should be enough to assist. In game name is Voidia if you ever want someone to tag along.
#3 Feb 18 2013 at 4:16 PM Rating: Good
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DaVoid: sounds pretty similar. I'm working on getting a bit farther with CoP today and I would definitely appreciate some help/company whenever I'm working on stuff.

****Also there's been some interest from some friends in game and some people here on ZAM in starting a LS for returning players so we've decided to go ahead and do that. We figure the best thing to do would be to focus on getting new/returning Phoenix residents up to date with Abyssea and the newer content and then focus on farming seals and +2 items regularly so that everyone in the LS can get geared up. We figure ZBs and Atmas are a given as well and we would like to set a day or two of the week as ZM/CoP days to get people through DM and their CoP rings. If you are interested in linking up with us, get in touch with Jacan, Calideath or MysticMage for now for a pearl. ****

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