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Hi guys,I dunno if its the right place on the forum for posting this but I wanna tell you my sad story about how my wish of play has come less and my trust for people in game has reach low levels... the we go:
Like 1 year ago I had to get a forced break from ffxi because of family stuff, t was April 2012 ~ I moved in 2010 from Diabolos to Siren, cause I'm italian and there are not many italian guys there, so I tried Siren with the last italian survivors of diabolos.
It was not a so-great success, but It worked a little, anyway I met a lot of American and European people who invited me to join their linkshells, but couldnt stand to the game time 'cause of university, so after a period where I played most of the time in solo I met a group of people who seemed so cool and we became friends in short time.They were so nice, helped me with everything of new stuff (abyssea, VW, Wotg) and treated me like a long time member. I decided to join their linkshell called "APERTURESCIENCE" because it was a Social linkshell and I was not linked by any event.
Now I have to puntualize that I was in possession of a Kraken Club, That I got from BCNM after kinda 30 attempts (27 exactly) and After 6 months in the linkshell, where we beat lot of things and I used to lend the Kraken club to the leader of the Linkshell, I was forced to get a break and I tought it was the best solution to leave it in the hands of those leaders so they could had make a better use of that in events and help the linkshell itself. Now Im going to do a few names so people in here could stay alert from those people which cheat and steal your trust first of all and your items...
The interested people are a couple in real life, they are DARKRAYNE AND DARKSERAPHIM, we used to spoke and char on ventrilo, skype, used to be very good friends in game and only God knows how much it was coll to play together.... until this fact. In May I suspended my account and left the Kraken club to Darkrayne , and in October I came back to play , I was so happy oh my God, but something bad was gonna happen: I was back but they were gone, Linkshell were empty, just a hold friend named AUL who was restarting aswell after a break. I sked where was my Kraken club, where all the people were gone, but he didnt know much 'cause of his break, but he remembered that Rayne and Seraphim quit like 1 month after I did get break, without telling anything specific ... I looked in my delivery box, maybe the KC was there, but nothing. So I gave up, I was so sad... I have not many luck and that club was maybe the best goal I reach in game,I was also thinking of selling it for making a relic or half relic but now its gone.
In February 2013 ~ suddenly Darkrayne and Darkrayne came back to play, they were not on my friendlist anymore and were anonying their names... I contacted Darkrayne, for a whole week, but no answer... Did the same with Darkseraphim, and finally after a lot of tells he answered me saying to stop asking and sending tells to Darkrayne and that they didnt have the KC anymore. I was shocked by his words... Darkrayne never answered or spoke to me anyway... He said they lend the club to someone before quitting for like 7 months and didnt remember the name of the person.... A SO @#%^ING STUPID EXCUSE.... I was speechless and very sad, He was speaking like nothing bad was happened and told me to gave up on looking for club because its gone... I didnt insist, I could had started shouting in all the server and toss sh*t at them but I didnt do in memory of the old times together, but now, here on the Siren group, Im telling my story, I know some people will say Im a stupid and never trust people, but What is friendship? I think its the key to win this game, people become friends and become stronger and kill stuff, I wanted to help linkshell get stronger, but I got fooled. @#%^ DARKRAYNE and @#%^ DARKSERAPHIM, I loved you guys, I hope you get treated like I was by you (in game or in real life I dont care), you sold our friendship. Here is my story, thanks for listening, and have a good play time on FFXI or FFIVX ARR.

Darkzell (galka) of Siren.
Current linkshell: AffinityFFXI
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