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#252 Oct 27 2004 at 4:53 PM Rating: Decent
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claimed o.O?
#253 Oct 27 2004 at 5:22 PM Rating: Excellent
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I admit that I took a long time to post here because I am horrified at the prospect of forgetting about anyone. I have decided that edits were made just for this reason... so here we go *takes a deep breath*

Tusic: My RL friend that introduced me to FFXI. Had great fun for a month, then he quit. *laughs* A year later, I'm still here... ^^;

Desahvary, Gunslinger, Boman, Snazzy: Were friends who kept me playing after Tusic left. I think they are all retired now, too... /sigh

Hyosuke: Many months ago he helped me get my subjob items, and we keep contact to this day. Great guy, funny mistells ^^; He inspired me to be a DRK which is still my second highest job to date.

Valcore (not Valcor, that's someone different): Helped me kill my M2-3 dragon, then went on to introduce me to a ton of people that I hold dear. He and Nhalaana I will always consider friends and I hope to renew acquaintances now that Valcore's computer is up and running again. ^^

Vitae and Xenobird: You are fortunate if you have run into these two. They helped me get my SAM and NIN jobs when they didn't even know me. They also escorted me on my Delkfutt's Tower run way back. Both have bailed me out on numerous occasions, the latest being when Xeno came to Raise me in Qulin Dome after Ruby saw me trying to sneak by him finish L3. ^^;

Harkin, Valene, Alaiac, Lalinda: I need to thank all the members of the old Sylvestra and Paper Army, but these four hold a special spot for me. All warm, caring people and great to hang around with. We last partied in Yuhtunga some months ago, and I still wait to this day for a chance to level my DRK with them. No matter what, friends forever, guys ^^

Deathonthesnow: What a great friend! We met on my first failed attempt at beating the Shadowlord and since then have become fast friends. Helped me with my AF gobbies, but more than that a joy to talk to and be with.

Baralia: Has been looking out for me for a long time. He goes out of his way to help so many people... and yet still finds time to look out for his big sister. He listens like a typical little brother too, like the time I accidentally caught Aquarius's attention and ran off to a corner to die without hurting anyone else. Me; "No one help me, just raise me when it's clear!!" *in charges Bar* SPLAT SPLAT Me: "Bar..." Bar: "I wanted you to run" Me: /sigh ^^;

Domon: A sweet guy and always wanting to help me out. Seems to never realize how helpful and generous he really is. Big heart, small ego. I wish everyone in Vana'Diel were like that.

Everyone in PearlsOfWisdom: These guys keep me going, literally. I was seriously considering hanging it up before I found my calling here. There will be so many good times ahead, you can feel the good mojo and it's unreal *laughs* ^^ I love all you guys.

And last but not least...

Rauros: My companion, my protector, my prince in a belly-shirt. ^^ Has been through it all with me, even when I haven't been a joy to be around. Constantly supportive, and funny, and encouraging, and insightful. Scary thing is, he still finds the time to help so many others despite the huge time-sink that is Shassa. Seems to be everywhere at once sometimes, which is a good trait to have when you deservedly have so many friends and a busybody like me to keep company with. Patented Rauros line: "So what are we doing today, hon?" *laughs*

You all have made my life in Vana'Diel wonderful, along with so many others that I don't have the time to list but still consider dear friends. May you all sock Maat squarely in the jaw someday, if you haven't already ^^

FFXI: Shassa (Sylph) 75 THF/NIN, THF/RNG, retired '08 ** EQ2: Shassia (Lucan D'Lere) 80 SK, retired '06 ** EQ: Shassa (Bertoxx/Terris Thule) 50 SK, retired '02
#254 Oct 27 2004 at 5:48 PM Rating: Default
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Oops... Sorry death >< i didn't see your post about me >< So sorry ><

Btw you're a great buddy and the best BRD ever (besides my BF)..

Thanks for adding me to the Whitelist :)
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Other Jobs: WHM61, BLM30, BRD9
Country: San d'Oria
Rank: 8

Fenrir : yep ^^d
#255 Oct 27 2004 at 6:42 PM Rating: Decent
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RNG: too many damage obsessed kiddies. who think they
are throwing away their money. they havent seen the
days when arrows were only 12 a stack and costed
almost 10x more than nowadays.

Don't stereo type. This is a slap in all Rangers face.

The rest of your list was good giving respect where respect is due.

Please continue to list your White List nom's.

Gettling: Server: Fairy
75/RNG, 75/NIN, 75/THF
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Smithing 41.2
In Okinawa, Japan right now
#256 Oct 28 2004 at 12:32 AM Rating: Good
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Ok well here is my huge list of people^^:

madness- great black mage and good person

Credos- Helped me out with my limit 2 and just found out we both do the same job in the air force^^

Mistresskat-helped with limit 2 also great white mage and good person^^.

Michiko- she is my hero^^. I look up to her for any question i have about white mage. Also we both vent stuff to each other and makes us feel better^^.

Dyterium- Great person and a great rper^^.

Endinka- love her to death i have the most funniest times rping with her and Veidy^^ i still remember that trip in orc. caves

Veidricht- same with Endinka great person to be around with.

Lalinda, Cetra, Thalaas, Shim!, Evrol/sarnas, Bastet, firecat, and other former paperarmy folk- i love you guys all great people its sad our great linkshell went dead :(

Alaiac, Valene/Allia, Harkin, jarus- you guys are awesome helped me out on my way alot of times

Stayingalive- Great Paladin!! Even though i've only parited with him once on my first trip to 30 he was the best paladin i've seen. I hope i can catch up to him in levels^^.

Rauros-Wow! where to start...I first met with him in sylvestra but when it was destroyed he used his own private shell to hold all of us. He has helped me out with alot alot and alot of stuff i can't thank him enough.

Shassa- This is the first person i met on sylph this became my third server i moved over from diabolos. She has showed nothing by kindness to me. She has one of the biggest hearts in the world^^ and if she needs anything i will always help^^.

RR- You guys are cool i still consider all of you guys to be elite even though i'm a lowbie i'll help out when i can^^.

ok and last but not least my real life best friend that can't be replaced....

Illyin- Man we grew up together right next door^^. We shared our whole high school life together back in north carolina. Now that i went off into the air force i'm barely home 2,000 miles away. We used this game to "hang-out" so to speak, but unfortanely he is thinking about quiting which i hope he doesn't.

And to all that i missed i'm sorry just let me know and i'll post another with your name thanks a bunch.

Also some great linkshells i'm apart of- Crys., paperarmy, pearlsofwisdom, RR, ATHF, and any others that i show up on^^.
ffxi-75-Brd, 75-Nin, 75-Whm, 75-Cor--retired
WoW-Mimsx-80 Rogue The Scryers server Alliance
Mimse-80 Hunter
mimsinator-80 mage
#257 Oct 28 2004 at 9:52 PM Rating: Decent
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I'd have to add to my white list:

Zilidan : This guy has been a lvl 66 rdm for almost a month since he helps ppl pretty much everyday

Minuet: Been a good friend ever since he introduced me to the evil thing they call fishing ><

My ls: We went from AsheronsCall to EightBitSoldiers to ShatteredRemnants and now AsheronsDream and still have stuck together, only loyaly and a friendship like that has made this ls work

Also I'd like to add omegaboost, chrias, seeco, bane, and a whole lot more ppl that have kept me going in this game that i'll add later
#258 Oct 28 2004 at 11:47 PM Rating: Decent
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ok i'll post this...just for fun, but remember ls members prolly wont get listed...cuz there really is no need to ^^

Kedo- Though in spite of what Essenar thinks he is really a saint

Jeyre- Really one of the most helpful people you find on sylph

Annor- Me, anny and jeyre go way back...all who know us know she would be next in line...always helpful even to complete strangers

Vitae- though he tries to act like he doesn't like anyone...he really can't help himself and ends up helping everyone

Enygma, Vayde, Cal, Xenobird- who else would help me fight serket knowing if V. Claw drops you all said i can have it

Lolth- hehe she makes extra long runs through Eldieme to raise people she don't know...

Just realized I forgot my squad of idiots to name


if you see the people just listed above...they all have mental problems and will be enjoyed where ever they go

pretty much the whole RR linkshell

Rebecah, Savvy, Uii and many others
I'm tired and don't really feel like nameing off another 20 people
So if you not here don't feel bad

Edited, Fri Oct 29 00:50:00 2004 by Catrah
#259 Oct 29 2004 at 11:42 AM Rating: Decent
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Update to my personal 'whitelist' - Add Wizzy, the very-wery bestest Taru-aru rescuer/leader/all round good guy there ever-wever was (is)!
#260 Oct 29 2004 at 12:05 PM Rating: Decent
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Hmmm my whitelist:

Helllord RNG, THF, NIN
Badcharacter WAR, NIN
Peanutbutter SAM
Ojive (Retired) BRD
Wasabihito (RL Friend) THF, RDM
Johsporksandwic WHM
Kimji WHM
Rachyl WHM
Holyavenger PLD, RDM(Where u at bro, havent seen you for a minute)
Bebo BLM
TheTruePandaGod BLM (he's annoying at times XD but he's my LS Panda)
Bigfart PLD

Nice People I have met outside my LS and helped me or pt'd with in the past:
and many more i cant think of at the moment... I'll add more If i remember...

RANK 10 Sandoria - Sylph Server
LS: KawaiiIchimiNi
Sky/Sea: O
Taimat Trouncer, World Serpent Slayer, Vrtra Vanquisher: O
#261 Oct 29 2004 at 12:21 PM Rating: Decent
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Ummm... the 2004 Boston Red Sox I love you Idiots so much. Also the big hairy galkan pld Solidus.
#262 Oct 30 2004 at 6:26 PM Rating: Decent
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  • Avara
  • ~ Greatest WHM and person EVER
    Agonni ~ Very Supportive
    Aneilia ~ Fun to be with
    Avarissa ~ Very Supportive
    Baaztet ~ Very Nice
    Delmonte ~ Very Supportive
    Delolith ~ Long time friend
    Eveningstar ~ Very kind
    Fluffydeath ~ Not enough room for everything...
    Indie ~ Very Supportive
    Issa ~ Very Supportive
    Krystell ~ First person I met on FFXI
    Miimi ~ Cheerful, kewl, lots more stuff to say...
    Myra ~ Close friend
    Rivke ~ Very Supportive, Very kind, Great SAM
    Shamrock ~ Very Supportive
    Shuki ~ Fun to talk to...
    Sircyrus ~ Very Supportive
    Tiptoe ~ Very kind
    Wiseman ~ KEWL
    Pyre: Windurst Rank 7
    Merits: 36
    #263 Nov 02 2004 at 3:00 PM Rating: Decent
    67 posts
    i whitelist highguy my bro...

    i personally watched him do 6-2 fr winddurst.. the other rdm disconnected and the blm did nothing.....

    so poor lil highguy was doing 3 peoples job in a pretty hard bcnm mission.. all the melee where happy to say the least he was there to come thru.. whilst as the rdm got back in time to see the smn yag drop

    the blm who steals coffer keys when he joins to help... was booted from the 2nd part of mission and agreed on by members there.. he did nothing in bcnm and therefor wasnt gonna get a hand holding thru the 2nd part(which is soloable)... i watched as the blm insulted and attacked and whined for hours.. all highguy says was take care bye bye...

    point is highguy = great
    wont bring himself down the level of whackness that others tried so hard to... yaaaaaaaaaaa highguy yaaaaa taru rdm

    to bad he wont play me in basket ball no more muahahhaah hehe

    god bless ya
    rumor is i subjob asshat
    #264 Nov 02 2004 at 3:07 PM Rating: Decent
    67 posts
    sry for double postings

    i would like to give props to my favorite lil swed

    Pelle (and bro) has helped me soooo much thru the days...

    she shows up outta nowhere and does everything or anything to help .. what i love even more is i have no choice in the matter... yaaaaa pelle you beasty 75 thief of dooooooom

    wish i could help ya more babe... deffinantly goood peoples is pelle (one of my favorite people on here)

    (sorry if embarrased these 2 people i post about.... both good peoples who id do nething for over and over.. no matter what they say -=]3)
    rumor is i subjob asshat
    #265 Nov 02 2004 at 3:34 PM Rating: Decent
    662 posts
    I've got to second the whitelist on Pelle. I was randomly shouting in Jeuno last week for help with Limit 1, and she took me to Crawler's Nest to get my Exoray Mold. I had terrible luck on my Limit 1 drops and it took her over two hours to get a single Mold, even with back-to-back Exoray killing the whole time. She was good to talk to, and certainly didn't skimp on helping me out. She went through Acid Bolts and Shihei constantly, and all she asked for in payment at the end was the materials to make some more Acid Bolts.

    Definitely a great person, I wish there were more people like her around, we'd all find help a lot faster.
    Deimos - Sylph Server - LS: SymbiosisX

    MNK75 NIN75(XP | HNM) BRD75 PLD75 BST75
    Cloth95+3 EverythingElse60
    #266 Nov 02 2004 at 6:55 PM Rating: Decent
    193 posts
    Stayingalive is an all around nice, sweet Galka, and he's a very good PLD. He definately belongs up here!
    My Dragoon Equipment
    #267 Nov 02 2004 at 7:55 PM Rating: Decent
    88 posts
    I whitelist CORLEONE! no matter how much he says other people do stuff for him, he has done 17263445 more times for other people. He is a great in game buddy of mine and deserves loads of respect ^^
    love anthony hehe
    Up and coming BRD -- level 40 WOOHOO
    Mary's Horn O
    Monster Signa X {Can I have it?}
    LS - Circle of Friends
    Starting on WoW
    #268 Nov 02 2004 at 11:02 PM Rating: Decent
    40 posts
    Mujina HE ROCKS MAN he helped me do my Rank 5 as well as so other quests. He is Japanese but does speak a decent amount of english.

    Credos HE ROCKS AS WELL, he helped my finish my SMN. I Had partied with him once before and then out of the blue asked him 2 help me get the snow element and he accepeted at no charge.

    Ayekachan, Healyjuice, Joanna, Tenchisan, They helped me get rank 4 and do my Samurai AF 1.

    NEXT TO LAST but not least i want to thank Xwarrior, Veritan, Fumo, Blayden, Yenii (aka Arthea) & smallparasite, Caylenna, and MY RL Best friend FinalCloud

    Saving the best for last i want to add Raenef. Ive never had such a cool friend on an online game before thanks for being so kick ***.

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    #269 Nov 03 2004 at 6:26 AM Rating: Default
    177 posts
    Credos - pld- He have help me so many time now.. i own him a lot ^^
    Sojna - The same. got a lot help from Sojna :)
    MistressKat -whm - She is great. have help me a lot ^^
    Nemisis - Great guy to know :)
    Jinxs -pld- best PlD EVER (sry credos^^) when Jinxs is in my pt im able to trow a divine seal + curana II in the mittle of a fight whitout the mob turn to me. if you get the cance to pt whit Jinxs... do it. /kneel
    Alede - great person :)
    Dimmu - good and fun to fish whit ^^
    Franzhelmut -rdm- great rdm :)
    Nemrott -many high lvls- great to know. he is very sweet and have helped me whit my whm AF1 ^^
    Alerus - Was in the best pt ever in Qufim Isle. got 4 lvls in 3 houres ^^
    Alexa - she is very nice. and allways have time to speak a little, and fun to fish whit =^_^=

    and ofcuze all in the great LS TemplarsOfBaldur =^_^=

    and last but not less.
    Blayden - whm - A very sweet whm that raies me when i was a little lvl 17 whm whitout sub ^^ first after some leech got after my pt becuze the blm target a wrong mob in dunes. and 10 minuts later when my pt have left me on some rocks, dead.

    and now im getting married to him IG. he is very sweet =^_~=

    Edit: aggro was a wrong word to use ^^;

    Edited, Wed Nov 3 14:43:07 2004 by Lunale

    Edited, Thu Nov 25 08:20:13 2004 by Lunale
    83+2 WoodWorker

    Member of: www.TemplarsOfBaldur.com
    #270 Nov 03 2004 at 2:34 PM Rating: Good
    A very sweet whm that raies me when i was a little lvl 17 whm whitout sub ^^ first after some leech aggro my pt in dunes

    Leeches don't aggro in VD XD.

    I wanna update my whitelist too, have to add:

    -Da great RoXxOrz Credos for letting me in his LS when i asked him, he didn't knew me at all, and just accepted right away. And for this bro, (Thank you.)/kneel

    -I have to add him again, Scuba, most helpful person I've ever met in 1 year of playing

    -The whole "TemplarsOfBaldur" linkshell for being very nice and warm to the stranger i was when i entered. I should mention names, it always makes feel good to see your own name here: Kiwamura, Mistresskat, Lunale, Tenkei (NoOb t(^.^t),Madness, Sojna, Zoelef and I'm sure i forget some, I don't have all the names in my head yet. (Please forgive me.) guys
    NIN75 RNG75 MNK69

    Sylph World
    My Art page
    #271 Nov 03 2004 at 2:40 PM Rating: Decent
    177 posts
    no. they dont aggo. but the blm target a wrong taget.. a leech ^^

    gess aggro was a wrong word to use ^^;

    Edited, Wed Nov 3 14:41:51 2004 by Lunale
    83+2 WoodWorker

    Member of: www.TemplarsOfBaldur.com
    #272 Nov 03 2004 at 3:10 PM Rating: Good
    13 posts
    to Ronin and to Lunale...thank you for the high praise...as a WHM i take my job seriously and try to help as many people as i can.

    People i feel need recognition that have been super in helping me are Finalcloud (most excellent DRK), Caylenna (my "sis" in game and best DRG i know), Veritan (an awsome BLM that will help when needed), Shayden (the sweetest PLD i know), and Arcain (also an excellent WHM by any standards).

    but i dont want to leave out Ricardo, Pegasus, Imorine, Mykal, or Anauise who have done a lot for me also...to all of these i owe my successes. if u ever get the chance to play with any of them...take it...it is defiantly worth it

    if it wasnt for these people helping when needed and a couple of them "keeping me straight" (lol) i would have never had meet Lunale...my future wife in game.

    to all of these people...thank you
    FFXIV: Blayden Strongwill - Hyur Gladiator (Bodhum)

    FFXI: Blayden Hume White Mage/Paladin (Sylph)

    WoW: Blayden Horde Blood Elf Mage (Mok'Nathal)
    Blayden Alliance Night Elf Druid (Runetotem)

    <3 Caylenna, the love of my life.
    #273 Nov 03 2004 at 4:37 PM Rating: Default
    70 posts
    I would like to add a few ppl to my whitelist too ^^; (again)

    Cloey, Deathonthesnow .... You will ALWAYS be on my Whitelist.

    Everyone on my Friendslist deserves to be on my whitelist too ^^

    hmm.. i hope i can name them all XD

    From the top!!

    ... ok to be continued XD I gots to log in the game and alt tab out in order to finish my list XD

    Pathetic isn't it? Yeah but these ppl deserve to be on my whitelist ^^ they're my friends and deserve to be on this list.

    Before i write up my HUGE list i would like to thank Altdex for helping me to be not bored that one day ^^ and Rikuna :) I would like to thank rikuna for the teleport she gave me when i got lost when i went exploring through Dekfultt's tower and found my way to ****'s tower O.o'

    Anyways, i would like to say to you all, thanks :)
    Main Job: SMN65/WHM32
    Other Jobs: WHM61, BLM30, BRD9
    Country: San d'Oria
    Rank: 8

    Fenrir : yep ^^d
    #274 Nov 03 2004 at 4:58 PM Rating: Default
    70 posts
    Sorry ><' back again with my list XD

    OK!! From the top!!

    Arcain Eveningstar
    Deathonthesnow Fireraven
    Helllord Fyrebrand
    Jishan Gamejunky
    Lynflux Grimorda
    Mephistol Gutentag
    Michikari Hamaru
    Nestea Hanimal
    Phantx Ice
    Pluszoer Jeffmx
    Razzo Kade
    Rorien Kalancelo
    Rubicant Kazuaki
    Shazahan Liyimeng
    Softball Lukain
    Abyss Lyna
    Akiva Maverickzero
    Anauise Mello
    Archos Mikhail
    Arturon Minorthreat
    Asaciont Mordaki
    Ashiko Mouri
    Ashrim Narmacil
    Bane Nido
    Barthelmy Orthonovum
    Bebo Rednuht
    Beakyboo Rumm
    Camby Ryokoriko
    Chaosloki Salvo
    Clockzh Sansmercy
    Darkon Scorpion
    Datguy Shiris
    Delolith Sinical
    Dravan Siris
    Driftnmare Spyrius
    Elvoret Ukiti
    Enego Valkriesky
    Elvrin Vanni
    Emperorcyrus Vanthien
    Wizzy Wing
    Wynbert Cloey

    And finally my BF Corey. I love you all ^^ You all are the "bestest" friends anyone could ever have. Some of you have left the game and you will be missed. I just want to acknowlege all those who have helped me through good times and bad. :) You guys are great :)

    If i have missed anyone, I'm really sorry >< You too are a great help to me too. :)

    Thanks you guys :') You mean everything to me b^^d
    Main Job: SMN65/WHM32
    Other Jobs: WHM61, BLM30, BRD9
    Country: San d'Oria
    Rank: 8

    Fenrir : yep ^^d
    #275 Nov 03 2004 at 5:09 PM Rating: Default
    70 posts
    Orz >< list came out differently from what i wanted </sigh>. So here is the revised list >< Sorry again for the many posts:

    Main Job: SMN65/WHM32
    Other Jobs: WHM61, BLM30, BRD9
    Country: San d'Oria
    Rank: 8

    Fenrir : yep ^^d
    #276 Nov 03 2004 at 6:37 PM Rating: Decent
    423 posts
    The people I whitelist are down below: ^_^
    {These are in NO specific order!)

    Xandron (Now on Remora server)
    Linkthearcher (He better not quit! x.x)

    These people have always been very kind throughout the game and supportive. They send random tells just to talk, and have offered to help me on a lot of things such as AF quests. Thank you to the people listed, you guys are the best to me, it's because of you guys this game has become so much fun. <3

    ~ If I forgot to list someone I'm really sorry. x.x

    Edited, Wed Nov 3 18:40:40 2004 by Avy
    Acaria (San d'Oria/Windurst/Bastok Rank 10, IslandofMisfitToys LS, Sylph)

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