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Life, the Universe and FFXIFollow

#1 Sep 09 2006 at 2:52 AM Rating: Decent
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So as I sit here with an overdrawn Visa, and $2.34 in my bank account, I have no question as to why I'm taking a small break from the fantasy world. Also, being that it's 1am, I work in 6 hours, my kitchen is flooding, and my birthday is 23 hours away, I have time to throw a little perspective into my life (and the water is currently being collected via a large white bucket). This is my first visit back to alla forums in a long time, and reading through the whitelist forums I came on a lot of names from the past. Good people who left for the real world (or WoW, but I digress) and I've lost touch with.

When I started this game I had no idea what I was getting into. My first true friends were Avara (Acaria) and Wiseman. Time and time again, these two people showed that ffxi was truly more than a video game. It gave me friends I never knew I would have. I remember the first time a taru told us our KO'd counts. Never knew it was possible to be so routinely massachred, but alas, Wiseman fell a few hundred short of me. (At last check I was approaching the 2000 mark). Avara became the best friend I'd ever had, and with her we helped others, explored all we could, and met amazing friends. That was the best experience this game has ever offered.

Things change.

In time we grew apart, and the game began to change for me. I'd lived to help others. To offer my services however I could (I swear I've killed the shadowlord as rdm/nin a good 3 or 4 dozen times). I always seemed to have time to lend a hand, but recently I've been disappointed to say that's just not the case anymore. I dabbled in various end-game/sky/hnm ls' and it never seemed to feel like home. I started seeming to care more about getting gear than helping others. Then I met Kyafye. I'd never seen anyone so selflessly help others with nothing to ask in return. I made it a personal mission to do what I could for her. It was the closest I got to old times.

I'm well aware at this point that this post could be considered no more than a rant, but I promise I'll get somewhere with it. My debate for the past week has been 'do I return to Sylph. To FFXI?' Abandon something which has for lack of a better term envelloped me for the past 2 and a half years? I have no legacy to leave behind. I once could be proud in knowing that I did my best for others, but everything is different. I began working 10-15 hours a day, losing time and sleep, and drifting apart from others. The people I cared most about both in game and in real life were neglected. I had to make a choice.

I'll be back. But not as you remember me. Sure, I still want the maat's cap, and I'll still be in sky ******** about RMT camping U or how SE will never learn to get it right (hmm. Not enough people are getting autumnstones, so let's change it from 3 hours to up to 12 and infuriate everyone). I'm K4 until the day Del vanishes, even if I appear only rarely, but other than that, it's time to bring back the good times. If you see me around, and I'm not busy, send me a tell. Rank Missions, limits, quests, I'll help as best I can, even if it's just acting as a guide. Just don't ask for gil. I only have 13k >.> FFXI is more than just a game. If that weren't true I would have been gone long ago. There are many things that could never be accomplished without the help of others, so consider me one of them, and thank you. To all my friends. To all those that helped when nobody else would, and to those true friends I'll never meet again. My inspirations and my motivators, you may never know of my gratitude, but I wish you all well.

Best of luck to all of you and if you see me around, feel free to wave.

(I've never really been good at keeping things short. Truly sorry for that)

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#2 Sep 09 2006 at 8:10 AM Rating: Decent
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When I first started playing this game, it was only because my friend convinced me she needed someone to start with and I swore it would only be for a month. Never, had I ever thought I'd meet my best friend through this game. Del, we've been friends since, what, our third day playing? I still can't believe we even started playing on the same day.

Well here we are, 2 1/2 years later. We've been through every step together in the beginning, we've had our ups and downs, we've supported eachother through each of our relationships... We were inseparable, you'll always be like an older brother to me I never had.
Don't ever think you're just mediocre. In my eyes, you've always been this amazing person. You're incredibly smart, helped me with homework when I needed it, you're an amazing cook, and you help so many people whenever they need it, even if those people frustrate the **** out of you.

Whether you come back to the game soon, or come back months from now.. everyone knows Real Life > Final Fantasy. Our friendship goes beyond the game, and when we met in May that proved it. We always have MSN and you're just a phone call away. In-game wise, I'm sorry we drifted apart. I know it was my fault, and I'm sorry. The gaming experience I had and enjoyed most was become of you. Looking back at pictures, I swear we were attached at the hip!

Even though there's tons of stuff we can do together in-game like assaults, and leveling together; Nothing, nothing will beat exploring Altepa Desert for the first time and running around as Lv1 jobs seeing if we could find the crystal on our own. I think these are reasons why your death count continues to sky rocket. =P

I love ya, Del. I always will, and I hope to see you back in this game sometime. When you get your money issues straighten out first. =) We still have too much to before you quit.

Edit: Grammar structure/Spelling, I just woke up and wrote all this, that's love right there!

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#3 Sep 09 2006 at 10:04 AM Rating: Decent
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I hope things work out for you man, ill always remember Deathlegion with you, ava dansieg, wiseman, knux, rivke, heartogram, mageoflight and im pretty sure im forgetting someone. So i wish you the best of luck in life, and remember, even if your not playing ffxi, ill still always know you as Del.
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#4 Sep 09 2006 at 3:03 PM Rating: Decent
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sorry to hear you have had a run of bad luck del. Cant wait to see you come back.
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#5 Sep 10 2006 at 4:18 AM Rating: Decent
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del we gonna miss ya and omg that is how u make a goodbye post u nearly got the angry manthra shedding tears.. get life on track and stop the flooding and maybe u will be back sooner than later, i wish u all the best.
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#6 Sep 13 2006 at 6:31 AM Rating: Decent
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Hmmm... it brings tears to my eyes to find this posted as a farewell. At the same time I'm not surprised to find it here because I have expected this for a long time. I can tell you that I will truly miss your support and the adventures we shared together because you brought this game to life for me. You and I did so much together and we seemed an invincible team as we explored missions and quests. I know in the end we both hurt each other deeply, but it was only because we cared so much. Your guidance through the game meant a lot to me and I am truly honored you took me on as your mission to save. No doubt, I would of been lost literally in the game without you. Thanks for all the times of fun we shared and yea ok I'm mad you left like you did, but I know sometimes things have to be worked out in life and I will be keeping my tail crossed that your real life adventure goes well. I was hoping you could keep a balance of the game and your real world, but seems that wont happen at least for awhile. Just know that every day you'll be missed for the good times we had and the support and love we gave one another. <3 you always ^.~

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#7 Aug 07 2016 at 12:16 PM Rating: Decent
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It's funny... 10 years later and I'm the one with an overdrawn visa and $10 left in my bank account. It's nice being able to read these old posts sometimes and I really hope you're doing well out there in the real world - even though I know you'll never read this post. I think about you a lot.

I really, really miss my best friend.

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