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List of Social and Endgame Linkshells(up-dated:3/18/10)Follow

#1 Apr 01 2008 at 3:04 PM Rating: Excellent
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"Linkshells of Sylph!"


If you would like your Linkshell Listed here or an updated change on your linkshell listing send me a PM with the below template. ~Thanks

Linkshell Name:
Linkshell Address:
Linkshell Leader(s):
Linkshell Events:
Additional/Day/Time Info:


Endgame Linkshells

Linkshell Name: AncientsXI
Linkshell Address: AncientsXI Website
Linkshell Leader(s):Jojoe, Nubian
Linkshell Events:Sky/Sea/Limbus/Dynamis
-Sky Access
-CoP chapter 4
-Glacier access for Dynamis (or close to it)
-Level 75 on main job with all basic subjobs at 37

Additional/Day/Time Info:Oldest NA Endgame ls on Sylph
Random events - EST

Linkshell Name: CrestoftheStars
Linkshell Address: Crest Website
Linkshell Leader(s):Samanoski
Linkshell Events:All Endgame Events
Additional/Day/Time Info:See website for more information.

Linkshell Name: DeadlyArmada
Linkshell Address: Armada Website
Linkshell Leader(s):Deathknight, Buttascotchyo, Wataru
Linkshell Events:Limbus/Sea/Sky/Occasional HNM
-Place an app or talk to one of the leaders/officers in game.
Additional/Day/Time Info:
-You are not penalized for not attending events-

Linkshell Name: EuroAsylum & Amalgam
Linkshell Address: EuroDynamis Website
Linkshell Leader(s):Lavo, Nefertiti
Linkshell Events:See website for more information.
17:00 GMT Saturday
20:00 GMT Tuesday

Linkshell Name: Hong Kong Supermarket
Linkshell Address: Hong Kong Supermarket Website
Linkshell Leader(s):Armads, Brytor, Fiendishone, Nysstre, Velecic, Vyvian
Linkshell Events:Dynamis
Wednesday at 9pm EST
Sunday at 10pm EST

Linkshell Name: iiZerg
Linkshell Address: iiZerg Website
Linkshell Leader(s):Ichihara, Akitafuki, Braarg, Fatally, Witemage, Haha
Linkshell Events:All Endgame Events
-Job lvl 75
-Sky/sea access
-Snow zone access is a must but negotiable depending on jobs

Additional/Day/Time Info:
Primarily active from 5PM-2AM EST. All times zones are represented with current members

Linkshell Name: ManaReturn
Linkshell Leader(s):Alicevirgin, Xinliang
Linkshell Events:Random Events
-At least 1 75 job
-Rank 10,
-ZM, PM complete.

Linkshell Name: Pinnacle
Linkshell Address: Pinnacle Website
Linkshell Leader(s):Terraflare, Ozz, Savith
Linkshell Events:All Endgame Events
See website for full details.
Additional/Day/Time Info:
Generally active around the clock, but most active from 5pm-2am EST.
All time zones represented with current members.

Linkshell Name: Ruin
Linkshell Leader(s):Sheda
Additional/Day/Time Info:JP Endgame Linkshell

Linkshell Name: SnoopyRules
Linkshell Address: SnoopyRules Website
Linkshell Leader(s):Corvi, Lance, Redline
Linkshell Events:Einherjar Only
Additional/Day/Time Info:Events are Tuesday-12:30am EST and Saturday-7:00pm EST

Linkshell Name: Stunmelo
Linkshell Address: Pinnacle Website
Linkshell Leader(s):Naix, Budz, Auenus
Linkshell Events:All Endgame Events
Send a /tell to Naix, Budz or Auenus in game if interested.

Linkshell Name: SymbiosisR
Linkshell Address: SymbiosisR Website
Linkshell Leader(s):Wulfgang, Kayen, Vilmos, Marvolous
Linkshell Events:All Endgame Events
Additional/Day/Time Info:Events typically run from ~8:30 PM to 12 AM EST with some variation for specific windows and other circumstances
Recruiting status:Recruiting is generally closed except for exceptional applications.

If you have any questions about our linkshell you can reach out to Wulfgang, Maridel, Marvolous, Callios, Shintarou, Mopar, or Dixx at any time.

Linkshell Name: Visions
Linkshell Address: Radiata Website
Linkshell Leader(s):Cefirot, Eudardm, Fasl, Reticia
Linkshell Events:Dynamis Only
- Level 70+
- Rank 6
Run Times:
- Tuesday @ 7 pm EST
- Saturday @ Noon EST
Recruiting status: Open - actively recruiting
Other Info:
No Dynamis experience necessary. Would like to have you past COP mission 3-5 so you may do Dream Zones with us but this is not a requirement.

Linkshell Name: Zoo Keepers
Linkshell Address: none yet
Linkshell Leader(s):Leito, Luzdeluna
Linkshell Events:Dynamis, Sky (also social)
- actively recruiting
Additional/Day/Time Info:
A new LS that has gotten off to a very strong start. Pet job based LS (most members have 75 SMN or BST), but welcomes all jobs. /tell Leito, Luz, or any officer for details.
Sky runs: Tuesday and Wednesday: 9pm EST (though many are there early)
(note* Sky runs are often during times no other LS is in sky)
Dynamis: Thursday and Monday at 9pm EST


Social Linkshells

Linkshell Name: Legion of Altana
Linkshell Address: Legion of Altana Website
Linkshell Leader(s):Brytor
Requirements:Check Website

Linkshell Name: LsFantasya - French Linkshell
Linkshell Address: LsFantasya Website
Linkshell Leader(s):Lokys
Requirements: Be or Speak french

Linkshell Name: MithraPride -All Mithra Linkshell
Linkshell Address: oOMithraPrideOo Website
Linkshell Leader(s):[p]GeanVain[/p]
Requirements:[p]All Mithra welcome[/p]

Linkshell Name: Oracles of Destiny
Linkshell Address: Oracles of Destiny Website
Linkshell Leader(s):[p]Elais, Joreno, Kuwoobie, Spellz, Caleia[/p]
Linkshell Events:Casual
Recruiting status: [p]Open - actively recruiting[/p]
Other Info:
A very laid back social environment. Occasional LS events. Small group ENM/BCNM are commonplace.


(Please try to stay with-in the subject of the thread, Thank you.)

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#2 Apr 02 2008 at 1:31 AM Rating: Excellent
81 posts

Updated 9/11/08

Please send me a PM with any ls info.

Edited, Sep 11th 2008 1:58pm by Canofwhoopass
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#3sirtebian, Posted: Apr 02 2008 at 1:25 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Ancients site is http://www.ancientsxi.com/.
#4 Apr 02 2008 at 3:25 PM Rating: Good
1,806 posts
Good deal. Rate up for shouldering this burden. Just don't quit like everyone else that's done it. XD

As far as Crystalline Roleplay LS goes (under social), Vyenpakakapaka has stepped down as officer and we now have Zarik in his place, if you want to make that edit.


World: Sylph
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Linkshell: Crystalline: Come Roleplay with us!
#5 Apr 03 2008 at 3:43 PM Rating: Good
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The Thunderhorse part needs a bit of an update.

Ls leaders: Tweetyost, Dmhlucky, Oddin, Caderyn

Sky: Tuesdays and Saturdays
Dynamis: not doing currently
Salvage: Have an offshoot ls that does salvage on Wed and Thurs

Currently recruiting
75 THF, 75 SAM, 75 NIN, 75 BLM, 75 BRD, 73 SMN, 72 RNG, 70 COR

#6 Apr 03 2008 at 10:09 PM Rating: Excellent
168 posts
Leaders: Neoptolemus, Khanon, Chamelyon, Lonewind, Lunale
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Bonecraft 100
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#7 Apr 05 2008 at 11:47 PM Rating: Excellent
4,042 posts
HiddenLeaves doesn't exist anymore. Most of the members either quit or are in Sweethearts now.
#8 Apr 06 2008 at 11:46 AM Rating: Good
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RosenKREUZ can now be filed under endgame since we do sky now.
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#9 Apr 14 2008 at 9:38 PM Rating: Good
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Einherjar Only


9:30 PST PM

11:30 CST PM

12:30 EST PM

2:30 JST PM


4:00 PST PM

6:00 CST PM

7:00 EST PM

9:00 JST AM

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#10 Apr 15 2008 at 4:53 AM Rating: Excellent
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Gah, my link is now broken -.-; Silly redirect...
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#11 Apr 16 2008 at 12:29 AM Rating: Good
574 posts
Please move "Rescue" under social.

o: I appreciate it.
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#12 Apr 22 2008 at 6:11 PM Rating: Excellent
6,082 posts
Stickied as of today.
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#13 May 01 2008 at 2:00 AM Rating: Excellent
56 posts
EuroDynamis forum changed waaay back in September to http://www.euroasylum.eu/forum/.
#14 May 25 2008 at 12:48 PM Rating: Excellent
18 posts

VanadielVikings has a new website link :D

please update it to: www.vanadielvikings.com

^^ thankyou
#16 Jun 16 2008 at 10:01 PM Rating: Good
146 posts
Update to Armada:

Linkshell is now DeadlyArmada
Leaders: Deathknight, Mystel, Bohagen, Dathal, Hellshadow, Wataru, Sracsose

Edited, Jun 21st 2008 7:46pm by Liltatertot
Sylph Server

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#17 Aug 06 2008 at 11:39 AM Rating: Good
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Linkshell name: AstralProjection
Linkshell address: http://TheAstralPlane.GuildPortal.com
Linkshell leader(s): Astralaru
Linkshell events: Sky/Salvage/Dynamis
-Sky access (or)
-Salvage access (or)
-Dynamis access
-At least 1 job 70+
Additional/Day/Time info:
Saturdays: Sky & Salvage, Sundays: Dynamis
Please speak to a LS officer for more information: Vesuvana, Tamalie, Godaii, Drohk, Sinundcandy, Merkin, Phalanx, Littlerayne, Pykichi, Tedword, Sighanide, Leela

Linkshell name: TheAstralPlane (Windurstian only LS)
Linkshell address: http://TheAstralPlane.GuildPortal.com
Linkshell leader(s): Astralaru
Linkshell events: Garrison, Mission runs,
-Must be Windurstian
-No @$$holes
-Most events geared towards PST and then EST time zones
-Check out our LS rules before you think of joining
Additional/Day/Time info:
Please speak to a LS officer to join: Vesuvana, Tamalie, Godaii, Drohk, Sinundcandy, Merkin, Phalanx, Littlerayne, Pykichi, Tedword, Sighanide, Leela
Server: Sylph
LS: TheAstralPlane (Windurstian only) & AstralProjection (endgame)
"Behind every powerful hume, mithra, galka, and elvaan, is an even more powerful tarutaru running the show."
#18 Aug 29 2008 at 11:12 AM Rating: Good
214 posts
Some Updates:

Linkshell Name: BlackWaltz
- Remove from List. Will be closing out.

Linkshell Name: Hong Kong Supermarket
New Web Site:

Linkshell Name: Legion of Altana
Update URL (Old one will work still and redirect for a while)

Brytor - Sylph
LS: Legion of Altana

#19 Sep 06 2008 at 12:32 AM Rating: Good
18 posts
Need to update the VanadielVikings entry. ^^
We are still a social linkshell, but we have been doing weekly Sky runs since mid July.

Linkshell Name: VanadielVikings
Linkshell Address: www.vanadielvikings.com
Linkshell Leader(s): Geminis (leader), Momostar (sack), Frostt (sack), Midoridragon (sack)
Linkshell Events: SKY | CoP | Leveling 10-75 | Garrison | BCNM
Requirements: Registration in website and willing to have fun doing whatever and not get mad when death happens. :)
Additional/Day/Time Info: SKY Schedule: Wednesdays & Thursdays @ 7pm PST
Upon registering in website, Member features will be available.
#20 Dec 14 2008 at 2:20 PM Rating: Decent
7,819 posts
Devine broke up a while back please remove it from list please.

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#21 Jan 07 2009 at 8:44 AM Rating: Good
126 posts
Dunno if this thread is still used but if it is can you change ChopChop Leaders to: Tneya, Zhor, Lavo, Nefertiti and also add we do ZNM. We are also recruiting members.

Edited, Jan 20th 2009 9:35am by Lavo

#22 Jan 19 2009 at 11:13 AM Rating: Good
483 posts
We need new person to take up the thread updates. This is really good to have and I think one of the few list that was kept for the linkshells on Sylph. Would be shame to see it get lost now.
#23 Jan 31 2009 at 6:01 PM Rating: Excellent
168 posts
Leaders of Epiphany changed:
Neoptolemus, Lonewind and I.
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#24 Apr 30 2009 at 8:28 AM Rating: Decent
27 posts
Update on Visions LS

Linkshell Name: Visions
Linkshell Address: Visions
Linkshell Leader(s): Cefirot, Reticia, Eudardm
Linkshell Events: Dynamis Only
Requirements: Job 70+ (see forum for latest info)
Tuesday 6:30 pm EST
Saturday 11:30 am EST

Edited, Apr 30th 2009 12:30pm by Fasl

Edited, Apr 30th 2009 12:30pm by Fasl

Edited, Sep 30th 2009 6:59pm by Fasl

Edited, Oct 10th 2009 1:44pm by Fasl
#25 May 19 2009 at 9:37 AM Rating: Decent
42 posts
Anybody know if this list is still accurate? I see it hasn't been updated since September and a couple of links don't work (Epic, Epiphany, ManaR, SoF); does anyone know of any LSes that no longer exist? It's been 2-3 years since I last played, but I recognize a couple names, and I'm wondering if they're still around.
Sandy 7-2 / CoP 9? / RoZ 16 / ToAU 14 / WotG Q7 / ACP 3 / MKdE 9
#26 May 20 2009 at 5:38 AM Rating: Decent
18 posts
I have 1 new entry and 1 update:

End Game
Linkshell Name: VanadielPatriots
Linkshell Address: VanadielPatriots Website
Linkshell Leader(s):Gallen & Geminis
Linkshell Event:Dynamis
-Must have Dynamis Access
-LS rules compliance and website membership
-Snow Access a PLUS
-Able to make both runs each week a plus
Additional/Day/Time Info:
Please visit the website for more info. Ask Gallen or Geminis for membership.

Social | End Game
Linkshell Name: VanadielVikings
Linkshell Address: VanadielVikings Website
Linkshell Leader(s): Geminis
Linkshell Event: Sky, Dynamis (VanadielPatriots)
-Sky Access a PLUS
-DD jobs must have THF subjob
-Follow directions and stay together as group
Additional/Day/Time Info:
Sky is run Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays. Please speak to Geminis, Momostar, Midoridragon, Frostt, Decani, or Potato if you'd like to join.

Edited, May 20th 2009 6:38am by momoxstarx

edit: sorry. VanadielPatriots was disbanded today, may 23 at 6pm PST.

Edited, May 23rd 2009 6:25pm by momoxstarx
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