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#1 Feb 07 2013 at 8:36 AM Rating: Decent
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Hello! I'm returning to the game after leaving in 2008, so I'm not a COMPLETE noob. However, this game has changed radically, and I miss the chatter of my old linkshells which seem to have gone the way of the rotary telephone. I had to start a whole new account, so I'm redoing EVERYTHING, and this time I have drug along my husband so he can see in person why 5 years after I left the game, I'm still talking of it fondly. I'm finding my way through the "new" things okay, and am progressing rather well I'd say. I'm mostly looking for a LS that is a place people actually hang out and chat (not just turning it on to ask if people want to do something and then turning it off) and I could ask questions when needed. I was in two shells before I left. I started in Demonknights where I met some amazing people and had many fun times. It was mostly social though, so when I was ready for endgame, I joined NuDawn and had a blast and again met some great people. I'm still in contact with people from both shells- that's how good the people were. I'm ready to make some more gamer friends or meet up with people I knew back then. Back in the day I was a fun little redheaded Taru named Irianna. Now I'm a fun little redheaded Taru named Jezzebelle. Please either reply here or give me a poke in game if you can help me out! Part of what made this game so great were the people, and I miss that!
#2 Feb 08 2013 at 4:31 PM Rating: Decent
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Smiley: smile Still Playing Smiley: smile

While I'm not known to be the most social player..& never joined another LS after Nudawn. I can Help you sometimes if You need an extra hand with whatever. I remember your name and even think your the One who made people feel Good just by your Positive Attitude whenever we were having a LS Event. Glad your back!!

I"ll send you a private message with my in-game name.
#3 Feb 09 2013 at 2:18 PM Rating: Decent
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Try WildcatRegulars ls. It's a medium sized social, mostly active in the evenings EST/PST. There is a lot of returning players in the ls doing older content clears and on Sundays we've been doing runs as a whole ls to get ppl caught up on anything, lately Abyssea. Members are all helpful in one way or another and friendly, just need to have a good sense of humor~
I've been in the ls about a month with my husband and we love it. Another social is IdleTalent but I know they are large and were reaching member limit, but they're worth a try as well~

Brokenwing, Verasteel, Zanathos, Whitewidow, Killermidget and Swissarmybong are all sacks if you're interested.
#4 Feb 10 2013 at 9:15 PM Rating: Good
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IRIANNA! Good lord you old people just keep coming back. I still have the ND shell and I'm also a sackholder on WildcatRegulars. I can definitely recommend Wildcats as a come-back shell. Very social, always a ton of people on, and we're regularly doing stuff to help new/returning players. I swap between that LS and ND a bit now since we have a bunch of geezers returning. Chuu, Daq, Salasi, Kakarot, Darkanubis, and Evaan are all back on board. Stop in and say hi!

Edit: Forgot to mention your sense of humor would fit in perfectly with those in Wildcat.

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#5 Jun 18 2013 at 6:42 AM Rating: Decent
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Hey guys; i was thinking about making a new start as well. Used to play Starpris/Techlies/Kdn in Nudawn. Pretty sure all accounts are way too far gone to recover so looking to making a new start. Nice to see some of the above people still playing. Any idea if Morrana is still about?
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