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FFXI GoV/FoV leveling.Follow

#1 Jul 16 2011 at 11:30 AM Rating: Excellent
At the moment I am no longer playing FFXI again. I'm off in a galaxy far far away with my lightsaber. This guide will stay here, as it has basically not changed from the moment I wrote the original until my last update. Guess who is back! Back in WoW :p FFXIV has me by the leg!

Oct 27 - I decided to redo the guide. I had this new in depth one, but decided to go with easy short one >.>
This guide is aimed at going from level 1 to 75 asap. The old guide is down in the 2nd post.

Lets rock...

1-12: FoV outside your favorite nation.

12-32: GoV in Gusgen Mines, Page 1

32-58(65): GoV in CN, Page 1

No one at CN? Try GC on page 2

58(65)-75(99): GoV in BO, page 2 &/or 4 (I don't even see people doing page 2 anymore. You need to be 60+ to do page 4 if there are high levels in the group. Need 1exp for the kills to count)

No one doing page 2? May have to go back to CN for a few more levels q.q

Bam! Easy right?

Stay in each zone until you have reached the level I have suggest you leave. That means you should plan accordingly. Getting to the EXP/page cap makes them levels fly by, but leaving and coming back can and will slow you down. Also DO move on. Seeing level 50s in Gusgen Mines synced down to level 15 is sad, the exp/hour goes UP when you move zones because the EXP/page cap increases.

At level 50 you will have to start to leave zones if it is your 1st time to cap. 50 is when the Genkai (or Limit Breaks) start, and there is one every 5 levels until cap.

Once 75 I suggest you skill up, because I'm sure your combat skills are low. The best place I find to do this is The B.Tree. SE has added GoV to this zone, so you can even get exp/merits while skilling up.

75-99 (current cap is 95) is to go into abyssea and either do: Kill the same mob over and over to build up EXP/kill OR do Dom Ops. Dom Ops is a quest you get from a NPC to kill so many (usually 5) of the same monster, once they are killed you have to return to the NPC to get reward AND to take up the quest again.
I like to suggest at 75 you do the kill the same mob over and over way until around 80/85 that way you can be slightly more helpful doing Dom Ops (because you will miss so much at 75 on most Dom Ops mobs).

75-99 Page 4 in OB if you wish to not go into Abyssea. Also a good place to come back to skill up weapon(s).

95-99 Gustav Tunnel. Not sure on book page but it is the one that deals with the worms and turtles. 2 of the items needed for the final limit break can be found on these mobs (the seasoning stone, and the Fang). These mobs con VT-IT at 95. So just a normal party of 6 will make awesome EXP and should have no problem getting chains up. Add in book EXP and all is gold.

Grats, you are the the cap!

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#2 Jul 24 2011 at 3:05 PM Rating: Good

Didn't think I would have to post something for etiquette, but I just had the worst GoV party ever in CN. Team it up with a job I don't like to play (whm) and it equals a post.

Really only 3 things come to mind that I had issues with, or that I have seen but they didn't bother me because I was engaged fighting rather then watching HP #s (aka being bored).

1: If you are the level sync I'm sorry to tell, but you are Glued to the party. You don't get to slack around. Stay with your group. If you need to go afk, figure out who is not Gear changing and /follow them.

2: If you are the leader of a group and you need to go AFK for more then 5min, pass leader. It seems people come and go fast, especially in CN. You being AFK with open slots can cause problems (people tired of waiting, and go solo the same mobs causing everyone's exp/hr to drop).

3: Nothing really ever is good in the treasure boxes. I say leave them alone unless they are Blue ones, and mages should probably get dibs on looking in on it because mp+ anything is nice as they don't have to heal as often. They can figure out how to share. #3 really only bothers me if the person trying to open the Chest
**Due to the new changes in page resets, as long as you are near the mobs when they KO you are fine to waste time trying to open these. Unless you are the sync. If you are the Sync, look back up and reread #1.
(I know there can be good stuff, but it seems like a pretty low chance.)

More Stuff:

-Leeching in GoV. It really is lame. I understand that 18 people (see it a lot more at Gusgen/GC/CN level) can rape mobs, but at least try and do something. I have , seen others too, suggest removing leechers and letting that other person who is LFP join who may actually do something.
*At the same time, leeching may just happen. When leveling my WHM and RDM to 49, I was bored out of my mind. You hardly have to heal if there are 3/4 healers and a DNC or 2. So I helped pulled/slept mobs.

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Below is just a copy of the old, so I don't miss place stuff. However all links were lost. You can wiki the info :D

Note: Taken from here. Re-post in Journal for easier Edits. All my person opinions and how I've gone about it so far. This guide is also aimed at DD/Combat Jobs. Casters can totally get a use out of it as parties need healers, and sleepers are always nice to have around. Casters are just lucky people, you can at the right levels skip ahead (IE: going somewhere else while a level or 2 below what I suggest).

The Idea: Go from lv1 to lv75 quickly and painlessly through the use of GoV/FoV. Thanks to the Sept. 19th update, pages can now be se to auto refresh on you. That means no more running back to book, and that can be awesome in some of these camp spots.

1-12 FoV book outside of home nation. May be faster to not do FoV and just kill everything you see. I've found the right path in E. Ronfaure can place you near another FoV book (around I-9 I think, near a Post sign). However I can not say the same for Bastok and Windy starting zones (never leveled in them).

*The 2 below could be crowded, so possibly search the area to get an idea how many are in the zone*

12-30s (I think at 26-27 the Warrior Skeleton and Ghouls start to become low EP/TW) GoV (alliance or party) in Gusgen Mine (Page 1).

17-30 Maze of Shakhrami GoV.

19-25+ FoV in Q.Island.

25-32/33 Try to sync to lv 19 and repeat the above (I Don't know another other place 25s could go other then to the Jungles. But the FoVs there are not the best imo). Or sync even farther down and go back to Gusgen.

30-95 Keying. This comes up a lot, so I'll add it. At 30 you can enter Abyssea zones (I do suggest people at 30 start the Abssea quest line so you can have stones just banking up). Some people will invite you with the idea that you will open all the Chests that will spawn. To open them, you need Keys. To get keys you need Cruor, and to get Cruor you need to kill mobs inside Abyssea zones. As the poster Kragorn has said, it is a catch 22. New Players who get to 30 will not be able to be a key person. You will have 0 cruor, unless you know people who just let you come to leech, you are not getting into an abyssea party. If this is your Nth Job and you have more cruor than you know what to do with, well you can join and Key for hours.

30-95 FC Parties. On my server they charge 100k/hour with 1 hour free (ie: 500k/6hr). You do nothing but stand around and gain EXP. If you have the gil, this could be an option if you want to gain exp and afk.

**Check areas 1st for these next 2. What one has the most people in it, go to it. CN seems to be a rocking place, during my 1st time through my list I went to GC. However I have tried CN now and it seems to get more people, but I'm still not sure what level you can come and not be a total leech. Your server may be different.**

33-60 GC GoV parties (page 2 in GC). Bats and Beetles. Near 56/57 You will kill EXP so make sure you sync.

34?-57(60) (page 1) Bees and Crawlers. Same as above, around 57 you will kill EXP so make sure you sync. EXP cap is 2,320 (you can stay here til 75, but I do not suggest it).

**Adding places you can go to if you wish to GoV 90-95 and not Abys it all the time. Only checked out a few places, B.O seems like it will just be the place to go**

58/60-95 GoV Page 2 Bostaunieux Oubliette. Come with a way to sneak yourself (oils, /whm,rdm, /nin, /dnc). EXP caps at 2,628 per page. At 70/73 the Ding Bats will start to become TW, so either sync down or solo/duo page 3.

73-75 Page 3 Bostaunieux Oubliette. 5 Hounds and 1 Ghost. Hounds and Ghost are Easy Prey at 73 (some hounds [Graw I think] check DC). However the path for the fastest 5 Hounds and a Ghost is similar to page 2. There is the hound most sneak past, two down and to the left of the Were Bats, 2 more down and to the Left again, and then a Ghost at the T intersection to go downstairs or towards the zone.

75-95 Page 4, in the basement (leeches). EXP Caps at 4100 per page.

90-95 The B.Tree. Everything should check EP+ to you at 90.

Skilling up:

Once 75 your skills may now be under leveled. What a drag. You may not have all your spells or weapon skills, your evasion/parry/guard skills are laughably low. You now wish you may have leveled differently?


Just take some time out and go skill up. I highly suggest you skill up your combat skill before running off to Abyssea zones (more on them below).
I suggest this page. It may seem like a brain twister, but read the examples and you'll hopefully understand what to target to get the best skill ups.

Also weapon trials. You may want to go after that quested WS, once the right skill (230 I believe to get the right quest) you can work on getting Points for Quest while still skilling up.

75-95. Abyssea?
If you have used this post then you are not shy to the alliance way of EXPing. This section is just my thoughts on how people should go about Abyssea zones.
In my personal opinion it is not the best idea to just jump into any Abyssea party that you see if you are a combat/DDing class.

75-80 -look to getting into Abyssea - La Theine / Konschtat / Tahrongi. The more you kill a mob, the more exp you will get. So make sure you joined an EXP group!

30-95 Cruor Parties - EXP wont be as fast as killing one mob over and over, but I have gone to Cruor parties with the idea of getting Cruor AND EXP. If the group is good you will get decent fast EXP.

@lv78 I suggest you get the lv78 Gear Set your job can wear, it will help.

80-95 - any Abyssea. Dom Parties are usually the best.

BLM/WHM - You are the 2 jobs I say can go into any Abyssea zone at any time. You are needed as healers and sleepers (and to get azure light if you are a BLM). I'm sure RDM and SCH can slide in as well (not sure what they do at end game XD).

My reason for 75 DD/combat jobs to not go into any zone is due to the Mobs Lv VS. You at 75. You are going to miss, a lot if you are in Abyssea - Uleguerand at 75. Fights will take forever if the alliance doesn't have enough 80+ members and your exp/hr drops.

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#3 Jul 24 2011 at 3:05 PM Rating: Good
Have a suggestion? Post it. More info is always nice, as the way I like to level may not be the way you like to level.

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#4 Aug 19 2011 at 12:03 AM Rating: Decent
13 posts
Very helpful thread.

Thanks alot :)

I was wondering where and when to do Govs and also Abby, and this made me see the light! hehe

Thanks again.

#5 Aug 23 2011 at 9:44 AM Rating: Decent
56 posts
17-30 Maze of Shakhrami gov

its faster then qufim but it can get crowded at times.
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