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As the year gets closer to the annual MHMU Egg Hunt Egg-stravaganza, the team at Allakhazam would like to get you egg- cited about things a little early with a fun egg decorating contest with an exhilirating virtual egg fight to follow. Surely the competitive spirit of a Vana'diel adventurer is more than enough to harness every bit of artistic and creative talent that can be found within you?

Read the full story for the details and discuss this on the Allakhazam forums.

Voting has begun!! Read about how to cast your vote.

Contest Rules

Entering the contest is simple. Decorate an egg with a Final Fantasy XI theme and submit it to the FFXI team by Sunday, March 22, 2009 . Please include your Allakhazam account name, FFXI server, and/or character name. All entries are subject to the following rules:

  • Entry must be decorated with a Final Fantasy XI theme. Eggs with themes from other Final Fantasy games will be disqualified.
  • Limit one egg per entry , one entry per person. No group egg entries will be accepted.
  • Should a contestant come up with a better idea for an egg, he/she will be allowed to replace their previously submitted entry up to two times. All entries must be received by the deadline.
  • All entries must be a chicken egg.
  • Entries are limited to the egg itself. The egg can be dressed in a costume, but graphically inserted background images and scenery props will result in the entry being disqualified.
  • All entries must remain anonymous until the contest ends or the entry is eliminated from the competition. Contestants who publicly claim their entries will find their egg disqualified.
  • While it is preferable that entries are PG in nature, any entry deemed more graphic than PG-13 will not be permitted.
  • Text is allowed in the entry, but will be limited to words and phrases available through the in-game Auto Translate function.
  • Send the original photograph of the egg. Do not add text. Do not add an FFXI screenshot background. Any graphical editing will disqualify the entry.
  • Administrators reserve the right to disqualify any entry for any reason.
  • This is a worldwide contest.

Please read all of the rules very carefully. The Allakhazam team will do everything they can to ensure that you are able to submit a valid entry. Should your entry violate a rule, whenever possible, the Allakhazam team will advise you on how to re-submit a photograph for valid entry.

Helpful suggestions for photographing your egg:

  • Take the photograph of your egg in good lighting. If possible, try taking a photo with and without flash.
  • Stand your egg up on a paper stand. Cut a small strip of paper 1" in width and fold in half length-wise. Form a circle with the paper and tape the ends together.
  • Only one photograph will be used to represent each egg, so be sure to choose your egg's best side.

The Egg Fight

Rather than simply let one large egg poll determine the winner, Allakhazam will host a single elimination tournament bracket. Eggs will be sorted into two categgories: Traditional and Model. There will be two polls to determine the top eight (8) eggs in each category. Those top sixteen (16) eggs in the first poll will move on to the two tournament brackets. From there, Allakhazam will host a series of 1v1 polls to determine a winner on the final day of the in-game Egg-stravaganza, with the Traditional champion and the Model champion facing off for the final battle!

The Prizes

The First Place winner of the Egg Fight will receive a 1 month premium subscription to Allakhazam.com and a Shadow Lord statue, courtesy of Square Enix.

The Second Place winner of the Egg Fight will receive a 1 month premium subscription to Allakhazam.com and a Piano Collections CD autographed by Naoshi Mizuta, courtesy of Square Enix.

The Third Place winner of the Egg Fight will receive a 1 month premium subscription to Allakhazam.com and the choice between a San d'Oria keychain, a Bastok keychain, or a Windurst keychain from the Square Enix Shop.

Still not up to entering? Fear not! You can win our Cluck of the Draw Prize ! One winner will be chosen at random from amongst the voters of the first egg poll that will determine the top 10 semi-finalists. That winner will receive a 1 month premium subscription to Allakhazam.com and the choice between a Mandragora keychain or a Goblin keychain from the Square Enix Shop.*

*Only one prize will be awarded per person. Should the random draw pick one of the top three winners, another winner will be drawn.

Sample Fights

Still not sure what this contest is all about? Check out some of our great sample egg fights!

Who will win? Will it be the Tarutaru Black Mage or the Foam Adorned Red Mage complete with Pimp Hat?!

These eggs have not yet hatched, but it doesn't take the input of Windurstian child genius Ajido-Marujido to figure out what will come out of them. But in a battle, who will come out victorious?! Is it the soon-to-be Bard or the White Mage with Shell?

Vote on these fights now!

Black Mage vs. Red Mage
Bard vs. White Mage

We hope you all have a ton of fun with this!


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# Mar 05 2009 at 4:15 PM Rating: Decent
3 posts
how do we know if we are acepted cose i send egg and i ave no reply back.
Top 10?
# Mar 05 2009 at 8:18 AM Rating: Decent
2 posts
Wouldn't it be easier to have top 16 or top 8 in a 1vs1 elimination bracket? I hope it is not to late to change that rule.

-- noted change to 16 now, but "Cluck of the Draw Prize" section still says 10.

Edited, Mar 5th 2009 10:38pm by kabooonremora
Top 10?
# Mar 05 2009 at 7:36 PM Rating: Decent
2 posts
"Cluck of the Draw Prize" section still says 10, not 16 semi-finalists.
# Mar 05 2009 at 12:01 AM Rating: Default
1 post
i have a question when we dress the egg only can use the egg for do all char or can use the egg for do the body only and put it a head extra?? like a snow
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