Grounds of Valor Adjustments

The popular Grounds of Valor battle system, a series of regimens spread across dungeons of Vana'diel, will be seeing a number of additions on Final Fantasy XI's official Test Server. Several new areas will be receiving the "Grounds of Valor" treatment, which entails the addition of regimes for monsters in the area, as well as the implimentation of new higher level mobs and treasure caskets in these areas as well.

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From the official Final Fantasy XI Forums:

[dev1061] Grounds of Valor Adjustments

  • The following areas will be added:
    Lower Delkfutt's Tower / Middle Delkfutt's Tower / Upper Delkfutt's Tower / Temple of Uggalepih / Den of Rancor / Sea Serpent Grotto / Quicksand Caves
    *Treasure caskets will also appear in these areas.



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