Job Adjustments: Black Mage

 Since the opening full-motion video depicting the epic battle of Tavnazia, Black Mages have long desired the ability to harness the powerful spell known as Meteor. The wait is finally over, as Square Enix has announced the implementation of this spell onto the Test Server in preparation for later implementation into the game. Meteor will be unlocked for casting only when the ability Elemental Seal is active, and the presence of other Black Mages in your party will allow for increased potency!

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From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

[dev1102] Job Adjustments: Black Mage

  • New magic spell
    • Meteor (Lv.99; Elemental Seal must be in effect)
      • Deals non-elemental damage to enemies within area of effect.
        *Casting the spell simultaneously with your party members will enhance the visual appearance and potency of the Meteor.
        *Sound effects for this spell have not yet been fully implemented.

        [Test Server Only]
        • The spell may be cast without Elemental Seal in effect.


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