The Most Interesting Moogle in Vana'diel Contest

He's traveled across Vana'diel more times than you can possibly imagine, stared down enemies that make even the most hardened of adventurers quiver in their armor, and reached levels of fame that most only dream about, all while uttering the word "Kupo!" at the end of every sentence. The Most Interesting Moogle has arrived, and wants you to tell tales of his adventures and exploits so that bards and minstrels can sing praise to him for generations to come.

From March 22nd through March 29th, players will be able to tell their stories of this Most Interesting Moogle, for a chance to win the prestigious Nomad Moogle Wand!

Let us know how how you feel about the exploits of the Most Interesting Moogle and the stories that everyone are telling on the ZAM forums!

From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

The bards of Vana’diel tell the tale of a Moogle whose deeds and adventures are like no other! They sing his praise in every tavern across the land; he is the most interesting Moogle in Vana’diel! Surely adventurers are so familiar with the legends surrounding him that they’ll be able to easily provide some insight into his magnificence. For those brave enough to echo the lyrics of the bards, all you need to do is post an entry into the contest thread with your own example of why the “most interesting Moogle in Vana’diel” is the “most interesting Moogle in Vana’diel” and the Community Team will select five winners to be awarded the prestigious Nomad Moogle Rod!

We've written down a few samples to illustrate just how interesting the most in interesting Moogle in Vana'diel truly is!

  • When he fights an NM, he gets every drop it has, and even some that it doesn't... he is the most interesting Moogle in Vana'diel.
  • The color of his pom pom never changes, but is always in style... he is the most interesting Moogle in Vana'diel.
  • He can win any argument with the simple utterance of the word "Kupo"... he is the most interesting Moogle in Vana'diel.


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