Carnival of the Ascended: Phase 5 Begins 3/29!

Rift's anniversary celebration rolls over to Phase 5 on Thursday, March 29.

Phase 5 of Carnival of the Ascended is scheduled to begin on Thursday, March 29. The carnival has packed up, pinatas have been put away for the year and all focus is turned on the faction rivalry. This phase centers on assaulting the opposing factions' outposts and generals, and stopping your rival Ascended in their tracks. A new zone event in Iron Pine Peak pits Defiants against Guardians, fighting alongside their leaders as they vie for control of the battlefield.

Earn your Pyrite Doubloon for this phase by banding together with your fellow Ascended to assault your enemy's outposts. Crafters are still in high demand to assist with getting supplies to the front lines. The carnival merchants will remain available until the end of the event to spend your leftover Prize Tickets and Glass Beads.

This week the majority of Ascended who have participated in the first five phases of this event will be able to obtain one of the new mounts, Nebula or Tindrel. Those who are interested in both mounts need only wait a short time... the next event is just around the corner and these mounts will be available again!


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