Additional Version Update!

In a follow-up to the March version update for Final Fantasy XI, the previously delayed Voidwatch: Final Chapter has finally arrived! These new battles, taking place in the Riverne-esque area called Promenance, will surely test the mettle and skills of even the most ardent of adventurers! Players should not fret though at these new challenges, as the stagger system has received a significant revamp in order to alleviate some of the stress on those jobs with staggers initially very difficult to trigger.

We've got the full details below the break, so after you're done taking a look at them, let us know what you think about this change on the ZAM forums!

From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

[dev1103] Voidwatch has received the following additions and updates:

  • Voidwatch: Final Chapter added
    Enemy weaknesses will function differently from previous installments of Voidwatch.
    • Triggering weaknesses will lower enemies’ attack and magic attack power.
    • Abilities and spells learned via merit points will not trigger enemy weaknesses.
    • The thief ability Bully may now trigger enemy weaknesses.
    • Sheep Charge is the only familiar ability that will trigger enemy weaknesses.
    • The ranger ability Bounty Shot will not trigger enemy weaknesses.
    • Wyvern breath attacks will not trigger enemy weaknesses.
    • Only a single blood pact for each avatar will trigger enemy weaknesses:
      • Carbuncle: Holy Mist
      • Fenrir: Lunar Bay
      • Ifrit: Fire IV
      • Shiva: Blizzard IV
      • Garuda: Aero IV
      • Titan: Stone IV
      • Leviathan: Water IV
      • Diabolos: Night Terror
    • For automatons, only the weapon skill Armor Shatterer (Sharpshot Frame) will trigger enemy weaknesses.
    • The summoner ability Modus Veritas will not trigger enemy weaknesses.

Resolved Issues

  • The following issues have been resolved:
    • An issue wherein incorrect system messages were displayed for the monster Bismarck's standard attacks.
    • An issue wherein the monster Ravishing Rafflesia could not be defeated.
    • An issue wherein equipping the armor Tussle Breeches would occasionally cause a graphical glitch.
    • An issue wherein the item "Gardyloo Trousers" was unobtainable.
    [Window-only updates]
    • An issue wherein autorun could not be disabled.
    • An issue wherein movement via the /follow command would occasionally be interrupted.
    • An issue wherein incorrect background music would play in certain situations.
    [Windows and Xbox 360-only updates]
    • A graphical issue with lamps in Fort Karugo-Narugo (S) and Crawlers' Nest (S).

Known Issues

  • When using the periapt of sapience key item in the final chapter of Voidwatch, familiar and automaton weakness triggers will not be displayed correctly.
    • Familiars
      Regardless of the message displayed, only sheep-family special attacks will trigger enemy weaknesses.
    • Automatons
      Regardless of the message displayed, only Sharpshot Frame weapon skills will trigger enemy weaknesses.


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