The September Version Update Breaches the Surface!

 The September Version update for Final Fantasy XI has arrived! Adventurers will be able to delve into the challenging new world of the Meeble Burrows, a dungeon battle system testing the limits of player abilities as they face off against the trials set forth by these never before seen beastmen! Of course, what kind of challenge would it be without brand new weapons and armor for your troubles?

 Do the rough and dangerous depths of the burrows not interest you? Do you prefer a more leisurely, gil-making experience? Perhaps the new synthing recipes will be to your liking, offering up a number of new items for those skilled in a craft to work their skills on. Previously announced changes to PC collision detection and Moogle Kupowers have also been added, further streamlining the how the game handles to make for a more enjoyable XI experience.

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From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

September 25, 2012 (JST) Version Update

Meeble Burrows—all new dungeon content—has been added to the game.


Meeble Burrows is all-new dungeon content in which intrepid players sneak into underground caves and participate in various research expeditions, delving ever farther until they best the dreadful beasts in the far recesses of the caverns.

* The Wings of the Goddess expansion is required to venture into Meeble Burrows.


  • Parties must be comprised of between three and six players.
  • There is no level restriction.
  • There is a time limit of fifteen minutes.

Preparing for your trekSpeak to the Burrow Investigator located in Upper Jeuno (I-8) to receive a grimoire and head to Sauromugue Champaign (J-7), where the Burrow Researcher is waiting for you to trade your grimoire to him. In exchange, he will provide you with a Moblin pheromone sack key item.

* The Burrow Investigator has been imbued with the power to send you directly to Sauromugue Champaign (J-7).

  • A grimoire is needed to select a research expedition in Meeble Burrows.
  • Your deeds of valor—as well as any special bonuses conferred upon you—will be inscribed on the grimoire’s dusty parchment.
  • Your grimoire may be used multiple times, but when you embark upon courses to battle the most lurid of fiends, you will have to turn it in, rendering it unusable.
  • Grimoires may be purchased from the Burrow Investigator or Burrow Researcher with either gil or research marks, a special type of currency acquired in Meeble Burrows.
Moblin pheromone sack
Preliminary research suggests that the Meebles have exceptionally poor vision, so all an explorer needs to do is fool their olfactory senses. This is where moblin pheromone sacks come in!
  • Moblin pheromone sacks are lost when entering Meeble Burrows.
  • Each party member must possess this item to enter.
  • Players may only have one sack in their inventory, but the Burrow Investigator/Burrow Researcher will hold up to four for you, making for a total stock of five.
  • One sack of Moblin pheromones will be added to your stock every twenty hours (Earth time).

Commencing a Research Expedition

  1. Trade your grimoire to the Burrow Researcher NPC in Sauromugue Champaign (J-7) and have the party leader select the desired research expedition.
  2. Speaking to Vrednev, a Meeble located outside the burrows, will commence the expedition and enable you to enter.
Achieving Goals
  • Exploring Meeble Burrows is not about wiping out everything in sight. Instead, each expedition contains a series of three goals to achieve.
  • Clearing an expedition involves achieving at least one of the pre-established goals.
  • Of course, more goals completed means better rewards, so don’t slack off just because you’ve gone partway!

    * Even if you have fulfilled the conditions for a particular goal, you will not be considered to have cleared it until you use the specially-provided escape item to leave the depths of the burrows.
    * The Speleological Handbook located within the burrows provides spelunkers with a wealth of information, including the research tasks at hand and boons given by grimoires.

Completing an expedition

  • After completing an expedition, players will receive a Terminus Whistle: a temporary item that teleports the party to the entrance.
  • The dangers of the Meeble Burrows are many, so explorers setting foot inside will receive a Hiatus Whistle, a temporary item that whisks them to the entrance with one sharp call. Take heed, for this will end your current expedition!
  • After escaping via the Terminus Whistle, talk to the Burrow Researcher once more. He will confirm that you have completed the assigned tasks, and record the details thereof.

    The Burrow Researcher has multiple tasks to offer able adventurers, and completion of one may open up other, more taxing expeditions. In addition, successfully completing goals will add a variety of boons to the player’s grimoire.


Inquests into the burrows allow for more than just insight into Meeble society, offering players the opportunity to accrue a special currency known as “research marks.” These research marks represent the goodwill one has earned with the Meeble Burrows Exploration Committee, and can be exchanged to purchase items or grimoires from the Burrow Investigator and Burrow Researcher.
  • The following adjustment has been made to the Grounds of Valor:
    • Objectives have been adjusted for the following individual training regime:
      • Toraimorai Canal: Page 4
  • [dev1136] Certain existing super kupowers will be replaced by new ones.

    Thrifty Transit Outpost teleport sites will operate free of charge!
    Martial Master As an added Signet effect, battle skills will increase more rapidly!
    Blood of the Vampyr The effect of Signet will be boosted with the abilities of Regeneration and Refresh!
    Treasure Hound Signet will grant you the Gilfinder and Treasure Hunter abilities!
    Artisan's Advantage The chances of losing ingredients due to failed synthesis will be significantly lowered!
    Swift Shoes Adventurers who are fully rested and healed will temporarily be able to run with great speed!
    Ease of Exploration A teleport service connecting the towns of Mhaura and Selbina to the three nations will appear!
    Myriad Mystery Boxes Treasure Caskets will appear more frequently around the three nations!
    Dilatory Digestion Food effects will last twice as long!
    Boundary Buster The amount of Conquest Points received from defeating enemies will be doubled!
    Bountiful Bazaar All regional merchants in each of the three nations will be open for business!
  • The following change has been made to fellow bonds.
    • Actions that strengthen the bonds between you and your fellow will now do so at an even greater rate.


  • Recast times for summoning magic have been reduced to five seconds.
    *Odin and Alexander will be unaffected by this change.
  • Blood Pact: Ward abilities will no longer be interrupted if the monster you are targetting is defeated.
  • Enfeebling magic resistance for the following monsters has been adjusted:
    Nergal / Bata / Aeshma / Thalesek / Pyrrha / Arch-Omega / Arch-Ultema / Odin (Odin's Chamber II)

New items have been introduced.


  • New synthesis recipes have been added.
  • Icons for the following items have been adjusted:
    Lungo-Nango Jadeshell / Rimilala Stripeshell / Montiont Silverpiece / Ranperre Goldpiece / 100 Byne Bill / 10,000 Byne Bill
  • [dev1123] The following items are now storable with the Moogle Porter service:
    • Moogle Storage Slip 11:
      Marine Gilet / Marine Boxers / Marine Top / Marine Shorts / Woodsy Gilet / Woodsy Boxers / Woodsy Top / Woodsy Shorts / Creek Maillot / Creek Boxers / Creek Top / Creek Shorts / River Top / River Shorts / Dune Gilet / Dune Boxers / Marine Gilet +1 / Marine Boxers +1 / Marine Top +1 / Marine Shorts +1 / Woodsy Gilet +1 / Woodsy Boxers +1 / Woodsy Top +1 / Woodsy Shorts +1 / Creek Maillot +1 / Creek Boxers +1 / Creek Top +1 / Creek Shorts +1 / River Top +1 / River Shorts +1 / Dune Gilet +1 / Dune Boxers +1


  • [dev1127] PC Collision Adjustments
    • PCs who have not moved for thirty seconds or more are no longer subject to unit collision.
    • PCs who have been healing or sitting for thirty seconds or more are no longer subject to unit collision.

The Seekers of Adoulin expansion logo has been added to the start screen.

Resolved Issues

  • The following issues have been corrected:
    • An issue with Trial of the Magians wherein skillchains performed with pets did not count towards trial objectives requiring one's pet to strike the final blow.
    • An issue wherein the Paladin ability Fealty and the Blood Pact Perfect Defense would not block status ailments if the player's elemental resistance value dropped below zero.
    • An issue wherein the Abyssea-Uleguerand monster Isgebind was completely resistant to paralysis effects.
    • An issue in Promyvion wherein the items dropped by ice and water Empty-type monsters were reversed.
    • An issue wherein player shadows would display improperly when using the Ark Scythe weapon's costume feature.

Known Issues

  • [Xbox 360 only] Returning to the PlayOnline menu or shutting down will occasionally cause the game to freeze.
  • The Elvaan female parry animation may not display properly.
  • Immunobreak will have no effect on the Meeble Burrows monster Lacquered Mimic.


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