Final Fantasy XI Test Server Update!

 Bards, have you ever been throwing out buffs for your party only to have multiple people ask you for the same Etude? It's a hassle to cast individually on them, especially with how quickly most monsters die anymore, so what is a weary wayward musician to do? Worry no more, as the Etude line, not to mention the Prelude line and the merit songs Foe Sirvente and Adventurer's Dirge, will now be Area of Effect spells on the Test Server!

 Not a bard? Don't fret, because the Test Server also is seeing the first two zones (Arrapago Remants and Zhayolm Remnants) of the new higher level Salvage event will be available for adventurers willing to plumb the depths of the Alzadaal Undersea Ruins!

Let us know what you think of these upcoming changes over on the ZAM forums!

From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:


[dev1138] Bard Job Adjustments

  • The following bard songs have been changed from affecting a single target party member to affecting all party members in an area of effect centered on the caster, and their casting time has been changed from four to eight seconds.
    Enchanting Etude / Spirited Etude / Learned Etude / Quick Etude /
    Vivacious Etude / Dextrous Etude / Sinewy Etude / Bewitching Etude /
    Logical Etude / Sage Etude / Swift Etude / Vital Etude /
    Uncanny Etude / Herculean Etude / Hunter’s Prelude / Archer’s Prelude /
    Foe Sirvente / Adventurer’s Dirge

From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:


[dev1137] Salvage Battlefield Expansion

* The following content is in development. Specific details may differ from the release version.

This battlefield expansion is aimed at seasoned adventurers and many of the rules are based on those of previous Salvage content. The method by which Pathos of Alzadaal restrictions can be removed, however, has been modified.

Differences from Previous Salvage Content

  • Entry is restricted to adventurers level 85 and above.
  • Pathos of Alzadaal restrictions may no longer be removed by imbued items, but by the following methods:
    • Defeating certain monsters in specified areas will randomly remove a Pathos of Alzadaal restriction from participants.
    • Examining the Runic Lamps within each remnant will allow players to remove restrictions of their choice.

      * Runic Lamps will be available near remnant entrances and teleport exits.

      * The chance for removing restrictions, and which monsters' defeat are capable of removing restrictions, are still under development.

Test Server Settings

  • Participants may enter battlefields alone.
  • Remnants Permits will not be required for entry.
  • No time restrictions will be placed on battlefield reentry.
  • Only the Zhaylom and Arrapago Remnants are available for entry at present.
  • The placement and strength of enemies, as well as items obtainable, may differ from the release version.
  • Boss enemies are still under development, and will be replaced with substitute enemies.
  • Notorious monsters that only spawn under certain conditions will not be introduced.


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