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 A number of new, exciting tidbits of information have been released in the past few weeks, giving players some insight on what the future of Final Fantasy XI has in store. For starters, a video has been released showing the basic battle animations for Cait Sith, the upcoming new avatar for Summoners. Though actual Bloodpacts are still in the works and have no animations yet, this video does show Cait Sith's normal attacks, which involve flurries of punches and kicks.

 Several of the recent new "two-hour" abilities announced earlier in the year are seeing adjustments and improvements. Warriors, White Mages, Black Mages, Bards, Rangers, and Dragoons will all see changes currently on or soon to be added to the official Test Server.

 Lastly, the job trait Recycle will be adjusted to where it is a natural ability learned rather than through merits, with various tiers and merit points being available to improve the activation rate of the ability.

Want to tell us how you feel about the Cait Sith video, or share your thoughts on the new job ability changes? Feel free to do so over on the ZAM forums!

From the official Final Fantasy XI Youtube page:


From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

I’m back once again to share some more information about new special ability revamps for both those that have been implemented to the Test Server and those that will be implemented during this week’s Test Server update.

  • New special abilities already on the Test Server
    • Warrior
      Currently the effect for this ability makes the activation rate for double attack 100%; however, we will be adjusting this so that the 100% activation rate is added to your current double attack rate when the ability is executed and then decrease over time. It will still be possible to maintain a very high double attack rate when using equipment and other support effects. The effect duration time will remain as 30 seconds.
    • White mage
      Currently looking into the two below possibilities:
      1. Keep the effect as it is currently, but change the effect duration from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.
      2. Change effect so that you receive a strong resistance against Terror, Amnesia, and Death (Doom included). No changes to the 30 second effect duration.
    • Black mage
      We will be limiting the effects of the new special ability to elemental magic and will be easing up on resists. For monsters that have strong resistances, a half-resist is guaranteed. If they resist yet again, it will result in a quarter resist. While the special ability is active, the resist determinant will be lowered and it will be possible to deal steady damage.
  • New special abilities that will be implemented during this week’s Test Server update

    During this week’s Test Server update we will be implementing the below new special abilities. Please take a moment and try them out when you can!

    Job Ability Name Effect
    Bard BRD SP2 While effect is active, the number of songs that can be cast on party members will be increased by 1.
    Ranger RNG SP2 While effect is active, ranged attack delay will be halved.
    Additionally, Double Shot or Triple Shot activation is guaranteed.
    Dragoon DRG SP2 While effect is active, there will be no cool down timer for Jump.

*Names, help text, and animations for abilities on the Test Server are still in-development. Effects are also subject to change and adjustment.


From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

Producer Matsui has been carefully looking into ways to address players’ concerns about ammo costs, and is planning on the below changes:

  • Recycle job trait
    • Instead of acquiring this trait via merit points, it will be learned naturally through leveling. The strength of the effect will increase in tiers depending on your level.
    • Adding merit points to the Recycle category will enhance the activation rate.

While there were other suggestions given as feedback, the development team feels that increasing the effect of Recycle holds the most benefit. They are still in the midst of discussing what would be a good amount to enhance it, but as a starting point they have currently mentioned a rate of 90% with the job trait, merit points, and equipment. Please note that they are not planning any kind of damage decrease to go along with these changes.

We will be sure to keep you posted on any additional information we hear!


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