A Beast for the Feast Contest Winners Announced!

 In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Square Enix tasked adventurers with delivering a tale of tracking down a monster in Final Fantasy XI to bring to the dinner table for a glorious feast. Today, the winners of this contest have been announced! Toadie of Siren relates his epic quest to prepare the "Suzaku Special", while fellow server adventurer Nivinyraal tells of a meal of various bird delights, his "Vana'dielian Turducken". Lastly, Raseleanne of Fenrir offers up a more sea-faring dish, the "Paralyze Special"! For their efforts, these three won the in-game furniture piece, "Rolanberry Delightaru", as well as the Athena Orb!

To read the full account of these stalwart adventurers and their culinary prowess, a link to the official forums can be found below the break.

What'd you think of the winning entries? Do you think you could have done better or were these far more original than anything you could have thought of? Let us know what you think about them over on the ZAM forums!

From Playonline.com:

The Community Team and Culinarians' Guild alike give thanks to all who risked their lives to bring back a tasty beast for our delicious feast!

We were quite pleased to see the variety of different monsters turned in and we certainly did not expect to be trying out adventurer meat!

It's been said before, but the final decision was a difficult one! However, after a thorough digesting, the top three were finally chosen.

Head over to the official forum to check out the succulent selections!


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