The Latest Version Update Has Laid Anchor!

 The December version update of Final Fantasy XI has arrived! New options for summoning Trust companions into battle are now available, including Bastok's resident hume, Volker, and the ever powerful Tarutaru, Shantotto! In addition, several gameplay and graphical issues have been resolved, making for a more smoother gaming experience.

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From Playonline.com:


New NPCs have been added to the Trust initiative.

Read on for the details.


  • Physical damage dealt by alter egos will now increase based on the item level of the summoning player’s equipped weapons and armor.
  • Certain player actions that affect faith are now properly able to be undertaken.


  • Dancers may now equip Eminence Daggers.

Resolved Issues

  • The issue wherein progressing with the Trust initiative initiation quest in Bastok would, under certain condition, cause certain graphics to be displayed improperly during the event with Naji.
  • The issue wherein event replays did not exist for the NPC Chaloutte in Chateau d’Oraguille (I-9) when the conditions for obtaining the alter ego of Curilla were not met.
  • The issue wherein alter egos would not follow players when using waypoints.
  • The issue wherein certain special techniques performed by Nanaa Mihgo in the mission “Roar! A Cat Burglar Bares Her Fangs” would not display the accompanying motions.
  • The issues where battlefield status changes in the following battlefields were not changing at the proper timing.
    ★Ark Angel 2 / ★Ark Angel 3 / ★Ark Angel 4 / ★Ark Angel 5
  • The issue wherein Ark Angel MR in the ★Ark Angel 3 and ★Divine Might battlefields would continuously use the ability Larceny under specific conditions.
  • The issue wherein the graphics and icon for the ranged weapon Eminent Bow were incorrect.
  • The issue wherein “Additional effect: Damage varies with HP” effect of the sword Excalibur would activate even when players were under a level restriction.
  • Various issues wherein item help text was incorrect.
  • The issues wherein the effects of “Pet: Increases Magic Accuracy” and “Pet: Increases Magic Attack” were not properly reflected under certain conditions.
  • The issue wherein the increase Boost effect of the Anchorite’s Gloves +1 was not properly reflected.
    * The attributes of the Anchorite’s Gloves +1 have been adjusted in tandem with the correction of this issue.
  • The issue wherein time-limited challenges related to Records of Eminence were were not activating in the following areas.
    Ruhotz Silvermines / Throne Room
  • The issue wherein changing areas when the currency menu is open would cause selecting “Key Items” from the main menu would cause the currency menu to display.
  • The issue wherein an incorrect number of Moblin Marbles was displaying in the currency menu.
  • The issue wheren speaking with the Green Thumb Moogle in Mog Gardens without having the Seeker of Adoulin expansion disk installed would erroneously display the option for returning to Adoulin.
  • The issue with Records of Eminence wherein a list displaying gil would be displayed under certain conditions.
  • The issue wherein the player was not facing toward the following NPCs when speaking to them.
    Gondebaud in Southern San d’Oria (L-6) / Clarion Star in Port Bastok (K-7) / Wetata in Windurst Woods (G-10)
  • The issue wherein the slimeulation candy was displaying an extra space after the item name.
  • The issue wherein speaking to Nanaa Mihgo as part of the trust initiative while having completed the mission “Relief! A Triumphant Return!” would display Japanese text in one of her dialogue lines in addition to the complete English text.
  • Various issues regarding improper spelling and grammar.


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