FFXI February Content and Vanity System Previews!

 Things are certainly buzzing over on the official Final Fantasy XI forums about new and adjusted content that will reach us next month, or at least is on the drawing boards for the very near future. Among the planned changes and additions in the upcoming February version update includes new Seekers of Adoulin missions, changes to Monstrosity, various job adjustments, Delve adjustments, and a brand new area, with new monsters to accompany!

In addition, allowing the display of certain combat information not currently displayed has been is something that presently being discussed as in the works, as is a new Vanity system that will allow you to go into battle with your normal gear, but allow it to retain the cosmetic appearance of a different set. So soon, you can battle while still looking your best!

Let us know what you think of the upcoming changes for FFXI over on the ZAM forums!

From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

  • New Seekers of Adoulin missions

  • New skirmishes
    These skirmishes will involve search and destroy for monsters, so in addition to regular monsters there will also be some notorious monsters. While I can’t get into the details just yet, we are still planning to make this somewhat relaxed content since it is skirmish.

  • New Records of Eminence objectives

  • New Monstrosity monster families and expansion of supported areas
  • Adjustments to infamy and prestige in Monstrosity

  • Adjustments to existing Delve content
    Currently, Delve has been adjusted for 18-man groups, but we will be making adjustments so it can be undertaken by a party of six.

  • Rune fencer and dancer adjustments
    We’ll be making adjustments so that rune fencer can function better as a tank and dancer can function better as a special-type of healer in party settings.

  • Addition of relic-equivalent equipment for geomancer and rune fencer
  • Ability to reforge relic equipment
    In the February version update it will be possible to reforge all five pieces of relic armor to item level 109, as well as three pieces to item level 119.

  • New Trust alter egos
    During the stream we showed off Prishe and Ulmia as new additions, but we will be adding many more.

  • Addition of the new area “Outer Ra’Kaznar”
  • Addition of new monsters
    During the stream we showed off a glimpse of the new area without any monsters added, but in the development version of the game we have finished adding monsters and the atmosphere has changed quite a bit.

From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

While there are space issues when it comes to adding parameters such as accuracy to the current UI, it would be possible to address this by checking with a special NPC or by adding a new text command.

We would like to look into displaying information for right hand accuracy, left hand accuracy, evasion, ranged accuracy, ranged attack, magic accuracy, and magic evasion moving forward.

From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

We are actually in the midst of discussing a system that would separate the appearance of your equipment and the actual gear you have equipped. However, as this is a very large change it will take us some time. We’ll first be looking into a feature that will allow you to keep a certain appearance temporarily.

For example, we are imagining a system where you could equip cosmetic equipment and lock your appearance, and then switch to your practical equipment. As an added effect, we are also planning to make it so you no longer blink when switching equipment.

We’re currently working on this to be implemented sometime after March with the following rules:

  • Locked appearances will automatically be removed when changing areas.
  • Locked appearance wills be removed when changing your main weapon, sub weapon, and ranged weapon, as this change alters animations.
  • Locked appearances will be removed when you suffer the effects of equipment removing abilities to prevent confusion.
  • Restrictions will be imposed for PvP content as it could potentially be used to fake-out opponents.


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