Various Restrictions Eased in Coming Update

 Hate how much gil you have to shell out in order to put an item up on the Auction House? Fed up with how much experience points you lose when that monster turned around and defeated you in one hit? Square Enix has you covered, for in the upcoming version update, these restrictions and many others will be reduced or eliminated entirely! In addition to the elimination of Auction House fees and reduction of experience points lost, fame requirements for various quests around the world will be reduced, certain battlefields will see the minimum player requirement reduced to one, homepoints will be adjusted, and much more!

Let us know what you think of the upcoming restriction changes over on the ZAM forums!

From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

[dev1179] Various Restrictions Will Be Eased in the Coming Version Update

  • The amount of time that oil lamps in Phomiuna Aquaducts can be used will be increased.
  • A new method for opening the door to Sacrarium will be added.
    Trading a sealion crest key and coral crest key to Quelveuiat in Tavnazian Safehold (I-10) will provide the player with a Temple Knight key. While in possession of this key, players will be able to open the door by themselves by examining either the large keyhole or small keyhole in Sacrarium (H-7).
  • The amount of fame required to undertake certain quests in the Kingdom of San d'Oria, the Republic of Bastok, the Federation of Windurst, the Grand Duchy of Jeuno, Selbina, Mhaura, the Tenshodo, and other areas that require fame rank will be reduced.
  • The minimum number of players required to participate in the following battlefields will be lowered from three to one.
    Scouting the Ashu Talif / Royal Painter Escort / Targeting the Captain
  • The amount of experience lost due to being knocked out will be reduced to one-fourth of the current value.
  • The order of homepoint selections will be adjusted.
    The "Travel to another homepoint" option will be displayed at the top, and the possible destinations will be displayed by region.
  • Bazaar taxes will be abolished in all areas.
  • Listing fees for items on the Auction House will be lowered.


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AH fixes
# Feb 07 2014 at 8:33 AM Rating: Good
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You will see a growth in bazaars now, but not necessarily in AH use.

To drive up AH listings, which is what I'm assuming you are trying to do, you still need to:
Raise the 7 item selling limit on AH items significantly (40 items?)
Remove the ability to bazaar items that can't be sold on AH, or make them salable on both (been a while since I played, but many pop items or odd 'ra're items were seemingly broken in this way)
Posting from just above the generator.
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