Job Adjustments

The November version update of Final Fantasy XI is fast approaching, and today a number of job adjustments for Beastmaster and Summoner have been announced. For Beastmaster, a number of changes revolving around jug pets are slated to be added, including the introduction of four new jug pets and a new job ability that lets you summon a pet without consuming a jug to do so.

For Summoners, blood pacts such as Predator Claws and Chaotic Strike will be given skillchain properties. Additionally, changes to the Avatar's Favor ability will also be implemented, increasing the effects of the favor in general, as well as increasing them based on MP consumed during the use of Bloodpacts.

Excited for the changes awaiting these two jobs? Let us know over on the ZAM forums!

From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

[dev1239] Job Adjustments

The following jobs will undergo adjustments.

  • Beastmaster
    • New familiars summonable with the Call Beast command will be added.
      Redolent Candi Blackbeard Randy

      Threestar Lynn Headsmasher Ken
    • A new job ability, Beastial Loyalty, will be added.
      Bestial Loyalty (BST Lv.23, Recast time: 20 min.)
      Summons a beast without consuming the contents of the jug.
    • The job ability Ready will undergo the following adjustments.
      Familiars will be able to use special abilities if they have enough charge regardless of whether or not their TP is over 1,000.
      * This adjustment affects only those special abilities whose effects were dependent on TP values.


  • Summoner
    • The following Blood Pacts: Rage will have skillchain elements added.
      Ecliptic Bite / Flaming Crush / Mountain Buster / Spinning Dive / Predator Claws / Rush / Chaotic Strike
    • The job ability Avatar’s Favor will undergo the following adjustments.
      • The effects of Avatar’s Favor will be increased.
      • The effects of Avatar’s favor will increased based on the amount of MP consumed when using a Blood Pact: Rage or Blood Pact: Ward.


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