Promotional Video for FFXI November Update

 The November version update of Final Fantasy XI is fast approaching, and Square Enix has released a brand new promotional video to show what players can expect. The final chapter of the Seekers of Adoulin storyline, new job adjustments for Beastmaster and Summoner, the Unity Concord system, and much more are slated to appear! So prepare yourself, for the next major content update for Final Fantasy XI is only a short ways away!

To watch the promotional video and see what all else is being added in this version update, be sure to check below the break!

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From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:


[NA]Details on the Upcoming Version Update!

Hello, adventurers of Vana’diel! Matsui here.

I’d like to give you all a preview of the content slated for the November version update.

The upcoming version update welcomes the epic conclusion to the Seekers of Adoulin storyline.

The event team has poured all their energy into creating amazing cutscenes for you all to enjoy, and they truly went all out and did some special things for Arciela’s expressions. Additionally, the ending music is a very fitting song that was created by Naoshi Mizuta. I hope you all check out the conclusion to this magnificent storyline!

We’ll also be continuing to add content and quests for Seekers of Adoulin, even after the conclusion, so you can all enjoy the storyline even more!

Another large element we are adding in the November version update is the “Unity Concord” system.

For Unity we are aiming to create something that is stronger than the nations you belong to and a bit looser of a connection than what you have with linkshells. We want this to be something that players can use to play with and communicate with others.

As a part of this new feature, we will be implementing a new battle system known as “Wanted” where you can fight against high-tier versions of existing NMs, and we will also be adding Unity-related objectives to Records of Eminence. Moving forward we’ll continue to add various new elements, and we are looking forward to receiving your feedback.

Additionally, as another way to foster our community, we’ve created the “Linkshell Concierge”. This is a new system where an NPC will distribute linkpearls for you, and we hope it comes into good use for invigorating existing linkshells. We’ll be looking forward to your feedback on this as well!

In addition to all of the things I’ve mentioned thus far, we will also be adding NMs to certain Adoulin areas, unlocking rank 2 for Monster Rearing, adjusting both beastmaster and summoner, and much, much more.

Speaking of all of this content, we’ve put together a trailer to show it all off. We even used a portion of the Seekers of Adoulin ending song during the mission segment, so please be sure to take a look.

Finally, I have an announcement.
As many of you who frequent PlayOnline.com may have already seen, from Tuesday, November 11 (JST) we will be holding the Return Home to Vana’diel Campaign once again, as well as various other special campaigns. We’ve prepared a whole line of campaigns so that players who are returning can join up with the current adventurers and have a good time. I hope you and your friends enjoy adventuring in Vana’diel!

Among the items scheduled for implementation with this version update, there are still some that are currently in testing. Please keep in mind that we may remove certain items from this implementation list in the event that bugs take an unintentionally long time to fix or balancing issues occur during the development process.

Missions and Quests

Implementation Timing Update Task and Overview Tasks Being Worked On Notes
November Seekers of Adoulin missions Create text
Create cutscenes
Create mission battles
Set reward items
Create BGM
November Unity Concord introduction quest Create text
Create cutscenes
November Adventurer Appreciation Campaign Prepare for distribution of red mog pells -
November The Idyllic Vana’diel Initiative Prepare for distribution of green mog pells and SP gobbie keys
Adjust Meeble Burrows Campaign
Adjust Wildskeeper Reive Campaign
November 11/11 Event Create event
Create related items
November Login Campaign Set new items -

Areas and Monsters

Implementation Timing Update Task and Overview Tasks Being Worked On Notes
November Opening of inaccessible portions of existing areas Unlock inaccessible portions of Sih Gates
Unlock inaccessible portions of Moh Gates
Unlock inaccessible portions of Cirdas Caverns
Unlock inaccessible portions of Dho Gates
Unlock inaccessible portions of Woh Gates
Add notorious monsters to each area
November Addition of mission-specific areas Add new areas
Adjust effects
November Addition of NMs for Wanted Battles Set monster data
Set spawning points
Set spawning criteria
Adjust behavior logic
Adjust balance
Set rewards
November Addition of NMs for Seekers of Adoulin dungeons Set monster data
Set spawning points
Set spawning criteria
Adjust behavior logic
Adjust balance
Set rewards

Content and Systems

Implementation Timing Update Task and Overview Tasks Being Worked On Notes
November Unity Concord Create the related UI
Create new "/unity" chat channel
Create nine unique Unities
Add system where Unity Accolades are collected when earning experience points
Add Unity objectives to Records of Eminence
November Linkshell Concierge Add system where hired NPCs will hand out linkpearls for you
Add NPCs that distribute linkpearls for linkshells with different objectives
November Records of Eminence Add new objectives for Unity Concord
Add system where you can earn Unity points when completing objectives
November High-tier battlefields Reduce the cost of the following:
・Shadow Lord Phantom Gem
・Head Wind Phantom Gem
November Mog Gardens Add a system where undertaking multiple attempts at once will halt when the effects of fertilizer wears off
Add a system that will display the fertilizer giving an effect when selecting a gathering point
Add new fertilizers
November Monster Rearing Unlock rank 2
Add monsters you can raise with rank 2
Add sub-species
Set items you can earn from the additional monsters
November Fishing Add and adjust the fish that can be reeled in from certain Seekers of Adoulin -

Battle System

Implementation Timing Update Task and Overview Tasks Being Worked On Notes
November Beastmaster Ease the usage requirements for "Ready"
Add the ability "Bestial Loyalty" that allows you to call a familiar without consuming a pet item
Add new pets for "Call Beast"
Add new pet items
Add synthesis recipes for pet items
Add a shop that sells pet items to Upper Jeuno
November Summoner Increase the effect of Avatar's Favor
Add a system that increases the effect of Avatar's Favor when using a Blood Pact
Add skillchain elemental properties to certain Blood Pact: Rage
November Trust Increase the stats of alter ego weapon skills -
November Job Points Add a system where jobs will be enhanced in various ways, starting with job traits, depending on the amount of job points used This feature will be added in a future version update in order to conduct further adjustments.


Implementation Timing Update Task and Overview Tasks Being Worked On Notes
November Unity Concord items Add new equipment -
November Seeker of Adoulin mission items Add new equipment -
November Porter Moogle Event item support -


Implementation Timing Update Task and Overview Tasks Being Worked On Notes
November Unity Concord UI Add "Unity" to the "Status" section of the main menu
Add "Unity Information" under "Unity" to check information related to the Unities you belong to
Add "Unity Ranking" under "Unity" to check placement of the Unity you belong to
Add a "Unity List" under "Unity" to search for players participating in Unity
Add the "/unity" chat channel
Display remaining time for Wanted battles
November Currencies Add "Unity Accolades" to Currencies -
November Map icons Display Records of Eminence NPCs with an icon -
November Automaton Equipment screen Layout adjustments -



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