Final Chapter of Seekers of Adoulin to be Added

 The November version update of Final Fantasy XI is fast approaching, and center stage is epic conclusion to the Seekers of Adoulin storyline! Since the expansion's arrival, the mysteries surrounding Arciela, the sacred city, and the entire Ulbuka region have only deepened, yet the answers to all are fast approaching!

To further excite those looking forward to completing the story, Square Enix has unveiled new rewards for the end of the storyline, including a myriad of rings of which you can choose one from.

Excited for the final installment? Which ring do you think you'll choose? Let us know over on the ZAM forums!

From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

[dev1241] The final chapter in the Seekers of Adoulin main scenario will be added.

The final chapter in the Seekers of Adoulin main scenario will be added in the version update occurring on Monday, November 10 (JST).


She stands steadfast against the darkness without, brandishing a blade passed down through the ages as she guides her people to a brighter tomorrow. Will that future come to pass, or will Adoulin succumb?

Pore through the last pages of Arciela’s saga in a few short days!

Players completing the scenario will be rewarded with three special items.

  • The councilor’s garb chestpiece
  • The councilor’s cuffs handwear
  • One of twelve different rings


  • Councilor’s Garb

    * The actual defense of the item is 1, not 51 as displayed in the screenshot.
  • Councilor’s Cuffs

Choice of one of the twelve different rings given below.

* Players misplacing their rewards should speak with Ploh Trishbahk in Eastern Adoulin (K-9) to receive new ones.
* Players wishing to exchange their ring for one of a different type need only speak to Ploh Trishbahk and pay a fee of 300,000 bayld.


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