Light and Darkness

 A mysterious illness has been sweeping through the Sacred City of Adoulin, and not even the amazing duo of the Adoulin Examiner, Famlienne and Skeptical Owl, have been safe from its touch. Where has Owl disappeared to? Why has the Examiner been suspended indefinitely during this crisis? What does this nobleman, clad in black, know about what rages through the city?

The answers to these mysteries will be unraveled soon!

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From Playonline.com:

"Yes, it's been a while since she visited the coalition. Not that that's so unusual.

The little lady--or should I say Famlienne--is the daughter of a noble family with intimate ties to the Order of Woltaris. She used to play in the garden with one of our younger members, but I suppose she's a bit old for that now. On top of that...

There is this strange and unexplained illness that sucks the very soul from your body! Put another way, it's a curse that renders all it touches catatonic. Surely you see why all Adoulin's in a panic.

The reason the coalition manages to maintain a semblance of normalcy is because the Twelve Orders sent out a message asking the coalitions do just that. A tall task, given that they I've heard that this disease has afflicted a number of the younger members of the coalition...

Oh, leave it to me to get sidetracked.. Yes, Famlienne wished to speak with one of us, but suddenly she became quite flustered."

The elderly technician within the Inventors' Coalition rambled as he watched the woman quickly scurry away from the workshop. A man clad in black responded in kind,
"Hmm... These incidents may not be entirely unrelated. I suppose I can look after her for a short while."

The man muttered to himself before thanking the scientist and leaving.

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