Job Adjustments

 One of the highlights of the upcoming December version update of Final Fantasy XI is a series of new combat and job-related adjustments, and today, these changes have been unveiled. Summoner, Blue Mage, and Puppetmaster will be seeing job-specific adjustments and additions to improve and bolster their repertoire in battle.

For more general combat updates, a number of different weapon skills are being adjusted to increase their damage output, as well as a number of adjustments to the accuracy of players and pets.

For full details on the various job adjustments, check below the break. Which adjustment appeals to you the most? Let us know over on the ZAM forums!

From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

[dev1242] Job Adjustments

  • The following jobs will undergo adjustments.
    • Summoner
      • New blood pacts will be added.
        • Blood Pact: Ward: Pacifying Ruby (Lv.99)
          Reduces Enmity of target party member.
        • Blood Pact: Rage: Conflagration Strike (Lv.99)
          Deals fire elemental damage. Additional effect: Burn.
        • Blood Pact: Rage: Crag Throw (Lv.99)
          Delivers a ranged attack that slows target.
        • Blood Pact: Ward: Soothing Current (Lv.99)
          Increases potency of cure effects received for party members within area of effect.
        • Blood Pact: Ward: Hastega II (Lv.99)
          Gives party members within area of effect the effect of “Haste.”
        • Blood Pact: Ward: Crystalline Blessing (Lv.99)
          Confers a TP bonus on party members within area of effect.
        • Blood Pact: Rage: Volt Strike (Lv.99)
          Delivers a threefold attack that stuns target.
    • Blue Mage
      • New blue magic spells are learnable.
        • Molting Plumage (Lv.99 Recast time: 25 sec.)
          Deals wind elemental damage in a fan-shaped area originating from caster.
        • Nectarous Deluge (Lv.99 Recast time: 45 sec.)
          Deals water elemental damage to enemies within range. Additional effect: Poison.
        • Sweeping Gouge (Lv.99 Recast time: 120 sec.)
          Delivers a twofold attack. Additional effect: Paralysis. Additional effect duration varies with TP.
        • Atramentous Libations (Lv.99 Recast time: 180 sec.)
          Steals HP from enemies within range. Ineffective against undead.
    • Puppetmaster
      • The animations and animation lock for maneuvers will be removed.
      • The harlequin frame and stormwaker frame weapon attributes will be changed from hand-to-hand to blunt.
  • Weapon skills will undergo the following adjustments.
    • The potency of the following weapon skills will be increased.
      Dancing Edge / Shark Bite / Evisceration / Mercy Stroke / Mordant Rime /
      Pyrrhic Kleos / Rudra's Storm / Vorpal Blade / Savage Blade /
      Knights of Round / Death Blossom / Expiacion / Rampage / Calamity /
      Mistral Axe / Decimation / Onslaught / Bora Axe / Ruinator / Blade: Jin /
      Blade : Ku / Blade: Metsu / Blade: Kamu / Blade : Hi / Blade: Shun /
      True Strike / Judgement / Hexastrike / Black Halo / Randgrith /
      Realmrazer / Exenterator / Chant du Cygne
    • The TP Bonuses for the following weapons will be increased.
      Mandalic Stab / Rudra’s Storm / Savage Blade / Expiacion / Calamity /
      Mistral Axe / Blade: Ten / Judgement / Black Halo / Mystic Boon
    • Bonuses for the following weapon skills that only applied at initial ranks will now be applied to all ranks.
      Dancing Edge / Evisceration / Pyrrhic Kleos / Vorpal Blade / Swift Blade /
      Rampage / Decimation / Blade: Jin / Blade: Ku / Hexastrike / Exenterator /
      Chant du Cygne
  • The maximum accuracy of one-handed weapons equipped as the main weapon will be increased from 95% to 99%.
  • The maximum accuracy of familiars summoned with Call Beast, wyverns, avatars, and automatons will be increased from 95% to 99%.
  • New food that increases both player and familiar accuracy will be added.


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