Seekers of Adoulin Quests

 Can't get enough of the Seekers of Adoulin storyline? Finish up your missions but still needing more of the Sacred City? You're in luck! In the upcoming December version update of Final Fantasy XI, two new quests for Seekers of Adoulin involving the Order of Weatherspoon and exorcism are to be added!

Excited for these two new quests? Let us know over on the ZAM forums!

From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

[dev1246] New Seekers of Adoulin Quests

  • Two Seekers of Adoulin quests will be added in the December version update.
    • No One Expects the Weatherspoon Inquisition
      A web of trickery and a treasure of old bring two sides into conflict. But what is the real evil that must be faced?
    • Eye of the Beholder
      A lauded exorcist whose incantations continue to expel the undead comes under the watchful gaze of a would-be disciple. What truth lies cloaked beneath the shadows?


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