New Mog Garden System: Chacharoon’s Cheer

 Do you find yourself wishing that the tiny monster you're raising in your Mog Garden reciprocated the affection and care you were giving it? Then Chacharoon's Cheer is just for you! In the upcoming December version update of Final Fantasy XI, the pint-sized Qiqirn will unlock the ability to gain bonuses through mementos obtained from reared monsters!

For further details, check below the break. What all bonuses are you hoping will be available? Let us know over on the ZAM forums!

From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

[dev1247] New Mog Garden System: Chacharoon’s Cheer

  • What is Chacharoon’s Cheer?
    Chacharoon’s Cheer is a new system courtesy of the eponymous Qiqirn that provides a variety of bonuses to players using mementos gained from monsters raised in the Mog Gardens.
    These bonuses have a variety of effects that can aid adventurers during their forays throughout the world of Vana’diel.
    * Players must have completed the quest “Chacharoon’s Cheer” to receive these effects. This quest will activate once players have reached a Monster Rearing rank of two.
    • Monster Mementos
      When caring for a monster in the Mog Gardens (petting, receiving items, or feeding), playershave a chance to receive a memento from that monster. Mementos increase the types of effects available from Chacharoon’s cheer and add new items to purchase from the Green Thumb Moogle.
      * Monsters of the same family may provide different mementos based on how much they have grown.
      * Players will receive a lamb memento key item at the start of the Monster Rearing tutorial event. Those who have already completed this event will receive the key item upon entering their Mog Garden.
    • Selecting which Effects to Receive
      Speaking with Chacharoon and selecting “Discuss a cheering effect” will enable a player to choose which cheer they would like to activate.
      Only one cheer can be in effect at a given time, but it is possible to change the effect in exchange for a particular sum of shining stars.
      * The amount of stars required varies on the desired new effect.


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