Unwrap the December Version Update!

 Christmas has come early to Vana'diel! For those needing some festive gifts a few weeks in advance, Square Enix has unveiled the new December version update of Final Fantasy XI! New Seekers of Adoulin quests, new Unity Concord Wanted objectives, brand new job adjustments, a new Mog Gardens system, the arrival of the Gifts job enhancement system, the ability to separate log windows, and much more!

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From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:


  • New quests have been added to Seekers of Adoulin areas.
  • Unity Concord has undergone the following additions and adjustments.
    • New Wanted objectives have been added to the following areas.
      Bibiki Bay / Carpenters’ Landing / Yhoator Jungle / Eastern Altepa Desert / Beaucedine Glacier / Xarcabard
      Intuila Orcfeltrap Woodland Mender
      Cactrot Veloz Largantua Beist
    • The graphic for Ethereal Junctions accompanying Wanted battles has been changed.
  • A new Mog Gardens system, Chacharoon’s Cheer, has been added.
    Read on for details.
  • Records of Eminence has undergone the following additions and adjustments.
    • New objectives have been added.
    • The Unity objective “Spoils: Two-Leaf Mandragora Bud (UC)” for Apururu now requires saruta cotton instead of two-leaf mandragora buds.
  • New NPCs selling maps have been added to the following locations.
    Cyranda in Southern San d’Oria [S] (G-10) / Faltavie in Bastok Markets [S] (H-9) / Jalah Mistani in Windurst Waters [S] (H-8)
    • Maps for sale
      Vunkerl Inlet / Grauberg / Fort Karugo-Narugo
  • New maps available for purchase have been added to the following NPCs
    Riyadahf in Aht Urhgan Whitegate (I-10) / Violitte in Southern San d’Oria (G-10) / Elesca in Northern San d’Oria (I-8) / Karine in Bastok Markets (H-9) / Rex in Port Bastok (J-7) / Mhoji Roccoruh in Port Windurst (G-9) / Pehki Machumaht in Windurst Woods (H-11) / Lombaria in Selbina (I-7) / Ludwig in Mhaura (H-9) / Rusese in Upper Jeuno (H-6) / Promurouve in Lower Jeuno (H-7)
    • Maps Added
      Phomiuna Aqueducts / Mamook / Hanvlung / Arrapago Reef / Alzadaal Undersea Ruins/ Uleguerand Range / Attohwa Chasm / Pso’Xja / Oldton Movalpolos / Newton Movalpolos / Tavnazian Archipelago / The Sacrarium / Cape Riverne / Al’Taieu / The Grand Palance of Hu’Xoi / The Garden of Ru’Hmet / Al Zahbi / Nashmau / Wajaom Woodlands / Caedarva Mire / Mount Zhayolm / Aydeewa Subterrane / Vunkerl Inlet / Grauberg / Fort Karugo-Narugo
      * The prices for maps of Vunkerl Inlet, Grauberg, and Fort Karugo-Narugo differ from those of the other maps.
  • Gil and experience rewards have been added to the following quests due to the addition of new maps for purchase.
    Over the Hills and Far Away / One Good Deed / Unforgiven / Paradise, Salvation, and Maps / Go! Go! Gobmuffin! / The Prankster / Rock Bottom / What Friends Are For / The Flipside of Things / Lost in Translocation / The Weekly Adventurer
  • Certain entries for NPCs in Celennia Memorial Library have been updated.
  • Some of the correct responses in the quest A Thirst for Eternity are now different based on how far the player has progressed in the mission.
  • Up on making an attempt to open the Goblin Mystery Box, the amount of daily tally point needed to use a dial will be displayed.


  • A new job enhancement system known as Gifts have been added.
    Gifts are a new system with a variety of effects derived from the number of job points already spent.

    Some affect the performance of a job, while others provide increased capacity point gains and the ability to equip special equipment marked as "Superior."

    Read on for a list of Gifts added in the December version update.
    * More Gifts are scheduled to be added in future version updates.
  • The following jobs have undergone adjustments
    • Summoner
      • New blood pacts have been added.
        • Blood Pact: Ward: Pacifying Ruby (Lv.99)
          Reduces Enmity of target party member.
        • Blood Pact: Rage: Conflagration Strike (Lv.99)
          Deals fire elemental damage. Additional effect: Burn.
        • Blood Pact: Rage: Crag Throw (Lv.99)
          Delivers a ranged attack that slows target.
        • Blood Pact: Ward: Soothing Current (Lv.99)
          Increases potency of cure effects received for party members within area of effect.
        • Blood Pact: Ward: Hastega II (Lv.99)
          Gives party members within area of effect the effect of "Haste."
        • Blood Pact: Ward: Crystalline Blessing (Lv.99)
          Confers a TP bonus on party members within area of effect.
        • Blood Pact: Rage: Volt Strike (Lv.99)
          Delivers a threefold attack that stuns target.
      • Cait Sith’s damage type has been changed from hand-to-hand to blunt.
    • Blue Mage
      • New blue magic spells are learnable.
        • Molting Plumage (Lv.99 Recast time: 25 sec.)
          Deals wind elemental damage in a fan-shaped area originating from caster.
        • Nectarous Deluge (Lv.99 Recast time: 45 sec.)
          Deals water elemental damage to enemies within range. Additional effect: Poison.
        • Sweeping Gouge (Lv.99 Recast time: 120 sec.)
          Delivers a twofold attack. Additional Effect: Decreases defense. Additional effect duration varies with TP.
        • Atramentous Libations (Lv.99 Recast time: 180 sec.)
          Steals HP from enemies within range. Ineffective against undead.
    • Puppetmaster
      • The animations and animation lock for maneuvers have been removed.
      • The harlequin frame and stormwaker frame weapon attributes have been changed from hand-to-hand to blunt.
  • Weapon skills have undergone the following adjustments.
    • The potency of the following weapon skills has been increased.
      Dancing Edge / Shark Bite / Evisceration / Mercy Stroke / Mordant Rime / Pyrrhic Kleos / Rudra's Storm / Vorpal Blade / Savage Blade / Knights of Round / Death Blossom / Expiacion / Rampage / Calamity / Mistral Axe / Decimation / Onslaught / Bora Axe / Ruinator / Blade: Jin / Blade : Ku / Blade: Metsu / Blade: Kamu / Blade : Hi / Blade: Shun / True Strike / Judgement / Hexastrike / Black Halo / Randgrith / Realmrazer
    • The TP Bonuses for the following weapons has been increased.
      Mandalic Stab / Rudra’s Storm / Savage Blade / Expiacion / Calamity / Mistral Axe / Blade: Ten / Judgement / Black Halo / Mystic Boon
    • Bonuses for the following weapon skills that only applied for initial hits will now be applied to all hits.
      Dancing Edge / Evisceration / Pyrrhic Kleos / Vorpal Blade / Swift Blade / Rampage / Decimation / Blade: Jin / Blade: Ku / Hexastrike / Exenterator / Chant du Cygne
  • The maximum accuracy of one-handed weapons equipped as the main weapon has been increased from 95% to 99%.
    * Owing to this change, the maximum accuracy of abilities that rely on main weapon accuracy has also been raised from 95% to 99%.
    Further, some monster damage types have been changed from hand-to-hand to blunt.* Fellows and alter egos enjoy this benefit as well.
  • The maximum accuracy of beastmaster familiars, wyverns, avatars, and automatons has been increased from 95% to 99%.
    * In line with this change, familiars summoned using the following items have had their damage types changed from hand-to-hand to blunt.
    Carrot Broth / Famous Carrot Broth / Bug Broth / Quadav Bug Broth / Berbal Broth / Singing Herbal Broth / Carrion Broth / Cold Carrion Broth / Meat Broth / Warm Meat Broth / Tree Sap / Scarlet Sap / Fish Broth / Fish Oil Broth / Deepbed Soil / Sun Water / Grasshopper Broth / Noisy Grasshopper Broth / Mole Broth / Lively Mole Broth / Blood Broth / Clear Blood Broth / Antica Broth / Fragrant Antica Broth
  • New food that increases both player and familiar accuracy has been added.
  • The Trust initiative has undergone the following adjustments.
    • Alter egos may now be called forth in the following mission battlefields.
      • Sacrificial Chamber
        The Temple of Uggalepih
      • Chamber of Oracles
        Through the Quicksand Caves
      • La'Loff Ampitheater
        Ark Angels one through five
      • Stellar Fulcrum
        Delkfutt's Tower
      • The Celestial Nexus
        The Celestial Nexus
    • Alter egos may now be called forth in the following quest battlefields.
      • Empyreal Paradox
        Apocalypse Nigh
      • La'Loff Ampitheater
        Pentacide Perpetrator
      • Riverne-Site #B01
        Storms of Fate
    * High-tier mission battlefields are excluded from these adjustments.

    Read on for a list of content where alter egos may be called forth.


  • New items requiring the Gift category "Superior" to equip have been added.
    Items that require Superior to equip may be bought on the auction house, traded, and otherwise exchanged.
  • New synthesis recipes have been added.
  • New items have been added.
  • The "reduces knockback distance" attribute on the Repulse Mantle and Vocane Ring now reads "reduces knockback distance +2"
  • New items storable with the Porter Moogle have been added.
    • Storage Slip 19
      Lamb Carving / Polished Lamb Carving / Cait Sith Carving / Leafkin Bopper / Leafkin Bopper +1 / Cait Sith Cap / Cait Sith Cap +1 / Frosty Cap



  • Log windows may now be separated.
    • Separating log windows
      Select "Shared" From the Window section of the Config submenu and turn multi-window on to display two log windows.
    • Window settings
      Selecting "Window 1" or "Window 2" from the Window section of the Config submenu to set the following items for each window.
      • Reactive window sizing
      • Maximum lines displayed
      • Minimum lines displayed
        * In line with this change, the minimum number of maximum lines displayed has been reduced from 6 to 4.
    • Chat log settings.
      A new entry within the Config menu, "Log," enables players to set which types of logs display in which windows.
  • Window 1 and Window 2 have been added to the tabs displayed when expanding the log window.

    * Window 2 will be displayed when multiple log windows are active.
  • Timestamps may now be displayed in the log window.
    Timestamps may be displayed for the following chat logs.
    Say / Tell / Party / Linkshell / Linkshell2 / Unity / Emote / Shout / Yell
    • Displaying Timestamps
      Turning timestamps on from "Shared" in the Windows section of the Config submenu will display timestamps for the above logs.
  • The Status submenu will now display a character's average item level and ability to equip superior equipment.
  • It is now possible to confirm your destination when teleporting using waypoints.
  • Item help text will now be displayed when selecting an item from the following NPCs.
    • Greeter Moogles in the following areas.
      Port San d'Oria (J-10) / Port Bastok (J-13) / Windurst Walls (C-13) / Chocobo Circuit (H-8)
    • Records of Eminence NPCs.
      Rolandienne in Southern San d'Oria (G-10) / Isakoth in Bastok Markets (E-11) / Fhelm Jobeizat in Windurst Woods (J-10) / Eternal Flame in Western Adoulin (H-11)
    • A.M.A.N. NPCs.
      Urbiolane in Southern San d’Oria (G-10) / Igsli in Bastok Markets (E-11) / Teldro-Kesdrodo in Windurst Woods (J-10) / Yonolala in Windurst Woods (J-10) / Nunaarl Bthtrogg (H-11)
  • A new homepoint has been added in Castle Zvahl Keep [S] (G-7)
  • Survival Guides have been added to the following locations.
    Carpenters' Landing (J-10) / Bibiki Bay (H-7) / Miseraux Coast (G-7) / Tavnazian Safehold (H-6) / Phomiuna Aqueducts (J-10) / The Sacrarium (E-7) / Aht Urhgan Whitegate (L-8) / Wajaom Woodlands (C-8) / Nashmau (G-8) / Mamook (J-7) / Aydeewa Subterrane (H-10) / Southern San d’Oria [S] (K-10) / East Ronfaure [S] )J-11) / Jugner Forest [S] (G-11) / Vunkerl Inlet [S] (E-7) / Batallia Downs [S] (F-9) / Bastok Markets [S] (G-4) / North Gustaberg [S] (F-7) / Grauberg [S] (L-4) / Pashhow Marshlands [S] (K-11) / Rolanberry Fields [S] (I-14) / Windurst Waters [S] (F-5) / West Sarutabaruta [S] (I-5) / Fort Karugo-Narugo [S] (I-5) / Meriphataud Mountains [S] (L-8) / Sauromugue Champaign [S] (K-11) / Beaucedine Glacier [S] (G-7) / Castle Zvahl Baileys [S] (J-8) / Garlaige Citadel [S] (G-7) / Crawlers’ Nest [S] (M-8) / Eldieme Necropolis [S] (J-9) / Rabao (G-11) / Kazham (G-9) / Norg (H-9)
  • Some UI and text command elements have been changed in preparation for the ability to equip two linkshells, which is scheduled to be implemented in the future.
  • A new message has been added when speaking with Grrk-Frut the Charlatan in Marjami Ravine (I-11) while in possession of six Incursion key items and at the maximum content level for Incursion.
    * The key items will continue to be removed as previously.

[Windows and Xbox 360 only]

New icons designating the role of a particular alter ego have been added to the Trust magic list.
The icons are as given below and are only viewable when the icon type is set to 2.

Icon List


Icon Colors

Resolved Issues

  • The issue wherein certain NPC's equipment in cutscenes accompanying the Wings of the Goddess mission "Affairs of State" was incorrect.
  • The issue with the Seekers of Adoulin mission "The Light Within" wherein PC animations were occasionally displayed incorrectly.
  • The issue with the Seekers of Adoulin mission "Undying Light" wherein the graphics of some NPCs appearing in cutscenes were incorrect.
  • The issue with the Seekers of Adoulin mission "Undying Light" wherein the background music did not play during cutscenes.
  • The issue with the goblin footprints in Kamihr Drifts (K-11) wherein background music would not play when rewatching the cutscenes in the Seekers of Adoulin mission "Blood for Blood."
  • The issue with the Seekers of Adoulin mission "Abomination" wherein some NPC dialogue in the cutscenes would occasionally not display.
  • The issue with the Seekers of Adoulin mission "The Key to the Turris" wherein the animations of certain NPCs and the locations of the camera during cutscenes would occasionally be incorrect.
  • The issue with the Seekers of Adoulin mission "Reckoning" wherein some NPC animations in the cutscenes were incorrect.
  • The issue with the Seekers of Adoulin mission "Heroes, Unite!" wherein some NPC dialogue in the cutscenes was incorrect.
  • The issue wherein the following Unity Concord NPCs would occasionally fail to respond when trading them a piece of equipment.
    Ubiolaine in Southern San d'Oria (G-10) / Igsli in Bastok Markets (E-11) / Teldro-Kesdrodo in Windurst Woods (J-10) / Yonolala in Windurst Woods (J-10) / Nunaarl Bthtrogg in Western Adoulin (H-11)
  • The issue with Unity Concord wherein the timing of switching objectives was incorrect.
  • The issue with various "Total Successful Synthesis Attempts (UC)” Unity Concord objectives wherein desynthesizing items would not count toward the total.
  • • The issue with the Records of Eminence objective “Heal for 500+ HP (D)” wherein healing players in other Unities, alter egos, fellows, and pets would not count toward the total. This bug fix also applies to instances where heals would not be counted owing to the actions of other players.
  • The issue with the Records of Eminence set objectives screen wherein entering text would cause the next page to display.
  • The issue wherein the error message would not display when a Unity Concord objective is unable to be accepted.
  • The issue with the various "Magic Bursts (UC)" Unity Concord objectives wherein magic bursts caused by enfeebling magic and pet skills that do not cause damage did not count toward the total.
  • The issue wherein the amount of Unity Points earned by vanquishing some monsters was incorrect.
  • The issue with Corsairs' Beast Roll wherein busting would occasionally cause pet attack to decrease.
    * In accordance with this fix, the values for busting with the following phantom rolls have been removed.
    Beast Roll / Drachen Roll / Puppet Roll
  • The issue wherein the following spells and abilities would not display in the magic burst log when resisted.
    Wyvern Breaths / Blood Pacts / Blue Magic / Helixes
  • The issue with the Respite Cloak wherein the item level was not set correctly.
  • The issue wherein job-specific capes obtainable from the following Velkk coffers and grand coffers would occasionally not be engraved with arcane glyptics.
    Ymmr-Ulvid / Ignor-Mnt / Durs-Vike / Tryl-Wuj / Liij-Vok / Gramk-Droog
  • The issue wherein the Charitoni Sling had the Ex attribute.
  • The issue with Pukulatmuj +1 where the actual value of the stoneskin casting time effect was lower than displayed in the help text.
  • The issue with the councillor's garb wherein selecting "Items" from the action command menu would display it in the list while it was equipped.
  • Various issues with incorrect text, item help text, and NPC dialogue.
  • The issue wherein Eternal Flame and Nunaarl Bthtrogg in in Western Adoulin (H-11) would occasionally not display.
  • The issue with chat channel settings wherein pressing the right arrow key when selecting someone to send a sell to would not return the cursor correctly.
  • The issue with chat channel settings wherein moving the mouse over the arrow icon to the right of "Tell" would display an unnatural icon. Further, selecting this option would select "Shout."
  • The issue with synergy wherein checking the following recipes at an NPC would display that the required synthesis skill rank was veteran.
    Galley Kitchen / Fizzy Broth / Electrified Broth / Saline Broth
  • The issue wherein the following blue magic spells did not take into account the main weapon's accuracy and item level.
    Pinecone Bomb / Queasyshroom / Feather Storm
    * As part of this fix, the accuracy of these spells now increases based on blue magic skull, agi, and ranged weapon.

Known Issues

  • Karaha-Baruha’s alter ego will occasionally cast Barfira after being the victim of a water elemental attack.
  • In Rala Waterways, passing through the sluice gates occasionally renders the player unable to move.
  • Pets occasionally stop being able to moving in Arrapago Reef.
  • In the Chains of Promatha mission “A Meteoric Reunion,” the screen will occasionally go black and become unresponsive during the cutscene.
  • When completing the Seekers of Adoulin mission “The Charlatan,”an error message displaying that the player is unable to hold any more items will occasionally display even though the player has actually received the reward.
  • When changing party member order, it will occasionally become impossible to enter party members’ Mog Houses or Mog Gardens.
  • Chacharoon’s Cheer effects that make it easier to raise combat skills will occasionally not activate properly.
  • Knockbacks could by enemy abilities and the line will occasionally not function properly.
  • It is occasionally impossible to target enemies during colonization reives in Yorcia Weald.
  • Danguebert in Western Adoulin will occasionally not display.
  • NPCs can occasionally be set as the target of tells via the command line under certain conditions.
  • When opening a bazaar-related menu after changing areas, the status of one’s bazaar will occasionally be reset.
  • When the maximum number of lines displayed in the log window is set to 4, NPC dialogue will occasionally not display.
  • After searching via Unity in the Unity submenu, adding “Balista” to search conditions causes the search to fail.
  • When moving from Carpenters’ Landing to other areas, the icon depicting the location of survival guides does not display.
[Xbox 360 only]
  • The visual effects of Carbuncle’s blood pact “Pacifying Ruby” will occasionally not display.



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