New Seekers of Adoulin Quests

 The January version update of Final Fantasy XI is fast approaching, and Square Enix has a number of new quests lined up for the Seekers of Adoulin expansion. Delve deeper into the history of the exorcist Ingrid and the leader of the Order of Woltaris, Melvien de Malecroix! So be sure to look for these new quest lines starting January 15th!

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From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

[dev1247] New Seekers of Adoulin Quests

New quests related to the Seekers of Adoulin storyline will be added.

  • No Mercy for the Wicked / Mistress of Ceremonies

Even Ingrid, the Merciless One, has a past filled with heartbreak and sorrow.
Will she be able to overcome the spirits that haunt her?


  • The Curious Case of Melvien

The smallest seeds sewed by the former minister of fianance turned into a canopy covering the nation.
Will the trees bear fruit of truth or of deceit?


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