Valentione's Day

 It's nearly that time of the year again! With love in the air, the Moogles of the M.H.M.U. are preparing Vana'diel for the return of the Valentione's Day event! From Tuesday, February 3rd through to Wednesday, February 18th, players can take to Bastok, San d'Oria, or Windurst to participate in events to obtain brand new holiday-themed gear, or help some love-struck Chocobos find a mate in order to obtain a special furnishing for your Mog House!

For more details, be sure to check below the break. Excited for the event? Let us know over on the ZAM forums!

From Playonline.com:

Valentione's Day, that decidedly delightful day of doting, has descended to dazzle us once again.

It is a day for reveling in the rapturous rhapsody of romantic rapport. As such, partners often prefer to preserve the precious precepts of their pairing in the form of a present.

Determined to help these people share their magical memories of mirth with that special someone, the MHMU has crafted curious containing couples' names, kupo!

Wouldn't you like to leave a lasting reminder of the linkage between your lives?

This year, the M.H.M.U. has graciously gleaned new gifts for Valentione's Day, and is anxiously waiting to assist in these admirable assertions of affection, kupo!

Take the plunge and pursue this personalized present by procuring a pairing with that precious person you find most dear!

Indeed, here follows the tale of a young Elvaan girl in the far reaches of San d'Oria who so desired a gift inscribed with the name of the one she fancied that she stopped at nothing to obtain it.


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