Mog Gardens Additions and Adjustments

Final Fantasy XI's Mog Garden system will be seeing a number of changes and additions in the upcoming February version update! New monster families and mementoes will be implemented and the Monster Rearing skill will be raised up to three, allowing for adventurers to raise multiple monsters at the same time. Most notably is the planned changes to the graphics for the Mog Gardens!

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From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

[dev1252] Mog Gardens Additions and Adjustments

  • The graphics for the Mog Gardens will be changed.
  • Monster Rearing will undergo the following additions and adjustments.
    • New monster families and mementoes will be added.
    • The Monster Rearing skill cap will be raised to rank three.
      • Achieving rank three will open up a new section of the Mog Gardens and provide the ability to rear multiple creatures as once.
        * Players may rear up to two creatures as of the February version update.
      • A copy of Sakura and the Fantastical Fountain, purchasable from the following NPCs, is required to increase Monster Rearing skill to rank three.
        Skipper Moogles in Port San d'Oria (I-8), Port Bastok (K-11), or
        Port Windurst (C-8) / Zenicca in Western Adoulin (E-9)


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