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Father, Draighton, was born in Nibelheim. Growing up he trained as a expert marksman. His friends, Zack and Cloud, made jokes at him for not learning the sword. At age 13, Draighton awoke to find his village burning. He looked out his window to witness in horror, a black caped man with a long katana, killing everyone in the town. After that day he vowed to learn all forms of weaponry, mainly the sword. During the rebuilding of the town Draighton met his to-be wife, Celes, while rebuilding the town water tower. One day during the build, a large piece of cement fell on Draighton's leg, crippling him. One year after the accident, Draighton's only son was born. Drayco. Draighton vowed to make sure his son was one of the most skilled warriors in the world. At age 16, Drayco took a voyage to the world of Vana'deil, to hone his skills...

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