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People have always been stupid in this game, but I think ToAU has made more stupid people than before. It's a top-down thing. Classic RDMs who have been playing since 2004 are no longer the majority of endgame RDMs who are dispensing advice to the up-and-comers. We're sharing elbow room with people who have never fought a Coeurl in an XP party, ever. - Liselle For whatever reason I now picture lolgaxe as some sort of Elvaan Scrooge McDuck, swimming through his massive vault of loot. Except instead of gold coins he swims through DRG relic, R/Ex axes and hentai mangas. -RadioGotEm Thank you Mnementh. You will always be a Heraldic Pimp in my book! -Fynlar [quote=PopeDragunov]IT PUTS THE POTION IN THE CASKET![/quote] [ffxisig]46829[/ffxisig]

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