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I am a true Final Fantasy fan and I have been playing the series since the original Final Fantasy for Nintendo. I extremely enjoy FFXI and I have been playing off and on since 2005. I have solid game play experience and I am a dedicated player. I have high level jobs and I am the type of player who sincerely likes to get things done in-game. Over my years of playing FFXI, I have seen the worst of the worst types of players and some of the best. Regardless of what some harsh critics have to say about FFXI, it is a truly wonderful and enriching game with tons of things to do. I try to keep a positive attitude about everyone I play with, but I am definitely not a player who wastes time with negative players, who bash other players and the game itself. I look forward to dedicated venturing and long-term commitment to playing FFXI and eventually FFXIV (once it releases). I welcome all friendly players (both experienced and non-experienced) to venture with me when I am online. My IGN is: Toshiden for whichever server I end up on. I will be playing a lot for players who will also be playing a lot and I will be playing on the Xbox 360. Have fun~!! :)

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