2008 Feast of Swords Spoilers  

The following are transcripts from the special event 2008 Feast of Swords.


Moogle : I have been burdened with the duty of breaking the following news to all our faithful adventurers, kupo...
Moogle : After lengthy deliberation, the Mog House Management Union (MHMU) has decided upon the cancellation of the Feast of Swords, kupo...
Moogle : A series of scandals within MHMU's upper management in recent years has led to the--
The moogle appears to have received a message...!
Moogle : G-grave news, kupo!!!
Unknown individuals donning priceless samurai armor from the Far East have been wreaking havoc!!!
Moogle : Furthermore, these shady individuals claim the armor was borrowed by the MHMU, kupo!
Moogle : Please lend us a hand, brave adventurer!
Equip this ibushi shinai, and have a nomad moogle outside town cast special moogle magic upon it, kupo!
Moogle : But be warned--this magic has the side effect of preventing you from attacking any other monster for three whole Vana'dielian days, kupo!
Moogle : This new weapons, the ibushi shinai, was developed as a countermeasure for serious situations such as this, kupo. It has been designed with the ability to absorb malicious auras emitted by enemies.
Moogle : We want you to use it to absorb malice from those wacky samurai wannabes, and then plant this ibushi shinai near to where they fall. By doing so, you can further weaken the insidious individuals inside the armor, kupo!
Moogle : To plant the ibushi shinai, all you have to do is trade it to the ground near a fallen fiend. You'll get a reward that matches the amount of malice absorbed, kupo!
Moogle : When you plant the ibushi shinai into the ground, all malice absorbed inside will be purified by the land, kupo!
Obtained: Ibushi shinai

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