Accuracy Bonus  

  • Increases accuracy and ranged accuracy of physical attacks.
  • Obtaining two of the same rank of Accuracy Bonus through a job/subjob combination will not increase the effect of the trait.

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Job Trait

Accuracy Bonus I
Ranger 10
Dragoon 30
Dancer 30
Blue Mage 63

Accuracy up +10

Accuracy Bonus II
Ranger 30
Dragoon 50
Dancer 60

Accuracy up +12

Accuracy Bonus III
Ranger 50

Accuracy up +13

Accuracy Bonus IV
Ranger 70

Accuracy up +13

Blue Magic Spells Affecting Accuracy Bonus

A combination of any two of the following spells with grant the Blue Mage the Accuracy Bonus I trait.

Level Spell Point cost
60 Dimensional Death 5
63 Frenetic Rip 3
72 Disseverment 5

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