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Auction houses can be found in all of Vana'diel's major cities. Here adventurers gather to bid on battle spells, unwanted items, old armor...almost anything.

Currently, the auction houses in Bastok, San d'Oria, Windurst, and Jeuno are all connected. Adventurers may use any auction house regardless of nationality. The auction houses in the Tavnazian Safehold and the Empire of Aht Urhgan are connected to the Jeuno Auction House. The city of Rabao connects to the auction house in San d'Oria. The city of Norg connects to the auction house in Bastok. The city of Kazham connects to the auction house in Windurst.

Transaction fees are proportional to the amount for which an item is put up for on auction. The method of calculating this fee is different for single items and stackable items. A transaction fee is collected when any merchandise is put up for auction. This fee is nonrefundable.

The International Auction House Committee, or IAHC, has declared that a maximum of seven items may be put up for auction at one time. However, the IAHC has recently removed the limit to how many items one may purchase.

A small amount of time is required before new merchandise appears on our bid list. Once an item appears on your "Sales Status" list, it may not immediately appear on the bid list. If you do not see your item on the bid list, try looking again at a later time.

To remove an item from your "Sales Status" list, you must visit an auction counter to acknowledge the sale or return of your merchandise. Otherwise, previously sold or returned items will fill up your list and prevent you from selling any more merchandise. At any auction counter, open the "Sales Status" menu and acknowledge the transaction to clear it from the list. Press the confirm button to remove any transaction colored yellow (sold) or red (returned).

If you would like to withdraw an item from an auction, you must travel to an auction house in the country where you initially put the item up for sale, and select "Stop Sale" from the "Sales Status" menu.

The first adventurer to bid at above the asking price will automatically purchase the product. Once put up for auction, merchandise will remain there for a maximum of nine weeks Vana'diel time (three days Earth time). If the merchandise does not sell within this time limit, it will be returned to the seller's current residence.

In the past, many have amassed great wealth through the auction house. May the same happen for you!

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