Defense Bonus (FFXI)  

  • Increases defense against physical damage
  • Traits of the same rank will not stack. For example a level 30 PLD/WAR will not recieve Defense Bonus I twice on their job ability list.

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Job Trait

Defense Bonus I
Paladin 10
Warrior 10
Increases defense by 10 points.

Defense Bonus II
Paladin 30
Increases defense by 22 points.

Defense Bonus III
Paladin 50
Increases defense by 35 points.

Defense Bonus IV
Paladin 70
Increases defense by 48 points.

Blue Magic Spells Affecting Defense Bonus

A combination of any of the following two spells will grant the Defense Bonus trait:

Level Spell Point Cost
30 Grand Slam 2
40 Terror Touch 3
72 Saline Coat 3
75 Vertical Cleave 3

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