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The following are transcripts and video from the quest Gifts of the Griffon.

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Watchdog Alley Part 1

This cutscene can be re-watched in game by talking to Zidalf in Southern San d'Oria (S). Select "San d'Oria Quests 1" and then select the cutscene "Gifts of the Griffon(pt.1)."

Louxiard : This is Watchdog Alley.
Have you come to view the Orc prisoner?
Louxiard : He's right over there.
The Royal Knights caught the fiend and threw him in a cage as a warning to his foul brethren.

An Elvaan is talking to the orc.

Louxiard : This Orc appears to speak our language surprisingly well.
You may approach if you wish.
Darvylle : (Blast...
Someone's coming...)

Darvylle leaves.

Orcish Captive : W-wait! We're not done here, Darvylle!
Orcish Captive : Hm...?
Orcish Captive : H-hello, kind stranger!
Listen to my tale...if it please you!
Orcish Captive : I understand that you may be loath to believe one in my situation...
Orcish Captive : But I am, in actual fact, an Elvaan--a descendant of House Aurchiat.
Orcish Captive : This unlovely form is the result of a witch's curse.

The orc removes something from his clothes...

Orcish Captive : Behold this signet ring.
It bears the coat of arms of House Aurchiat, and is all I retain of my identity.

The symbol of a unicorn adorns the ring.

Orcish Captive : The Temple Knight here before you was the merciful Sir Darvylle. He chose to believe my tale.
Orcish Captive : He also chose to leave me with a ring of keys--including the one to this cage.
Orcish Captive : Without a thought for his own position, Sir Darvylle is graciously allowing me one last look at the faces of my beloved family...
Orcish Captive : I could not let fear make a mockery of his generosity.
Orcish Captive : Yet when I stretched out a hand to work the lock on the outside of the cage, I was stymied...
Orcish Captive : These cursed Orc arms are as thick as table hams!
I could not fit my limbs through the bars!
Orcish Captive : Ugh...
Orcish Captive : I promise not to flee.
Will you not open the cage in my stead?

Choice: Open the cage?

If you say no, the orc repeats the following until you say yes: Orcish Captive: My dear wife and doting child abide in my estate... If I might peek in...if only from the shadows... I must see my family once more while my heart yet beats!

You open the cage...

Orcish Captive : Thank you!
Orcish Captive : I shall return the keys myself. I cannot have the guards believing you aided in my escape.
Orcish Captive : Now I must away before the alarm is raised.
Orcish Captive : Blessed child of Altana!
If only I could meet you as my true self!

The orc uses a prism powder and leaves, now invisible.

Louxiard : Have a nice conversation with our Orcish "guest"?
Where did he learn to speak so eloquently, I wonder...

Watchdog Alley Part 2

This cutscene can be re-watched in game by talking to Zidalf in Southern San d'Oria (S). Select "San d'Oria Quests 1" and then select the cutscene "Gifts of the Griffon(pt.2)."

Louxiard : That chatty Orc has escaped!
Louxiard : But not before releasing all the other prisoners...
Louxiard : There is evidence at the scene that the Orc was supplied with a pinch of prism powder.
We have a traitor in our midst.
Louxiard : The escape was noticed after the changing of the guard. Could this have happened during my watch...?
Louxiard : We have every able-bodied Temple Knight available assigned to the search, but...hm?

Louxiard sees two Elvaan talking.

Excenmille : If the knights choose to do nothing, then the Young Griffons will take matters into their own hands! Alphonimile : Excenmille...
Leave military matters to your elders.
Now, return home and cease this unseemly conduct.
Excenmille : ...!!! That is your answer to everything, Father!
It is the same tired answer you gave when--
??? : Excenmille!
Excenmille : Rahal.
What is afoot?
Rahal : Bistillot's work is complete!
Excenmille : Truly!?
Rahal : Yes!
We must make haste to the meeting place.
Excenmille : (turning to his father) It shall be the Young Griffons who end this war!
The elders of this kingdom couldn't be trusted to lace their own boots!

Louxiard : Who is that, you ask?
That, my friend, is Count Alphonimile M Aurchiat, a Royal Knight and lord of the territory of Norvallen.
Alphonimile : I have only myself to blame for the behavior of my son and heir...
Alphonimile : Ever since the incident when the Bloodwing Horde enclosed the capital in their merciless grip, the streets have grown increasingly dangerous.
Alphonimile : Our high-ranking knights are being targeted by Tonberry assassins. Why, General Mouchand of the Temple Knights was slain not three days ago.
Alphonimile : And now we have this incident with prisoners running free. The security of San d'Oria is compromised. We must all be on our guard.
Louxiard : The count has not had time to rest since the Battle of Jugner.
Louxiard : If he had but mobilized a larger force during that battle, the Knights of Norvallen might still be with us today...
Louxiard : And with the loss of General Mouchand, Count Aurchiat will have a hard time coordinating the actions of the Royal and Temple Knights.
Louxiard : It also appears we face a cunning adversary in the Orcs, if that prison break is truly of their making.
Louxiard : Perhaps the Young Griffons will become our last bastion of hope, after all...
I jest, of course.
Louxiard : Who are the Young Griffons?
Ah, merely a name those enthusiastic youths have given to themselves.
Louxiard : They employ the small courtyard further into Watchdog Alley as a meeting place. I hear they don't appreciate intrusions into their "territory."

The Griffon's Courtyard Part 1

This cutscene can be re-watched in game by talking to Zidalf in Southern San d'Oria (S). Select "San d'Oria Quests 1" and then select the cutscene "Gifts of the Griffon(pt.3)."

Rholont : Hold where you are, intruder!
This is the territory of the Young Griffons! State your business, or begone!
??? : (out of an orcish warmachine) Do you mind, Rholont?
You're awfully loud, and it's very hard to concentrate...
??? : Now, if I push this while twisting that...
Rholont : Th-the captain and lieutenant have returned!
Excenmille : Young Griffons!
Fall in!
Rholont : (saluting) Captain Excenmille!
Lieutenant Rahal!
Welcome back from your mission!
Excenmille : At ease, Sentinel Rholont.
Excenmille : Engineer Bistillot!
Bistillot : Some quiet, if you please, Captain.
Excenmille : Come out of there and let's see this--
Rahal : Excenmille...
Excenmille : Hm? What is it?
Rahal : We have an intruder.
Excenmille : Why is there an elder here!?
Excenmille : Sentinel Rholont!
You have not forgotten the third rule, I trust?
Rholont : (saluting) No, sir!
Rholont : The third rule of the Young Griffon charter states that no elder may be permitted entrance into our territory!
Excenmille : Then why have you been remiss in your duty!?
Excenmille : You there!
Excenmille : I know not your business here, but you are trespassing on Young Griffon land.
Begone at once!
Rholont : Captain Excenmille!
Excenmille : Now what!?
Rholont : Royal Squire Altennia approaches!

Altennia : Well, well.
Are we all playing nicely together?
Altennia : Your vigilance is to be commended, Sentinel Rholont.
Rholont : (saluting) You honor me, Squire Altennia!
Altennia : Hello? Is this a new member of your merry band, Excenmille?
Excenmille : This cad!? Most certainly not!
He/She is trespassing in our territory!
Altennia : Is that so?
Altennia : Greetings, I am Altennia of House Borel, a Royal Squire.
Altennia : And you are...?
Altennia : A pleasure to meet you, PLAYERNAME.
Excenmille : Squire Altennia. Please interrogate the intruder elsewhere!
Altennia : Very well, no need to pull rank, Captain.
Altennia : Shall we speak where we shan't disturb our brave young knights?
Altennia : It appears some matter weighs heavily on your mind.
Excenmille : Let the War Council come to order!

You tell Altennia about how you helped the orc.

Altennia : You were taken in by an Orc's trickery and aided in his escape?
Altennia : ...
Altennia : I find myself inclined to believe you.
No one could invent such an unlikely tale.
Altennia : An Orc bearing a unicorn signet ring and claiming to belong to House Aurchiat...?
And then there's the matter of Temple Knight Darvylle and his ring of keys.
Altennia : But how could this Orc have the signet ring of House Aurchiat?
Altennia : It is carried on the person of Count Alphonimile at all times...
Altennia : And why would Sir Darvylle...?
I think I have an idea.
Altennia : Would you listen to my request, PLAYERNAME?
Altennia : I want you to act as a guardian for these children.
Altennia : With all the strange happenings about the city these days, I fear for their safety.
Altennia : I would prefer to shoulder that responsibility myself, but my duties keep me busy.
Altennia : In return, I shall keep your part in the prison break just between you and me.

Altennia : Young Griffons!
Altennia : I told PLAYERNAME you would allow him/her to join your order.
Excenmille : Y-you what!?
Squire Altennia! This was not discussed! I shan't allow it!
Rholont : I support your decision, Captain Excenmille!
Rahal : As do I.
This flies in the face of everything for which the Young Griffons stand.
Bistillot : We are unanimous.
The risks of embracing an untested stranger into our order are astro--
Altennia : Pish-posh!
Now stop being so unfriendly and welcome your new member.
Altennia : Now, I must return to my post.
I do not want to hear of any bickering while I am gone!
Excenmille : You cannot do this!
Excenmille : Take this intruder with you!
Rahal : What do we do, Captain?
Excenmille : ...
Excenmille : Engineer Bistillot.
Is your project truly complete?
Bistillot : Yes, Captain.
I had to leave some of the finer details to an expert, but now that I think about it, the construction should not have been so complicated.
Bistillot : The shell, to start with--
Excenmille :All I wanted to know was if it was finished or not!
Bistillot : I know, Captain.
I was merely testing your patience.
Bistillot : You'll find the plumes d'or inside that box.
Excenmille : Excellent. Intruder! Ah, I mean, PLAYERNAME!
Excenmille : I have devised a way to test your suitability for the Young Griffons.
Rahal : Are you sure about this, Captain?
Excenmille : Positive!
If this new recruit can follow my orders to the letter, I may just find a place for him/her at the next council meeting.
Excenmille : Listen up, recruit!
I have a task for you!
Excenmille : You are to distribute these plumes d'or to the elders we name.
They are simply...good luck charms.
Excenmille : Sentinel Rholont.
Read aloud the names of our targets.
Rholont : Sir! Yes, sir!
Rholont : Ahem...
The targets are as follows.
Rholont : Count Alphonimile M Aurchiat of the Royal Knights!
Rholont : However, he is quite busy, so it is permitted to leave his charm with City Guard Louxiard.
Rholont : Continuing on!
Iron Ram Captain Rongelouts N Distaud!
Rholont : Royal Knight Sabiliont!
Rholont : Royal Guard Lieutenant Phillieulais!
Hmm, he is on field duty, but can be reached through Royal Knight Machionage!
Rholont : Temple Knight Darvylle!
Out of the city? Then you are to leave it with Temple Knight Loillie!
And lastly, Temple Knight Elnonde and Temple Knight Illeuse!
Rholont : Seven elders in total!
Excenmille : You heard him, recruit!
Deliver those charms! On the double!

You obtain 7 plumes d'or and set out to deliver them... each recipient says:

Machionage : This charm is to be delivered to Lieutenant Phillieulais? I shall hold onto it until he returns from the battlefield.

Louxiard : You wish me to hand this to Count Aurchiat? Very well. The captain of the Young Griffons must worry for his father's safety...

Illeuse : The Young Griffons sent you? Ah, I see. A gesture of support from one knightly order to another. The Temple Knights must strive to meet their high expectations!

Rongelouts N Distaud : A good luck charm from the Young Griffons? I need nothing more than my sword arm to protect me from harm! And you can pass that on to those impudent young maggots! Hmph, I suppose it was offered in good faith. I shall take it, then.

Sabiliont : A charm from the Young Griffons? Splendid! I shall wear it into battle with pride. Send my thanks to those thoughtful lads!

Elnonde : From the Young Griffons...? What a compassionate gesture. May Altana watch over their gentle hearts...

Loillie : Ah, what a pretty...feather. And this is for Sir Darvylle, you say? He will be thrilled, I am sure...

The Griffon's Courtyard Part 2

This cutscene can be re-watched in game by talking to Zidalf in Southern San d'Oria (S). Select "San d'Oria Quests 1" and then select the cutscene "Gifts of the Griffon(pt.4)."

Rholont : How fares your mission?
I shall stand fast until Captain Excenmille arrives!
Excenmille : Is everyone assembled?
And what of the recruit...?
Excenmille : Hmm.
So, you completed your mission?
Excenmille : Very well, PLAYERNAME!
You have earned the right to attend our next council meeting.
As much as I loathe this decision, a knight's word is his honor.
Excenmille : And this is from Squire Altennia.
I know not its use.
Excenmille : Attention!
The next War Council will take place here at the usual time!
Excenmille : Dismissed!

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